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Epilation and depilation - what is the difference?

Every woman would like to have a soft and smooth skin, on which there would be no unnecessary hair. Modern methods for their removal are presented in a wide range, so it remains only to choose which one to use.

It is always nice to look at a beautiful and well-groomed woman, but rarely anyone gets the happiness of being perfect by nature. As a rule, to become beautiful, you need to work hard. No wonder they say that beauty requires sacrifice - the way it is.

The process of removing hairs can even be called painful, so some methods are painful, but this has not stopped a single girl in her desire to get rid of unwanted vegetation, about which the girls are not tired of writing in their reviews of hair removal procedures.

Torment is torment, and beauty is more important. Hair removal - so hair removal ... or hair removal? Many do not understand the difference between these two concepts and they often think that these are just synonymous words. However, this is not so - the differences between them are significant.

Hair structure

Each hair has a visible part located on the skin and invisible, called a hair follicle - under the skin. Hair follicles, in turn, consist of the root of the hair and adjacent tissues - the sebaceous and sweat glands, blood vessels and nerve receptors.

The root of the hair thickened at the base is called the bulb. At the bottom there is a recess for the hair papilla, which has many blood vessels. Thanks to them, the bulb receives nutrients, cells multiply in it and the process of hair growth occurs. The hairs will grow until the hair nipple lives, so even if you pull out the hair with the root, another bulb will still appear in the same place and a new hair will grow out of it.

But when the function of the hair papilla ceases, then the hair can no longer grow in this place. These two principles underlie the concepts of "depilation" and "hair removal".

Depilation is a method of hair removal, which is not associated with the fact that hair follicles are destroyed. Depilation refers to all those methods when only the visible outer part of the hair is removed or the hair is removed along with the root, but in any case, the hair will grow back after a while.

Epilation is another procedure. This is also the removal of unwanted vegetation, only with the destruction of the entire structure of the hair follicle, including the hair papilla, so that their functioning ceases forever.

Such a procedure should be performed only in a specialized salon by a specialist who has experience in such manipulations and a medical background. The hardware method for carrying out such procedures has its contraindications and is not suitable for everyone.

One thousand rubles per hair removal session is not enough, and if you still count how many times it will have to be done while the expected result is, it will become clear how expensive this is.

Depilation is a much simpler procedure, so there are no problems in order to perform it at home without the involvement of specialists.

If we talk about the effect, then after epilation it is certainly better - the hairs begin to grow much later, become rare and thin. You will need to visit the salon a certain number of times to get rid of unwanted vegetation forever.

Depilation does not require large cash costs, but the effect of it will not last long. Epilation guarantees smoothness of the skin for a month, and depilation - up to a maximum of two weeks, and if the hairs were just shaved, then less than a week.

Depilation has another bad property - it is a provocation of an ingrown hair. When hair removal, this problem does not arise, on the contrary, if the ingrown hairs were already there, then thanks to it they will be destroyed.

Root hair removal

Hair removal with a root is possible in several ways:

  • implement with waxing (waxing) when the hair is removed with the root using wax. It can be cold or hot. The composition of the wax is significantly affected by the type of skin. To what temperature should be heated wax - it depends on which part of the body it will be applied. If we are talking about removing hairs from the legs - you need warm wax, and if the intimate area is processed, then you need hot; ??
  • shugaring - It is also a way to remove unwanted hairs using depilation. More precisely, with the help of sugar-based pastes. This is not as painful as with waxing - there will be no burn marks on the skin and the problem with ingrown hairs is also minimized here;
  • A thread is a way to get rid of hair by threading. It is rolled into a loop in a certain way. But this is rather an option for correction than for complete hair removal. Using a thread, you can immediately tear out a small area of ​​hairs, and not just one;
  • manual electric electric depilator able to grab every hair and pull it out with a spine;
  • with enzymes or their enzymes affects the skin by the thermal method, which leads to the destruction of hair follicles;
  • using ultrasound promotes the delivery of active substances to the hair follicle. This is made possible by the use of an ultrasound device that destroys the bulb.
  • laser method;
  • electrolysis;
  • photoepilation;
  • "elos" - hair removal.

Let us dwell in more detail on the last four methods.

Laser method (light)

With the help of a light wave directed at the hair shaft, a pigment called melanin begins to heat up, resulting in the destruction of the hair growth zone and its vessels, through which the roots and sebaceous glands receive nutrition. This is in this case the cause of the loss.

But at the moment when the hair removal session is carried out, not all follicles have an active growth stage, and therefore the procedure will need to be repeated after about a month. How many times you have to repeat the procedure depends on each specific case, because everyone has their own characteristics associated with the condition of the skin and hair growth - for some they are in the form of a gun, and for others, the hairs grow quite long and stiff. Depending on this, the laser is used in different capacities:

  • with the help of a diode laser it is possible to remove soft hairs and thin hard ones;
  • alexandrite laser removes red hairs, as well as all light-colored hairs that are subtle. Suitable for hypersensitive skin;
  • a neodymium laser can remove dark and hard hairs;
  • Ruby can destroy dark hair on fair skin.


Another way is to destroy hair with electrolysis. An electric discharge is applied by a thin needle directly to the follicle, which causes the hair root to collapse and the hair to stop growing. Electrolysis is of several types:

  • using the tweezers method, using a tweezers electrode with current flowing through it, when each of the hairs is captured. It is very painful and long. But today a multi-needle system has appeared, so that the whole process began to take much less time;
  • with the needle method, the needle is selected individually depending on the characteristics of a person (by skin sensitivity, by a tendency to an allergic reaction). The needle can be made of different materials - from a medical alloy, from Teflon insulating material, with a gold coating. And in appearance the needle can be different - curved or straight;
  • during thermolysis, a thermal effect on the follicles occurs - an alternating high-frequency current of low voltage sharply heats the follicle, which is why it is destroyed. It is also very painful and very long;
  • during galvanic electrolysis, the hair bulb is exposed to direct current, after which it can be removed using ordinary tweezers. It is not so painful and not as dangerous as with thermolysis, but also for a long time;
  • with the blend method, the follicles are first heated by thermolysis, and then destroyed by electrolysis. Blend epilators have computer units that can select a level of exposure that is optimal for each individual person. Due to the combination of the two previous methods, this method determines the highest quality result, but it is also long, and without scars and inflammations it also does not do here;
  • with the flash method, which can be called improved thermolysis, the current acts for a very short period, which means that there will be less pain and trauma.


You can remove hairs with the help of photoepilation. In this case, they are affected by a stream of light with high frequencies. The absorption of light waves by melanin, which is contained in the follicles, occurs. This leads to a thermal reaction and the hair warms up to 80C. From this temperature, the hair bulb dies, which leads to hair loss and to the fact that it does not grow more in this place. In those rare cases when the follicle was not completely destroyed, the hair can grow back, however, much thinner and brighter than before the session.

"Elos" - hair removal

Another way to remove unwanted vegetation is to use the “elos” hair removal method. It combines laser hair removal, photoepilation and electrolysis. The hair bulb is destroyed by a high-frequency current and a light pulse.

Advantages and disadvantages of complete hair removal


  • much more effective than depilation. If everything is done correctly, the result will be quite long, and if the procedures are done regularly, then unwanted hairs will disappear forever;
  • there is nothing to fear from ingrown hairs, and even if they were, you will get rid of them after the first session;
  • The bonus is a rejuvenating effect. The fact is that photoepilation is very similar to the effect of photorejuvenation. The produced collagen helps rejuvenate the skin and even out its color;
  • electrolysis is quick in the session (within fifteen minutes), and photoepilation will take about 20-40 minutes.


  • there are many contraindications from a medical point of view;
  • the procedure can only be entrusted to a specialist in dermatology or cosmetology. It should be carried out in a specialized salon or clinic. If this condition is neglected, you can get burns, inflammation, scars and hyperpigmentation of the skin;
  • the effectiveness of any of the methods is affected by the contrast inherent in hair and skin. An exception is only electrolysis. Ideally, hair removal is suitable for fair skin and dark hairs - then the radiation will be absorbed by the hair pigment, but not the skin. This method will be ineffective for blondes, red and light blond clients. Fighting gray hairs will also prove pointless;
  • How effective the method of getting rid of hairs will always depend on the contrast between the hair and the skin (electrolysis is a separate issue). Ideally, the method is suitable for fair skin and dark hair, because the radiation in this case will be absorbed not by skin pigment, but by hair;
  • any of the procedures is quite painful;
  • not quickly - it’s not enough for one session, smooth skin will delight you only after a few months, no matter how it sounds, but torment;
  • for a couple of days after the procedure, the skin will remain red and swollen in those places where there was an effect;
  • any type of hair removal is considered expensive in relation to hair removal.

Temporary hair removal

There are several ways to do depilation:

  • to shave. There is nothing simpler and more accessible than this method of getting rid of unwanted hairs;
  • to attract chemicals to the problem. For this, there are special creams and a scraper;
  • use folk hair removal recipes.

Advantages and disadvantages of partial removal


  • minimum time costs. One procedure - and the skin is obtained without a single hair, acquires smoothness and tenderness;
  • any of the methods (not including shaving and chemistry) guarantees three weeks of life without unwanted hair, and this period will increase depending on the regularity of the sessions. Be that as it may, and each time the hairs will be thinner and brighter;
  • no need to have a medical education. Depilation can be done at home (only non-enzymatic and non-ultrasonic);
  • independent of hair color and skin color;
  • the enviable painlessness of enzymatic depilation, as well as its painlessness;
  • ability to satisfy the wishes of people suffering from rosacea and varicose veins. They can get rid of annoying hairs without the heating procedure, which is contraindicated for them;
  • does not threaten with scars or age spots;
  • inexpensively.


  • not every depilation method will suit any girl. There are significant contraindications to waxing, electroepilator, enzyme and ultrasound methods, which a specialist will surely answer;
  • it hurts almost any method of getting rid of hairs, and waxing is also dangerous due to the possibility of getting a burn;
  • the problem with ingrown hairs (does not apply to depilation by enzymatic method and ultrasound);
  • for the depilation to be successful, the hairs must have a certain length, and it is inconvenient and unaesthetic to grow them.

It should be borne in mind that devices that are used as ultrasonic depilation act not only on the hairs, but also on the skin.

Having understood the intricacies of two concepts - epilation and depilation, you can safely determine the method of getting rid of unwanted vegetation. Each of the fair sex has to make a choice, which will be affected by its financial capabilities and individual characteristics: skin type, color and thickness of hairs, health, and the ability to endure pain.

The choice may be different - expensive, painful, but such a radical hair removal or much less effective, but affordable and diverse depilation. The choice is only yours, and the main thing in any case is the result - skin without extra vegetation, smooth and delicate, with which every woman can feel like a charming and confident seductress.

What to choose?

Varieties of removing unwanted hairs using depilation - this is only a temporary disposal of bored hair. You can completely get rid of the problem only with the help of some types of hair removal. Moreover, at one time all the same it will not work to achieve the desired effect. You will have to undergo a painful procedure at least five times, and if your hairs are stiff, then much more.

To use the hair removal procedure, you have to withstand the time during which the hairs grow to the required length.

For depilation, a lot of time is not required, as well as cash costs. Epilation is a lot of money and a lot of time spent, but the result will be, as they say, ideal. And this is the main thing that epilation differs from depilation.

Choose which is more important - to remove the hair immediately, "without leaving the box office" or forget about the problem with unnecessary hair for a long time? In the first case, it will be enough to resort to the method of depilation, and in the second one can not do without the methods of hair removal.

Before making a decision against a particular method, you need to carefully think everything over and only then make a decision:

  • Think of a hair color that is not important for hair removal, but very important for electrolysis. And photoepilation is generally possible only for brunettes;
  • if you have a low pain threshold and sensitive skin, use the shaving method or gentle laser hair removal;
  • How important is the effectiveness of the procedure? Epilation will provide smooth skin for a long period, but it will have to be done more than once or twice. And the fastest way to get rid of unwanted vegetation is by express-method - to shave hair or to do electric depilation;
  • the hair removal procedure will have to be repeated several times, but then forget about it forever. Depilation will have to be repeated regularly, as the hair grows, and this process will never end;
  • Hair removal is very expensive, while hair removal is practically costless.

It’s up to you to choose the best way to get rid of unwanted hair; you prefer to epilate or depilate your body.

You will learn about which procedure to give preference from the next video.

Watch the video: Every Method of Leg Hair Removal 21 Methods. Allure (December 2019).


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