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Foundation for problem skin

Due to environmental problems, poor heredity, malnutrition and an abundance of junk food, lack of sleep and other "charms" of modern life in a big city, many girls have problems with their skin. Beauticians and doctors present statistics according to which only eight or ten out of a hundred women have skin that can really be proud of. The rest constantly have to deal with unpleasant and unaesthetic manifestations on it.

Pimples, acne and comedones require special care and treatment. Moreover, it should be implemented comprehensively, from the inside and from the outside at the same time. You need to focus on good nutrition, rich in vitamins and nutrients, consuming enough fluids throughout the day. There are special treatment and care masks, tonics and creams that form a decent care for the problematic dermis in everyday conditions.

But treatment can take quite a long time, and I want to be a beauty with perfect skin right now. In this case, concealers, powders and, of course, foundation creams come to the aid of the fair sex. A light and weightless BB-tool is unlikely to help hide especially pronounced problem areas. Manufacturers of derma foundation creams with existing imperfections promise excellent coverage of painful areas and care, which prevents the further emergence of new problems.

Of great importance in the care and quality makeup of such an epidermis is the correct choice of a tinting product.


Ladies who are not happy owners of perfect skin, it is necessary to approach the choice of tonal products very scrupulously. After all, skin with severe problems will react painfully to irritants, have increased sensitivity to the components of the composition. Moreover, it should have sufficiently pronounced matting and tinting properties.

Let's look at the properties of the tonal product needed when used for problem skin.

  • One of the required properties this tone should be hypoallergenic. The special sensitivity of the problematic dermis requires a composition that does not provoke allergic manifestations, irritations, redness and inflammation.
  • The texture should be light enoughso that the cream is suitable for enlarged pores. A non-clogging cream is called non-comedone. If he does not have this property, the remnants of the cream in the skin pores will attract dirt, not to let out skin fat and sweat. Due to this inflammation, acne and black spots will become even greater.
  • Along with the ease of texture the tone should be fairly dense. A composition that hides bumps can be a salvation for a person with severe problem areas, inflammation, acne marks and black spots. A professional product that provides a stable coating may have particularly good coating ability. With a good overlap of irregularities and imperfections, the composition should not form a mask on the dermis and be impermeable to air.
  • SPF factor as protection against the harmful effects of sunlight is welcomed for such products. The foci of inflammation and sensitive epidermis should be especially protected from ultraviolet radiation. Also, this rule is suitable when applying the cream in the area around the eyes.
  • Components with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effectsare also a huge plus for creams of this type. They allow not only to hide problem areas, but also to treat inflammation.
  • For oily and mixed epidermis the content of matting ingredients will be beneficial. They will not only remove the oily sheen, but will also regulate the production of sebum by the dermis. For this, you can perfectly use natural oils and plant extracts - such as chamomile, St. John's wort or tea tree.

In the conditions of summer and winter time, it is necessary to select the appropriate properties of the product. For the hot season, cosmetics should have increased protection from the sun, and for winter cold, the option with protection from cold and wind is well suited.

It is necessary to select a product with a mark on the correspondence to the type of epidermis. This will allow you to most accurately level all the flaws. Of course, the sticker on the package is not a guarantee of quality. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the composition of the selected product.


Among the ingredients of the foundation cream will necessarily be present substances that make its texture convenient for use and comfortable to wear. Pigments that provide a dense coating and a natural tone of the skin are also mandatory for such cosmetic products. But besides this, funds intended for the care of problem skin should be safe, and even better - useful for the epidermis.

Let us dwell in more detail on the safety of the product. It is best if he will have a natural composition. But there are not so many such goods on store shelves. To find an organic foundation, you have to work hard. But even if cosmetics contain artificially created ingredients, it should not contain harmful substances, especially contraindicated in sensitive derma.

  • Most harmful substance, which can be found in the composition of the tone is aluminum. Less commonly, it can be found in matting cosmetics. Scientists have proven that getting on the skin, this element has an unpleasant property to accumulate in the cells. In the future, a high concentration of aluminum in the tissues of the body can provoke the formation of cancerous tumors.
  • Silicone - A very common substance in tonal products. Moreover, it can be found in both budget and premium products. Due to its presence in the composition, the cream forms an impermeable film on the surface of the epidermis. The skin ceases to receive oxygen, and also can not get rid of excess moisture. Warmth and humidity provoke the growth and reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms, which are one of the causes of inflammation and acne.
  • Another negatively acting substance is propylene glycol. It is "famous" for causing allergic manifestations. It is also able to absorb water, depriving the skin of hydration. Unpleasant is its effect in combination with silicone. Due to its allergic activity, propylene glycol provokes the appearance of microtraumas on the skin surface, and bacteria that multiply due to the silicone film actively use this. Through microcracks and spots, they can penetrate into the depths of the epidermis, provoking deep inflammation and suppuration.
  • Glycerol, obtained not from plants, but synthetically, can affect the skin as propylene glycol. At the same time, the substance obtained from vegetable oils acts on the skin just fine.
  • Talc should not be present in healthy organic cosmetics. It is able to absorb water and lipids, depriving the epidermis of moisture and protection. May cause the first manifestations of dryness and withering of the skin.

For oily problem skin, it is better to use a non-greasy mineral cream. It may not contain fats, but may contain volatile silicones. They evaporate from the surface of the skin, leaving pigment particles and beneficial elements.

Non-volatile silicones can also be used on dry skin, which will create a breathable coating on the dermis, allowing it to receive oxygen without losing moisture.

Natural glycerin is very useful for the epidermis, it has a powerful moisturizing effect.

It is good if the foundation for the problematic dermis contains natural vegetable oils and extracts, vitamins and amino acids, antioxidants. These substances will nourish the epidermis, restore and fight the signs of aging.

Often added to such cosmetic products is an extract of grape seed and green tea, vitamin complexes. Licorice and quince extract help control the production of fat by the skin. And tea tree oil, extract from chamomile and St. John's wort have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.

Dry skin needs slightly different care products. These are moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, vitamins A and E.


Foundation for problematic dermis can vary in texture.

  • Foundation creams have a light liquid consistency. They do not clog pores, are non-comedone. Also do not interfere with the oxygen exchange of the epidermis with the environment. Such products are most often based on silicone oils, which are easy to use and rinse off, while possessing a sufficient masking effect. Due to these properties, such foundations are most popular with users for daily use.
  • Dense funds have a heavier texture. Due to this, they have a masking effect, which allows you to hide the significant imperfections of the skin. Such products are best used to create an evening look. For application, you can use a sponge or a special brush.
  • Camouflage or cream corrector has the most dense and thickest structure. They are used to mask such imperfections as scars, scars, acne, postoperative traces. In the composition most often have silicone or wax of various nature. They are quite difficult to apply because of the special texture, especially on flaky skin. You need to have a special skill, otherwise the cream will certainly create a mask effect. It is not recommended to use such products on a daily basis.

It is better if the composition of cosmetics intended for a painful dermis is hypoallergenic. Natural healthy ingredients provide decent care to sensitive, red-prone skin.

Pharmacy cosmetics usually have a good composition, often organic. It is captivating that such products are sold exclusively in pharmacy chains, which is a guarantee of quality and proven ingredients in the composition. It is able to not only mask problems, but also have a therapeutic effect.

Pharmacy products are recommended for use in cases of painful manifestations on the skin.

  1. Demodecosis - An unpleasant skin disease caused by a special kind of tick. With demodicosis, it is recommended to use products with the simplest and most natural composition. Cream tone should be light and non-greasy. It is good if it has an antibacterial property. With this disease, especially when choosing a product for the summer, you need to pay attention to the level of protection from the sun. SPF factor must be indicated on cosmetics in the treatment of demodicosis.
  2. Rosacea characterized by redness of the skin and vasodilation. When it is recommended to use a tone on a base that does not contain oils, without talc, odor. Care should be taken with retinols, hydroacids and other components of the composition, and before use it is imperative to conduct a skin test. Be sure to in such cosmetics have UV protection. And to neutralize redness, you can use a tonal tool with yellow pigments.
  3. Rosacea - expansion of blood vessels and capillaries. With it, the product should be natural, with a safe composition. It is better to use specially designed cosmetics, it will not only hide the vascular network, but also reduce or eliminate its appearance and increase its area.

If there are age spots on the skin, you should pay attention to dense creams that allow you to hide the color change of the dermis. Mandatory in this case is protection from sunlight, because their exposure can cause the appearance of new spots and exacerbation of existing ones. From pigment spots, you need to choose dense creams with a suitable skin tone, and to the natural tone of a healthy dermis.

List of non-comedogenic agents

Non-comedogenic foundation is very relevant for a porous dermis. The most popular non-comedogenic remedies for problem skin are:

  1. BB cream from Garnier;
  2. "Teint miracle"by Lancome;
  3. "Ever matte"from Clarins;
  4. "Phyto teint eclat"from Sisley;
  5. "Anti-blemish solutions"from Clinique;
  6. BB cream "Hydreane"from La Roche-Posay;
  7. "Couvrance Fluid Foundation Corrector"from Avene.

It is necessary to select a tone according to the type of skin.

  • With dry type The epidermis cream should be lighter and more fluid. This texture does not emphasize peeling and provides moisture. Of course, for proper hydration, it should contain components such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, silicones.
  • For oily dermis it is better to select matting compounds. They should not be greasy, but sufficiently dense. It is good if the cream does not contain silicones and does not form a film on the cover. A matte finish allows you to get rid of oily sheen.
  • For sensitive skin Comfort cream suitable that does not cause irritation and allergies.

Popular brands

There are many cream tones for the care of problematic dermis. Let's look at the most popular brands that produce such products.

  • Pharmacy brand Clinique releases the goods "Anti-blemish solutions". It has a pleasant velvet coating that mask well imperfections and problem areas. It does not hide outstanding problems, but it is suitable for the oily type of the epidermis. It contains salicylic acid, which accelerates the restoration of the coating and creates an antibacterial coating.
  • La roche-posay It has a tinting effect, evens out imperfections without creating a pronounced coating. Well suited for those who do not like to use a lot of makeup products.
  • BB cream from Holika holika - A Korean product that can mask various problem areas. It has only one shade and can be applied with any makeup tools. It contains tea tree oil, which has antibacterial functions and sebum production.
  • Product Zero Flaws"(+ 14 hours) is a brand Yves rocher. It has a pleasant fluid texture, well masking and matting. However, dry skin may emphasize peeling.
  • Cream Concealer "Classic"from the Belarusian company"Belita". It has a good masking effect, satin finish and a very nice price. Allows you to create a coating with different intensities.
  • Cosmetics "Exfoliac"issued by a pharmacy brand Noreva. Combines the functionality of a decorative cream to even out the tone and a therapeutic agent. Moisturizes, creates a thin layer with sufficient coverage, regulates the production of sebum. It contains vitamins and ceramides, which reduce the epidermis fat and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Company Avene produces options for correcting the problematic dermis, they can be found in the series "Cleanance". The cream does not contain fat, has a fairly dense texture. The manufacturer recommends applying it to the epidermis using a sponge moistened with thermal water from the same line.
  • Medical brand Bioderma also has a range of foundation for problematic epidermis. This tool has a therapeutic effect and perfectly hides the flaws. When applied, it does not look like a mask, but does not have a matte finish.

Which is better?

For a problematic dermis, it is best to choose products with a minimum number of components. Such cosmetics should be hypoallergenic, preferably natural. Well-established pharmacy manufacturers of such funds.Problem skin is often accompanied not only by acne, acne and redness, but also by other, more serious diseases. The product from the pharmacy will not only hide the shortcomings, but will have a therapeutic effect. In the end, with the right selection of care, you can get rid of all the imperfections.

For problematic skin, products with a slight tinting effect are not suitable. It is better to choose a denser coating that will mask even significant imperfections. However, it should not create a mask on the face.

How to choose?

You need to carefully select the foundation based on the type and appearance of the dermis.

  • First you need to determine what type of skin you have. For a dry epidermis with problem areas, a light product with a water or oil base is suitable. It should contain useful substances and components aimed at moisturizing. It can be natural glycerin, hyaluronic acid or vitamin supplements.
  • Oily skin the water base of the product, which does not form a film on the dermis, is more suitable. It should also contain matting components and ingredients that regulate the production of sebum. Antiseptic antimicrobial agents have proven themselves well. They are useful for problem skin of any type. These can be extracts of herbs such as chamomile or St. John's wort, as well as tea tree oil.
  • For combination skin may require several tools with a similar tone, but different functions. Although many companies produce cosmetics specifically for the combined epidermis, dry in general and oily in the T-zone.

Depending on the severity of the shortcomings, you can choose a product with different coating intensities. There are light, dense tones and with a camouflage effect. To mask pimples and slight redness, a light tone is suitable. And for more pronounced problems, acne and scars, you need a tool with a denser texture.

In order for the effect to be as natural and beautiful as possible, you need to select the tone that is most suitable for the natural skin tone. When selecting, you can choose several shades, so that when mixed, get the perfect and unique color. For the epidermis with redness or with rosacea, it is worth choosing a cream with a golden or yellowish tint. It will help reduce redness and hide it.

When masking acne and inflammation, it may be necessary to use the concealer together for the most even coverage.

Application Tips

In order to give the face an ideal look, you need to apply a tonal remedy correctly.

  • Before use the skin must be cleaned. In the morning, it’s enough to wash with the usual foam or gel. If makeup was present on the face, it is necessary to completely get rid of it. A special lotion for make-up remover or micellar water can help with this.
  • A moisturizer or makeup base suitable for your type must be applied to your skin. If your product has the desired effect, you can start with it.
  • Apply cosmetics in a minimal amountproviding the desired result. Excess can cause clogging of pores. Sometimes it is possible to apply the product only to problem areas, while it must be well shaded so that the application borders are not visible.
  • Before applying other products, such as powder or blush, you need to wait a few minutes. Almost any tone needs time to absorb in the skin and adjust to its features.
  • How to mask bruises under the eyes? For the area around the eyes, it is best to use products specifically designed for this. After all, this skin requires special care. Before applying the tone, be sure to apply your caring eye cream. You can mask the bags with a yellow tone, which will paint over bluish manifestations under the eyes. After applying such a foundation, you can use a foundation that is suitable for the natural skin tone throughout the face. It will also allow you to hide freckles or age spots with sufficient coating density. And to completely get rid of the bags will allow the application of a light tone or powder in the places of hollows under them to remove shadows from the bulge and give the face freshness.
  • Why does the tone "fall" into the pores? A foundation can emphasize enlarged pores, literally falling into them. This may be due to poor quality product or improper application. If there is such a problem, it is necessary to properly prepare the skin before applying makeup. You must use a suitable day cream in advance. Then apply a foundation that will prepare the skin for tone. Some makeup artists recommend applying light friable powder in front of the foundation product. It will help mask the pores and remove excess fat. The tinting agent will then lie flat.


According to cosmetologists and users, pharmacy brands have the best properties for problem skin. Rating headed Clinique, Avene and Bioderma. The best cream for masking imperfections can be chosen from ordinary decorative brands: Missha, Lancome, La roche-posay. Users note that budget funds from Garnier and "Belita".

The main thing when choosing a remedy is to correctly select it according to the type of skin cover. If you have problems, do not lose sight of them, but it is best to seek the advice of a doctor or cosmetologist. After all, it is much better to get rid of flaws than to mask them with various means every day.

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