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How to fold napkins into a napkin holder?

Napkins are an important element of table setting. They perform both aesthetic and hygienic functions. Distinguish between fabric and paper napkins. Paper products are cheaper and more practical, textile products are more expensive, but they look more festive.

However, you can give solidity to any type of napkin. It is enough to lay them beautifully in a napkin holder. This convenient device not only serves as a decoration, but allows you to take products one at a time.


There are many reasons when you need to decorate a table for eating. In some families, this is a daily routine. It is not necessary to wait for guests to come to renew a beautiful tablecloth and get new plates. The same goes for napkins. People use these products daily, and they should be on the table all the time.

Before folding napkins in a special napkin holder, you need to determine their color. The color scheme of the festive table setting should correspond to the celebration. The universal option is white. It is suitable for any occasion.

Snow-white napkins on the same tablecloth are a classic and always winning option.

Red napkins will ideally fit into the table decor for a romantic evening, and golden, silver and green ones for the New Year. If Halloween is celebrated, the use of orange or orange-black napkins will be appropriate. They can be served with candles of the same color. Bright options are suitable for decorating a children's holiday table (for example, you can collect a rainbow from the corresponding colors).

Also, the shades of napkins should be in harmony with the colors of the tablecloth and tableware. Together, they must form a single ensemble. As for the shape of napkins, it can be different depending on the occasion for the holiday and the age of the guests.

Usually the products are folded as simple as possible so that guests do not suffer, unfolding them before use. Particularly simple schemes are suitable for paper options, as they are smaller and it can be difficult to design them in an intricate design.

Depending on where the napkins will be placed (on or near the plate, in a glass or napkin holder), choose the option according to which they will be folded.

How beautiful to fold?

Table setting immediately makes it clear how carefully the hosts prepared for the reception of guests. Excessive or, conversely, insufficient decoration of the table can spoil the whole impression of the event. And, conversely, a tastefully decorated table is able to decorate both the room in which it is located and the celebration as a whole.

All details on the table should be in harmony with each other. The layout of the cutlery and the arrangement of the glasses should comply with all the rules of etiquette.

There are many ways to place napkins nicely in a napkin holder. One of the easiest options is to take products of the same size, but two different colors. Then they can be laid out with a fan angles up. This method is suitable for a flat napkin holder.

You can also lay out napkins in the form of two fans and arrange them "towards each other." It will turn out the so-called "crown". Another interesting option is to put the fan in different directions from the center. So you get a "magnificent fan".

The "corner" method is even simpler. Napkins are folded diagonally and placed in a napkin holder, alternating in colors. You can take two, and three, or more different shades.

All of the above options can be additionally decorated with a paper rose from one or more napkins. Most likely, it will not be used directly for its intended purpose, but it will decorate the composition. Such a rose can be put separately.

A fan can be varied if half of the napkins folded in half are lower than the first row of the fan, alternating between two contrasting colors. The visual effect of chess will be created.

Several types of napkin holders can be combined on the table. If the device has a round shape, there are two main ways to spread napkins in it.

  1. Each napkin is folded into a tube (no thicker than a simple pencil) and placed close to one another until the entire napkin holder is full.
  2. Each napkin needs to be straightened, and then folded into an accordion. After that, the accordion is bent in the middle. Then it needs to be inserted into a napkin holder. The more wipes you use, the more magnificent the harmonica will turn out.

If the stand is a rectangle, you can lay the napkins in a spiral. For this, the products are stacked on top of each other, each subsequent one with a slight angle offset. In cafes and restaurants, waiters use this method, it requires some skill. Carefully unfold all the napkins in a flat pile between the palms and smooth movements.

You can make an interesting bird whose tail will be napkins. Parts imitating the head and neck of a bird must also be rolled up from this material. To do everything right, you can use the instructions.

  1. Wrap napkins in elongated trapezoid, this will be the tail of the bird (fold parallel corners, fold the napkin in half).
  2. The head and neck of the bird are made from a rolled up napkin.
  3. The tail, head and neck of the bird must be carefully thrust into a napkin holder, trying not to violate the integrity of the structure.

Instead of a napkin holder, you can use a bowl or an original cup. In such dishes, you can serve napkins with an interesting two-way waterfall. This option is even simpler than the corners method. Each product must be deployed, then folded in half. After that, you should put all the folded parts on top of each other, bend the pack in half and put the shaggy part up in the cup.

If the napkin holder has a fantasy shape (for example, it is made in the form of a girl whose napkins are just the “skirt”), several such “girls” can be distributed on the table. In such napkin holders, it is even easier to make the layout, since they have a segment for each napkin.

You can consider the option in which the role of a napkin holder is played by a vase or a glass. In this case, styling methods will be spectacular, in which the middle of the napkin is inside the glass and the ends hang freely. This is acceptable when the number of guests does not exceed ten people, and on the table there is a place to put next to each of them a personal napkin holder.

Of course, there are much more options for creating beautiful paper shapes, especially if you are not going to place them in a napkin holder, but arrange them one on a plate. There are ways that are suitable for both options. For example, a "hat with a lapel". Below is a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

  1. The napkin is folded in half inward with the wrong side.
  2. The product is again folded in half. It turns out a square.
  3. The upper left corner is bent, to the top remains 2-3 cm.
  4. Next, you need to wrap in the side corners, fastening them to each other.
  5. The resulting figure is set straight, with an acute angle up.

If you gradually perform the proposed sequence of actions, the result will be a design that resembles a cap with a lapel.

In a wide low vase, a "lotus" of napkins will look spectacular, especially if you take napkins of the same color but different tones to create it.

How to make such a flower is described in the instructions below.

  1. Take 96 wipes of the desired color.
  2. Make 96 blanks for the petals.
  3. Fold each four-fold folded napkin diagonally.
  4. Turn the resulting triangle from the top corner to the center.
  5. Flip and bend small corners up.
  6. Fold the product out in the center. The workpiece is ready.
  7. Next, the lotus is assembled. Two petals corners are interconnected. Thus, eight rows are collected.
  8. Petals straighten up.
  9. The lotus is ready. If desired, you can make a stand of 12 green blanks and place a lotus on it.

For more details on how to fold the lotus wipes, see the next video.

Tips & Tricks

Napkins should be folded and laid only with clean, dry hands, the napkin holder itself must also be washed and dried. A greasy stain can ruin the most spectacular composition.

The more people present at the celebration, the more intricately the decor items should be folded.

If the holiday is not too formal, for example, a children's birthday or a large family dinner, there is no need to carefully observe etiquette. It is enough to maintain the color of napkins only the shade of the tablecloth (or tablecloth paths). For a children's event, you can attract children to the design of the festive table, including folding the napkins.

If the reception goes according to all the rules, then the table setting should correspond to them. The use of oilcloth is not allowed. Only an impeccably clean and carefully ironed linen tablecloth can make a proper impression.

Dishes and appliances must be thoroughly washed and wiped dry. They should also be exactly the same for each guest. The number of cutlery near the plate should correspond to the number of dishes served. Napkin holders should be available to anyone who wishes to use them.

For the autumn celebration, all shades of leaf fall are suitable, and for the spring - the whole palette of pastel colors. For the summer holiday, colorful patterns and plain bright colors are suitable. In winter, during the New Year holidays and Christmas, combinations of green, red and gold are appropriate, and later - blue, blue, white, as well as other "snow" prints.

For the convenience of guests, it is more advisable to combine two types of napkins in a serving: fabric and paper. Then some (textile) will lie on the lap of the guests, while others (paper) will serve for hygiene of the hands and mouth.

Good examples and options

Below are examples of table setting, the design of which uses different ways of laying napkins in a napkin holder.


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