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Awnings on boats: varieties and installation recommendations

The use, transportation and parking of boats for each episode involves the use of its own variety of awning (canopy, canopy). It protects not only people on board, but also the boat itself from the negative effects of the environment.


The basis of the awning is the U-shaped arches made of aluminum, which are fixed by screws or bolts to specialized eye-rings (rings) made by PVC molding and installed directly on the boat's cylinder. This is a quick coupler. Due to the durable aluminum frame, the canopy has sufficient rigidity. In a raised position, it enables the team to hide from bad weather. As a material for such a canopy, usually strong waterproof fabrics are used. They provide extreme protection from the hot rays of the sun, from the rain and are used to mask.

Due to the presence of transparent windows under the canopy, you can walk under the motor in displacement mode. Due to the large size of the surface, movement under it is allowed when there is no strong wind. The fixing of the lateral edges in the lowered state is performed on the zippers, and in the raised state - on specialized slings. The parties have the opportunity to rise in any quantity and in a very different order. Especially comfortable under a canopy equipped with ventilation windows.


Manufacturers of accessories for watercraft, taking into account the needs and requests of customers, have created a lot of all kinds of models of awnings, which are divided according to their intended purpose. A canopy can be divided into a boat based on the following principles:

  • from the purpose of the protective structure;
  • on the size of the boat.

Let us consider in more detail the samples of canopies according to their purpose.


Such an awning is practiced when transporting a boat by car, trailer or when carrying a boat from one section to another. The presence of a kind of cape on the boat means the absence of people in it. It is hardly possible to create an all-suitable device from the transportation canopy, and especially a transformer, which makes it possible to adapt the canopy for different purposes.

It prevents the penetration of moisture, dirt, dust into the cockpit and thereby protects things in the boat.


In fact, this canopy is needed only in order to protect the watercraft, and everything that is in it during parking. For example, in the process of long-term fishing or long trips, interspersed with stops, there is a need to cover the motor boat on top of the canopy. When it is a simple rowing boat, the problem can be solved more simply. The boat simply capsizes on the shore with the bottom up and dust, moisture does not penetrate. However, if the motor is on the boat, in order to tip it upside down, you must remove the device. And this is not always convenient, therefore it is better to stock up on the parking canopy, which will cover both the vessel and the engine during the parking period.

The PVC carport for a boat is usually similar in shape to a boat, however, in the area that covers the stern, the tent structure may have a special configuration that makes it possible to close the protruding motor. Basically, such a canopy has a bottom sequence of iron rings over the entire contour of the canopy. A rope is pulled into the rings, which is pulled together, and thereby the tent is fixed to the boat.


A comfortable stay in the boat during its movement guarantees a canopy. It can be performed in different forms, but basically it looks like a simple tent, attached with its edges to the cylinders of the boat. A running canopy is considered upon the presence of transparent windows on the sides and a wind window in front. In certain modifications, real glasses are used. Running awning is also called a transformer or a tent-cabriolet.

These tents can be divided into the following 3 groups:

  • covering the bow of the vessel;
  • forming something like a roof;
  • partly covering.


The canopy, which is placed on the cockpit, covers about 1/3 or 1/4 of the bow of the vessel. This canopy protects against the oncoming wave, which will certainly be in the process of movement. In the rain under this canopy you can put part of the property so that it does not get wet. As a rule, the bow canopy for a PVC boat is fixed to specialized holders placed along the contour of the bow of the vessel. There is a method when it is fixed to a cable running along the sides of the vessel. This, in essence, is the most straightforward canopy that can be used on boats made of polyvinyl chloride.

One of the modifications of the traditional nasal canopy is the nasal canopy, equipped with a trolling arch (targa).

Awning with a frame

This is a kind of awning, fixed on the frame. Such canopies are also called "awning-roof". The tubular frame made of aluminum is a very sturdy construction. The frame is fixed to the inflatable sides of the boat on specialized rubber bosses glued to the sides. Such a canopy is able to cover only on top, or cover both sides and top. It protects against splashes and rain. In particular, the model that covers the vessel and on the sides. A flat canopy located on top of the skeleton covers both the rain and the hot sun.

Often you can see combined samples when the nasal canopy is combined with the running. There are more complex varieties of carcass canopies covering the watercraft from the bow to the back of the hull. In these structures, the canopy for the cockpit is often mated, and then the frame canopy, the tension of which is carried out over the entire craft, covering both the top and the sides. If a canopy of a similar pattern is placed on the boat, the PVC model and the plastic boat with the engine begin to resemble a boat. The height of the canopy is sufficient so that the steering console can be installed inside the vehicle. The front part of this canopy is made transparent so that it is possible to easily manage the swimming means.

Rating of the best models

Canopy for boat Badger 370C

The sample is designed personally for the boat of this model. It is tailored so that it closely embraces the outline of a floating craft. This is of great importance for maintaining aerodynamic performance when moving on the engine. The canopy is made of high quality PVC material with a density of 470 g / m2. Manufacturer - South Korea. There is a transparent insert for effective viewing.

Bow canopy for boat "Flink"

Made of PVC Matter Company Scantarp. Large glassy soft window made of PVC film VENTANA SC. A flawless and elastic lacing swept along the edge contributes to a flawless fit. Fastening by means of hooks mating with a water striker. The skeleton is made of an aluminum pipe 1.5 × 22 mm.

To fix the arc, you need to glue the ring provided in the kit.


Domestic company producing high-quality awnings according to their patterns. The requirements of the client are provided, for example, a transparent window for the number, additional pockets, etc.

"Two captains"

A company from St. Petersburg offers products in a traditional design (transparent in front, blind sides). However, a sample of increased transparency is especially curious, with almost no residue consisting of high-quality transparent PVC film "Crystal" 0.5 mm. Tubular arcs are made of anodized aluminum, are fixed to the glued holders included in the kit, plus glue. There is a possibility of fixation to the fender bar. If it is not, then the fungus is present in the kit, which also stick to the boat. A curious version with a trolling tube. An extensive selection includes the most famous boat modifications.


A manufacturer of PVC boats producing bow awnings as an accompanying branded accessory. Transparent front panel significantly enhances visibility. It is fixed to the fender bar or to the attached holders included in the kit. Equipped with a transparent window for the room.


Another large company from St. Petersburg, producing an extensive assortment of products made of polyvinyl chloride, including boats and boat nasal canopies. The company operates under the order, therefore, all individual customer requirements are taken into account.

Criterias of choice

Awning is a great addition to an inflatable boat. It increases the life of the boat and also protects it from splashing water, rain and strong winds. When selecting a canopy, it is mainly required to highlight its size. It should correspond to the dimensions of the craft and be adjacent to the hull. Focus on the fastening and frame of the canopy. With high-speed movement and a powerful wind, the flimsy mount can be deformed, and you will need to change it, which will cost a lot.

Attention should be paid to the canopy with transparent side and bow parts. Often windows are made of transparent material in them, which provides you with an overview and monitoring of the situation.

One of the varieties of running awnings is the awning roof. You can highlight it by the absence of front and side walls. In the same way as the tent, this device must have a strong, but lightweight frame, so it is made of aluminum tubes. Before buying such an accessory, you should compare all the advantages and disadvantages of the purchase. In fact, almost every device has imperfections. This canopy is not deprived of them either.

It is also required to determine for what purpose you make the purchase. If a rain canopy is required on the PVC boat, it is necessary to give priority to the construction of a tent type. Bad weather is associated not only with precipitation, but also with strong winds. From such natural phenomena only one roof will not save. As an alternative, a transformer canopy is used on the boat. His list of possibilities makes it possible to easily remove the walls and leave only one roof.

The roof on the light pillars of the skeleton is a successful structure that protects passengers from the scorching sun. Not only PVC boats, but also small pleasure boats are equipped with such canopies. Very comfortable are folding facilities. This is explained by the fact that high structures, roofs or tents increase the sailing ability of the craft, which significantly limits the speed of its movement. The folding roof can be quickly assembled and dismantled if necessary.

When buying a canopy, you need to pay attention to the material. It should be waterproofed, lightweight. As a rule, artificial matter is practiced. For example, Ripstop, Oxford sometimes use a fabric with a polyvinyl chloride coating, only it is heavier.

Installation Rules

Even when you are not completely oriented with what type of canopy will be, one way or another you will need to do the installation of the frame. It is mainly performed in the form of an arc. Since the boat made of polyvinyl chloride is not designed to transport significant loads, the material of the skeleton must be not only strong, but also lightweight. Duralumin or aluminum tubes with a diameter of 15 to 30 millimeters are ideal.

It is required to establish and calculate the dimensions of the frame. The height is ascertained in this way: stand at the helm, trying on and tilting the arc until the dead zone behind the craft is 6 meters (no more than 7).

To create a pipe bend, you do not need to stock up on a pipe bender - this is a difficult tool to use and not everyone can afford it. You just need to visit a locksmith workshop and make an order.

After making the required configuration of the arcs, try them by laying them on a flat plane - if there are no gaps between the pipe and the floor, then everything is done correctly, the skeleton can be installed. If there is a vise and handy tools, then you can bend with your own hands. As we know, aluminum and duralumin are not heavy materials, and heating is not necessary to bend them.

In order to thoroughly fix the finished arcs, you will need bolts and the mounting hardware that is located on the boat. But sometimes such components are simply not available - then you need to buy them and install them yourself. Be careful when mounting the skeleton: avoid scuffing, wear and cuts on the tubes so as not to damage the boat. Fix the skeleton so that it is located at the most remote distance from the cylinder.

In the next video, you will find the installation of a combined tent-transformer on a RiverBoats RB-370 PVC boat.

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