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Festive table setting: beautiful ideas for the home

A home holiday always promises pleasant troubles. Inviting guests, drawing up a festive menu and diligently preparing the planned dishes is an incomplete list of what household members are doing. A real hostess will never lose sight of such a detail as setting a festive table. Pay attention to every detail, and then your guests will be delighted with what they see.


Table setting may differ from the format of the holiday itself. So, you can plan a celebration for lunch (with soup) or dinner (without soup). Table decoration for celebrating a birthday is often done according to the second option. The buffet table provides for exclusively cold snacks, which guests will eat with forks. Put snacks on large and beautiful plates, and pour drinks into decanters.

Individual dishes should stand in one part of the table. Guests themselves take their favorite dishes and eat standing. At home holidays there is also the so-called cold table. It can be a snack bar, Swedish or buffet style. The table itself is placed against the wall and covered with a tablecloth that hangs down to the floor. Place the treats in the center of the table, and individual dishes at the edges. For guests you can put comfortable chairs, sofas, or you can offer to eat while standing.

Tea (coffee) table can be set after the main feast, less often - independently. It is customary to set the coffee table from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and the tea table until 20 p.m. On the table there are treats, more often desserts. You can put fruits, berries, nuts. Serving involves the presence of dessert priors and plates, tea or coffee utensils.

A table for a children's holiday has its own specifics. Tablecloth and napkins - bright colors, often with interesting prints. Cards with the names of children are placed on or near plates. The place of the birthday is made out in a special way - they decorate with a ribbon a fork, a spoon or a plate. Children's dishes must be beautifully decorated.

The festive table for children should not contain dishes that need to be cut with knives. If you can not do without it, cut everything in advance, and remove dangerous objects. Take care of plenty of drinks. To decorate the table, you can use fresh flowers. Birthday cake contribute with candles.


Before serving, you must go through several preparatory steps. For a home holiday, you need to choose sophisticated and attractive dishes. White plates are considered classics without additional decorative elements. All utensils and appliances must be washed and grated to a shine. Pay special attention to the choice of tablecloths. This element is able to create a special atmosphere of celebration.

Pay attention to materials such as satin and taffeta. A plain tablecloth is a classic solution for decorating a home festive table. A tablecloth with lace print will be appropriate at a children's party or a big celebration.

When choosing the color of the tablecloth, it is important to consider the color of the tableware and the interior of the room in which the table will be located. These three elements should overlap.

The product must be washed and ironed thoroughly. The presence of creases and wrinkled edges will spoil the overall impression. The size of the tablecloth also matters. The canvas should hang from the countertop 20-30 cm on each side. If the overhang is less, then an impression of untidiness will appear, and a larger overhang will disturb the guests.

The festive table is complete without napkins. Without this simple element, all the charm and chic of triumph is lost. You can fold a napkin in the form of a rose, a swan or in any other way. If there is no time for this in vain, then special napkin rings will help you out.

How to cover?

Most often, a home celebration is scheduled for dinner. Organizing a holiday is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Making a table with your own hands is interesting and pleasant. You can create a special atmosphere with simple tricks. Serving utensils on the table should not consist of elements of different sets. Immediately think over the menu and take care of the successful combination of serving and tableware.

One guest should have 80 cm of table space. Each guest’s set of dishes should look the same and be at the same distance from each other.

Do not pile up a large number of various dishes. From appetizers it can be chopped herring, tartlets with salad, canapes and slices. Remember, everything should be not only tasty, but also beautiful. An excess of dishes creates the impression of chaos. Moreover, with this design it will be difficult to preserve the personal space of each guest. Breadboxes never put in the center of the table.

Arrange several plates in different edges so that each guest can reach them. Main dishes are placed around the perimeter. In the center of the table you can place only the masterpiece of the hostess. Be sure to place spices on the center line of the table. There should be a small distance between the salt shaker and pepper shaker. Mustard must be placed with a small spoon. Serve sauces in intended vessels. Serve the butter in the oiler with the knife.

A properly set table will cause positive emotions for you and your guests. It is important that all serving elements are successfully combined not only with each other, but also with the interior of the room.


Name day, anniversary and any other home holiday is a good reason to elegantly arrange a table. Individual napkins for guests can become a real work of art. Each napkin can be folded in the form of an envelope, and put flowers inside. Napkins for men can be folded in the form of a bow tie, and for women - in the form of a heart. Of great importance are the details. Stylish decoration will set guests on a solemn mood.

Keep in mind that decorations should not interfere with dishes on the table. The best solution is to decorate the table with fresh flowers. Give preference to neat bouquets in low vases and place them in the center of the table.

If you decide to set the theme table, then choose the same jewelry. On the New Year's table you can put napkins in the form of Christmas trees or holiday hats. Place festive figurines in the center of the table. Decorate the table perimeter with rain.


There are stable rules for arranging dishes on the festive table. First of all, they put porcelain and earthenware products. The next stage is appliances. Then you need to arrange the glass and crystal: glasses, glasses, glasses, wine glasses. Luxurious serving consists of the following elements.


Place the serving plates on the table first. Of these, they do not eat, they serve as peculiar coasters. There should be a distance of 2 cm or more from the plate to the edge of the table. Place a dinner plate or soup bowl on top. By the way, if you are serving bisque soup, put a soup plate, for broth and light soup - put soup. A plate for bread and butter is placed above and to the left of the main dishes of the guest. Moreover, between them it is worth maintaining a distance of 8 cm.


Put the forks on the left side and the knives on the right side of the serving plate. The sharp ends of the fork should look at the ceiling, and turn the knife tip to the plate. Closer to the plate are the cutlery, fish behind them, and snack bars along the edges. Remember that appliances should not lie under the edge of the decorative plate. The location of the soup spoon directly depends on the presence or absence of dessert in the menu. There is no dessert - put a spoon at the top of the serving plate, there is a dessert to the right of the knives. Place the dessert and fruit dishes horizontally under the serving plate.

For drinks

The number of appliances for each guest depends solely on the drinks that will be on your table. For each type of drink, its own dishes are selected. For light wine, put small glasses. For champagne - narrow and tall. For all soft drinks you can use beautiful glasses. Place the dishes in the upper right corner of the serving plate. From the tip of the knife to the glass for water (juice) should be 1.5 cm. The dishes for vodka and wine are placed at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the edge of the table.

The same rule works with glasses as with appliances - the first are those that are located farther from the plate.


There is a certain order of serving dishes to the table.

  1. Snacks
  2. Soups
  3. Hot main dishes.
  4. Dessert.
  5. The drinks.

The correct arrangement of cold snacks involves the alternation of dishes of fish, meat and vegetables. Soup is served in a special tureen, but not in a saucepan. For hot, use dishes. Put salads in special salad bowls, do not use bowls. For each dish, put a common appliance with which the guest can put food on the plate. Bottled water is placed so that every guest has access to it.

Open bottles only before you call everyone to the table. Serve soft drinks in jugs. Pour strong drinks into the carafe before serving. Expensive alcoholic drinks are usually served in a bottle. Desserts are served closer to the finale. Before serving sweet, remove all unnecessary from the table - spices, sauces, dirty napkins and unnecessary dishes. Fruits must be displayed in vases. Set portioned desserts behind wine glasses.

Signature cake can be placed in the center, where previously stood spices. Ice cream is served immediately before use.

Rules of etiquette

Among the important information, it is worth highlighting the rules for using different devices and especially the behavior at the table during the holiday. Both topics are quite important and deserve attention.

Serving Items

  • Devices are not just located on different sides of the plate. This is a kind of clue for you about which hand to take an object.
  • There are no special difficulties with desserts. If the handle is directed to the right, then the device should be taken with the right hand. If the handle is directed to the left - with the left hand.
  • When using the knife, its handle should point into your palm. Bend unused fingers.
  • When serving, the tip of the fork looks at the ceiling, but you need to hold it during meals on the contrary.
  • There is only one reason to break the rule written above - when eating side dishes, turn the fork over and use it as an impromptu spoon.
  • Take the spoon so that its ending lies on the base of the index finger.

Table behavior

  • Remove the individual napkin from the plate while serving the dish and place it on your lap. After the meal, this napkin should be put to the left of the decorative plate.
  • Do not have small talk with guests while you are eating.
  • Do not bite off a lot of large pieces of food at once, it looks ridiculous.
  • At the festive table do not blow on the dishes in order to cool them.
  • Take bread products with your hands, not with appliances.
  • Cut the meat into small pieces that are convenient to eat.
  • Fish dishes are always served with a slice of lemon. After eating, you should put it on your lips to neutralize the smell.
  • Soft dishes (cottage cheese pancakes, casseroles, aspic) are not cut with a knife, but separated with a fork.
  • From the common dish you need to take the piece that is closer to you.
  • If you get seeds from berries in a compote or dessert, then you can not spit them out in a saucer. Correctly bring a spoon to your mouth, silently move a bone into it and then shift in a saucer.
  • Do not reach for food across the table. Ask other guests to serve you a meal.
  • After the meal, put the appliances in your plate.

Tips & Tricks

If you want a solemn tea ceremony, get a samovar. Place tea utensils around it, but take care not to interfere with the cups. Make a tea set correctly - put a saucer, put a napkin on top and only then put a cup. Place sugar containers and spoons on them on different sides of the table. The festive table for children has the specifics of serving and decoration. Simple recommendations will help to avoid incidents.

  • Do not place glassware on the table. If something breaks, children can be seriously injured.
  • There are fewer appliances on the children's desk than on the adult. Do not put knives, limit yourself to forks. If the children are small, then even lay out the spoons.
  • It is not recommended to lay out cloth napkins. Better provide a large quantity of paper products.
  • No need to put spices on the table. Most of these products are not recommended for children.
  • Flowers on a children's holiday table are surplus. Better decorate it with ribbons or balls.

The festive table is served in a special way, if the reason for the celebration is a wedding. The basic rules of serving remain unchanged, you can only add a couple of nuances.

  1. Flowers are not put on the table. For a wedding celebration, it is better to allocate a separate place for them in the room.
  2. The primary color of the serving is important. For a wedding, it is preferable to choose white. This rule is not strict. The overall color scheme of the serving should be in harmony with the dress of the bride.

Imagine a big holiday coming up. Of the guests - only relatives and friends of your family. You must admit that there are quite a lot of people and it’s not the fact that you have such a large service. There is a simple way out of this situation. You can combine several sets so that each guest has dishes from the same set.

Beautiful ideas and examples

The selection of colors is an important lesson before serving. Wrongly chosen colors will spoil the impression of not only serving, but also of the celebration as a whole. Not sure of your design skills - give preference to classics.

The combination of white and red will never become a bad manners. This table looks elegant and neat. So you can arrange a table for any reason - from birthday to winter holidays.

In pink, you can set the table in honor of the birthday of the little princess. Dishes made from unbreakable materials guarantee the safety of restless children.

The buffet table is a popular solution not only for children's parties, many adults will appreciate this technique. The design in classic black and white is perfectly complemented by red vibrant roses.

See how to fold napkins for table setting in the next video.


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