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Bikini Hair Removal

A beautiful woman wants to be beautiful in everything and at all seasons. Today we’ll talk about the types of hair removal and which root hair removal method is the most painless and most effective.


Girls caring for their appearance, necessarily remove unwanted hair on the body. A special approach to this requires a bikini zone. She is hidden from strangers, but this does not mean that she should remain groomed, because everyone knows that a beautiful woman is beautiful in everything!

The benefits of hair removal over hair removal are obvious. Depilation allows you to remove hairs for a short time, since with it, the effect is only on the hair, and not on the bulb. When epilating, the products destroy the hair follicle or pull out the hairs with it, which allows not to repeat the procedure for a longer time.

There are many types of female groin hair removal, as opposed to leg hair removal.where there are only two: legs fully and only legs. Each girl chooses her own, which suits her in character or for specific goals, or, for example, for underwear or bathing shorts. Masters of hair removal are called several types or, in other words, "hairstyles" in the intimate area.

Most often, girls choose epilation of the pubis and abdomen, as with this type of hair still remains. This look is suitable for those who are not ready to endure the pain in the deep bikini area. In addition, some men like having pubic hairs.

If a woman leaves a thin strip that runs along the pubis vertically, then this look is called a French bikini.

Strip width - About three to four centimeters, but you can make it even thinner. The height of the strip can be three fingers above the vulva. The rest of the pubic hair is removed completely.

The length of the hairs can be adjusted with special trimmers and scissors. Thus, the bikini area will look neat and even elegant.

The most radical type of perineal hair removal is the complete removal of vegetation. This look is called a Brazilian bikini. Someone can take a chance and remove all the hair completely for the first time, and someone will come to this type of hair removal after several procedures.


Girls who have at least once tried hair removal in the bikini zone have a desire to remove hairs in the intimate zone forever. In these delicate places it is quite difficult to do, since the skin here is very sensitive. Many girls say that the pain they have to experience is worth it, because the result is stunning. Touching newly epilated skin is a pleasure.

In the cabin

For the very first hair removal procedure in your life, it is best to trust a professional master. He will be able not only to qualitatively epilate the zone, but also to advise the client about the methods that are best for her and give advice on skin care.

Some cosmetology services are similar to a physics textbook: light, electrodes, lasers. It is these methods that are most effective and less painful. Their main minus is the cost.


A special laser beam is suitable even for delicate skin of the bikini zone. Under its influence, the hair is destroyed forever. To achieve a better result, their length should be at least three millimeters, but not more than five.

The procedure has several disadvantages. The main thing is that the device is not able to act on dark hair on dark skin, as well as light on light. The laser needs contrast.

This is an extremely expensive procedure, but thanks to it, the hairs are completely and permanently destroyed, which is an absolute plus.


The latest way to destroy unwanted vegetation is based on the supply of a beam of light into the hair bulb itself. It is characterized by almost complete painlessness and allows you to make the skin supple. Previously, it was used only for dark hair on fair skin, but new technologies have opened photoepilation for fair girls.

The duration of one session is from twenty to forty minutes. Repeat it once every one and a half to two months to remove the hairs completely. A course of three to six sessions will get rid of vegetation for five years.


This expensive method of hair removal will get rid of unwanted vegetation forever. To achieve the effect, you will have to visit several procedures. This is due to the fact that more than 20% of the hair is always in hibernation and appears gradually. Active hair is in a growth stage.

The process of electrolysis can be a little scary.

A thin needle is inserted into each hair bulb, through which a weak current passes. It destroys the hair follicle and nothing will grow from it. This method is called needle. In another method, each hair is captured separately. It is called tweezers. To remove one hair like that, it takes two whole minutes!

To prepare for the procedure, you need to grow hair up to four millimeters, but no more. It is important to ensure that ingrown hairs do not remain. This procedure is contraindicated for those who cannot tolerate electrolysis, has various tumors, varicose veins, as well as cardiovascular, mental or endocrine diseases. In addition, electrolysis is not permissible for pregnant women.

Hot wax

A very effective way. In order to better remove hair, it is necessary that their length be about five millimeters. Smaller waxes will not “hook”, and longer ones are very painful to pull out.

There are several types of wax, the master will help you choose the right one. The methods for applying different types of hot wax are different. Consider working with regular hot wax. First, the master treats the skin with a special tool to degrease it. After he applies special talcum powder to the skin for better adhesion of the wax to the hairs.

After he proceeds directly to the procedure.

The sensation of waxing is very pleasant. The master distributes the wax on a small area of ​​the skin with a special spatula, then with a sharp movement removes it along with the hairs.

Pain, as a rule, lasts one to two seconds, and a good master is able to reduce them or reduce them to a few moments. Then the procedure is repeated in another area.

Often, sensitive girls prefer to use the so-called spa wax. Unlike usual, it is applied to the skin, pre-treated with oil, not talc. This type of wax is much more expensive, but with it you can easily remove shorter and weaker hairs.

It is important to note that the temperature of the SPA wax is higher than the temperature of a regular wax, so it will be more difficult for girls sensitive to hot to endure the procedure. Of course, there are no burns from hot wax, since the wax in which the wax is located before application to the skin does not heat it above the set temperature.

Methods at home

After the first test in the cabin, you can begin to remove vegetation yourself at home. Bio epilation is available to every girl who is attentive to herself. She can easily cope with one of the methods that are carried out using natural safe components.

Using an epilator

A small buzzing machine terrifies some girls, and completely in vain. Cheap models of epilators are really capable of causing unbearable pain. If you carefully approach the choice of the device, then you can make the right choice. The stores are full of epilators, which simultaneously remove hair and massage the skin so that there is practically no pain.

Other models deliver a stream of air to the skin and also reduce the level of discomfort.

Still others are able to work underwater. Thus, it is possible to carry out hair removal in a bathtub, where warm water will make it painless.

It is important to pay attention to the number of nozzles that are attached to the epilator. Many models have special bikini zones. They limit the number of tweezers that reach the skin, so with such a nozzle the procedure becomes like a light tingling massage, and not like torture.


The principle of this depilation method is similar to hot wax. The length of the hairs should be about the same - at least five millimeters. Shugaring is the removal of hair with a special sugar paste. You can buy it in a store, but it is much more interesting to cook it yourself.

This will require a dozen tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of water. In this mixture, placed in an enameled container, the juice of half a lemon should be added. Then the container is placed on a small fire. Until the mixture acquires an amber hue, it should be stirred, after which it must be removed from the heat and allowed to cool.

When starting the procedure, you should check if the paste is too thick. If this happens, it can be heated in a water bath. When the paste has become the desired consistency, we proceed directly to the removal of unwanted vegetation in the bikini area. Applying a paste can seem very unpleasant, but it depends on the individual pain threshold of each woman and the length of the hairs in the intimate area. The longer they are, the more unpleasant the sensations.

By degreasing the skin and dusting it with talcum powder, gently apply the paste with a spatula. This must be done strictly against hair growth. Then we apply a piece of cotton cloth and press it with your hand. Then we tear off the fabric with a sharp movement along the hair growth. At this moment, the girl should be very careful and focused, since the procedure is extremely painful.

An absolute plus of shugaring is that sugar paste removes hairs much cleaner.

After it, less need to clean the remaining.


Depilation strips - A common remedy among girls who prefer a home hair removal procedure. Cold wax is not suitable for this, since it does not allow the pores to open. Because of this, the removal of vegetation will be less effective, but more painful.

Hot wax, as mentioned above, is different. You can buy it in a professional store. There it is worth getting waxed if wax is sold in briquettes. The most budgetary voskoplav will cost about a thousand rubles, but it will last a long time. In addition to briquettes, there are waxes in jars and cassettes.

For all types of wax, it is necessary to buy special napkins, because even if they are attached, they may not be enough. In addition, wax often remains on the skin after hair removal, so that it can only be removed with special cosmetic oil. Girls who want to save money use ordinary sunflower oil, but then regret it, because its smell remains on the skin for a long time.

Special cosmetic oil contains various perfumes and special vitamins that strengthen and soothe the skin.


Remove hair from the bikini area with tweezers - A long and unpleasant procedure. The girl who decided on this can sit in an uncomfortable position for hours, but still not notice an amazing result. It may be necessary to conduct several plucking sessions before the hairs in the bikini area remain.

As a rule, a few hairs that remain after waxing or sugar are removed with tweezers. In the event that there are ingrown hairs, it is very convenient to pick them with tweezers. Solitary cleaning is not painful, especially if the girl had several hair removal and she only corrects it.

After numerous removal procedures, the hair weakens, therefore, it begins to grow periodically.

The reverse side of the coin is the painlessness of hair removal. And the degree of ingrowth of each woman is different. Sometimes in a month there are less than ten ingrown hairs that are easily removed with tweezers.

This tool should be separate for each zone. In other words, you cannot pluck eyebrows and hairs in the bikini area with the same tweezers. They should also be stored separately. So that bacteria do not accumulate on the tweezers, it must be treated with antibacterial agents as often as possible and disinfected.


As with any other cosmetic procedure, hair removal has contraindications. The very first and obvious is the pain threshold. No amazing result will be attractive for a girl if to achieve it you have to cry from unbearable pain. If the pain threshold allows you to endure the procedure, then hair removal is the best option.

In addition, you can not carry out hair removal if the skin has wounds and other types of violations of the skin. Pimples are easy to tear off with wax, sugar. Of course, this is also dangerous when shaving, but it is during epilation that there is a risk that the substance with which it is carried out can get into the wound.

It is important to be careful when epilating areas of the skin where there are various neoplasms and birthmarks.

Their damage threatens with complications up to surgery. For convenience, you can do hair removal using a mirror to see the birthmark and not damage it. Over time, the mirror will not be needed, as they will be well studied.

Another contraindication is critical days. Epilating during menstruation, firstly, is much more painful. Secondly, the discharge will not allow the skin to be thoroughly treated if a deep bikini is planned.

Preparation for the procedure

It is best to start preparing for hair removal in advance. As mentioned above, for the thorough removal of hairs, they must be long. Therefore, they should not be shaved a few days before the proposed procedure.

If you are supposed to visit a beauty salon, you can pre-independently grow the ingrown hairs so that the specialist removes them along with the rest.

How to reduce pain?

Many girls are afraid to go to the hair removal procedure. "It hurts!" - they exclaim and will, unfortunately, be right. Yes, painless hair removal is still a dream for girls. But if you carry out this procedure correctly, then you can reduce the discomfort. A local anesthetic, Menovazin, may help.

The composition of this drug includes menthol, benzocaine and procaine, which together can reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate pain. This anesthetic is often used in beauty salons during hair removal.

There is one more secret how to reduce pain during the procedure.

You need to choose the right day and time! Girls have long known that much in their lives depends on the cycle. So is the case with pain. If you epilate in the first week of the cycle, then the discomfort will be minimal, but if on the eve of your period, then the pain can be unbearable.

In addition, experts noticed that in the morning the nerve endings are not so active in signaling pain, so that in the morning hair removal will be less painful than in the evening.

Subsequent Skin Care

Immediately after hair removal, it is advisable not to wear underwear for several hours. If this is not possible, then cotton should be chosen, not synthetic. The choice in this situation should fall on simple panties without lace and embroidery. Irritated skin will respond to every unpleasant seam in the laundry. If possible, it is also worth choosing a skirt, not pants, if you need to go somewhere right after the procedure.

In the evening of the day when the hair removal was performed, it is undesirable to take a bath.This pleasure should be postponed for at least a day if hair removal is not the first time. If the first, then you should wait until the irritation disappears.

It is necessary to monitor the reaction of the skin to hair removal after the first time. Acne may appear due to a negative reaction to the substance used to carry out the procedure. If this happens, then the next time you should change the wax or sugar. Pimples arise much later, but in this case they are not associated with a reaction to a substance.

To avoid them, you should regularly scrub the bikini area, because the ingrown hairs become inflamed and as a result painful acne may appear. Understanding when to start applying the scrub is easy. During this period, the hairs will begin to grow and there will be a desire to honor. Immediately grab a jar of scrub!

A sugar scrub with large granules is best.

Soft scrubs, despite the fact that the skin in the bikini area is very delicate, will not help.


Girls who choose hair removal as the most effective method of removing unwanted vegetation are delighted with the result. According to them, it’s not very difficult to choose the right method, because there are many options: for the budget conscious and for those who can hardly endure pain.

You will learn more about hair removal in the bikini zone from the next video.

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