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Color highlighters

No professional makeup artist can do without a highlighter. Today, this makeup tool is considered basic in the arsenal of stylists. We are used to seeing it in tones close to standard skin colors. However, there are color highlighters, the colors of which may seem completely unexpected.

What is a highlighter?

The word "highlighter" is translated from English as "highlight". Its purpose is to highlight or highlight a particular area on the face. Usually it is applied to the prominent parts of the face: nose, cheekbones, forehead. With it, you can correct some areas on the face, hide small wrinkles.

Highlighters usually differ in color close to the natural skin tone. This, for example, is pink with additional flickering pigments that create a “highlighting” image. In the classic types of makeup just use the "standard" highlighters.

The latest novelty is the rainbow highlighter. It is a single texture, and it includes all seven shades of the rainbow. When applied, it can be shaded in a single color, but it can be applied (for example, to the cheekbones) exactly in the form in which it is - the result will be very effective and unusual.

Recently, makeup artists are increasingly using color highlighters on their models. This suggests that fashion is moving forward. You can safely translate into reality the most interesting ideas.

What is it needed for?

As mentioned above, the highlighter is designed to emphasize certain facial features.. With it, you can also hide too prominent features, if you skillfully choose the color.

For dark skin, shades of gold highlighter are most often selected. It can also be used to add volume to the lips - just apply a small amount over the upper lip. If you select their forehead, then you can significantly lengthen the oval of the face. Makeup artists often add highlighter in the shade and apply it on the eyelids. The look from this looks radiant. To emphasize the eyebrow line, just apply a highlighter under them - along the hairline.

A very important factor is that it is better for women with problematic skin to not use a highlighter at all, since there is a risk of emphasizing defects in appearance.


For each skin tone you should choose your own highlighter color. If you are going to use a highlighter, you need to assess the condition of the skin. Already starting from the original base, you need to select the highlighter color.

  • For fair skin usually use a peach highlighter.
  • For pale skin choose more beige shades - from light milk to white.
  • Silver and pearl colors usually suitable for blondes.
  • Shades of dark brown bronze and golden look good on the dark skin of brunettes.
  • Blue and Lilac Highlighters suitable for reddish skin. When working with such colors, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the result will be unpredictable.
  • Green Highlighters Eliminate Redness - for example, from acne. Such remedies can make facial imperfections - roughness or scars - less noticeable.
  • Multi-colored highlighter used to create an unusual image - for example, for fashion shows or photo shoots.


You can find a variety of highlighters on the market - from budget lines to professional cosmetics that have won hearts for a long time.

  • Benefitit "High beat"- a very popular highlighter, which has won many admirers in the fashion world. This cosmetic product is not used very often, but it is consumed quickly enough and does not" lie down "in the cosmetic bag.
  • Dolche & Gabbana "Shimmer Powder" - Professional cosmetics from professionals and "champions" in the beauty market. She looks perfect both in photographs and in real life.
  • A very soft highlighter texture is noted in the popular brand Tony moly. Affordable prices make you think about its acquisition of many stylists and makeup artists.
  • Inexpensive brand Pupa happy with his dry highlighter "Like a Doll Golden Infusion Highlight". It is practically in no way inferior to expensive analogues, and sometimes even exceeds them in terms of durability.

How to choose the right one?

When you come to the cosmetics store, a huge selection of highlighters for every taste replete on the windows: dry, ball, in the form of powder or pencil. Not everyone immediately decides which highlighter to choose. First you need to understand what consistency is needed:

  • Liquid funds are directed for spot application.
  • Highlighters in the form of powder needed by professional makeup artists, as well as those who prefer mineral makeup.
  • Creamy funds are used for dry skin and for skin that has lost elasticity.

When the desired consistency is selected, you should pay attention to the highlighter color itself. You can determine your color right in the store. To do this, apply several suggested shades to the brush and shade them well with your finger. If the skin remained natural, but began to shine a little, then this is exactly the color that is needed. It can be, for example, peach.

It is very important to choose a single texture of foundation and highlighter. Ideally, these should be companion products, then the result will be the most advantageous.

How to use?

First you need to adjust the face and mask its imperfections using the corrector. If the skin is fairly even, then you can use only foundation. When the base is ready, you can start applying the highlighter.

It is necessary to note the highest points on the cheekbones and smoothly blend the highlighter in an arc. It should also be noted a small hole above the upper lip - to create a slight swelling. You can apply a little funds on the nose, namely on its elongated part. So it can be made visually more elegant.

Then highlight the chin with a highlighter. To do this, apply a small amount of the product on the finger, then blend it on the chin. It should be noted that owners of large chins should not do this.

Then mark the approximate middle of the upper eyelid. So the look becomes more expressive. Very often makeup artists mark with a highlighter the inner corner of the eye - to hide signs of fatigue.


Girls who purchased highlighter (especially if this happened for the first time), they experience indescribable delight, since in practice this remedy looks really very impressive.

Owners of rainbow highlighters leave good reviews, especially in terms of ease of use. You can apply all the colors at the same time or experiment with individual shades on different skin tones.

Highlighter pencil is very convenient to take with you on the road - this is noted by many customers. But the highlighter in the form of powder is very crumbly, it is difficult to work with it when you need to do everything quickly - so make-up artists say.

From this video you will learn how to perform color strobe in fashionable shades using a highlighter.

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