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How to mask inflammation with foundation?

Nothing spoils the mood so much as an out of place pimple. Here then you will need all the possible knowledge on how to mask inflammation with foundation.

Causes of inflammation

Mostly acne on the face appears as a result of improper skin care. But there are also a number of factors affecting their education. So, for example, when you frequently touch your face with unwashed hands, the epidermal cells are clogged with household dirt, dust, chemicals and simply sebum. Therefore, to touch the face, you must first wash your hands or often enough to cleanse the skin with tonics and lotions. Now specifically for this, branded manufacturers produce micellar water.

If the skin has a tendency to the appearance of inflammation, environmental impact can provoke a worsening of the situation: heat, rain, dust, and even ordinary cleaning using chemical agents. Sensitive epidermis instantly responds to pathogenic flora. Not uncommon - cases of hormonal fighting, stress and lack of vitamins. Then the cause of inflammation comes from the inside. This can be easily corrected in a medical way, using the substances necessary for the body.

Bad habits such as alcohol and smoking should also not be ignored. Through adverse effects on the body, nitrates and ethyl alcohol disrupt the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands, the activity of skin cells and contribute to the loss of elasticity. Together, the epidermis ceases to cope with the basic functions, fighting the consequences of addictions. Therefore, before getting rid of acne, it is necessary to determine the cause of their appearance.

Rules for the care of problem skin

The most basic rule is proper cleansing. To do this, gel, mousse or cleansing foam suitable for the type of skin is suitable. But with severe skin lesions, washing with household soap is possible with a moderate frequency, so as not to overdry the epidermis. Further, experts recommend wiping the face with tonic, lotion or micellar water. Not so much moisturizing will give a remedy to the skin, but how much it will help to clean it thoroughly.

And the most necessary action for skin care of any type is the use of a moisturizer. It is he who saturates the epidermis with moisture and soothes it, which also helps to reduce inflammation.

Ways to eliminate small pimples without makeup

The easiest way to hide a pimple is to mask a tonal agent. But you can significantly reduce the scale of the tragedy and accelerate its healing with the help of special products or alternative means. Cosmetic products offered by manufacturers to eliminate inflammation are quite expensive, and some are completely ineffective. Although most of them do an excellent job. In the cosmetic market, almost every brand produces such products.

In urgent cases, you can use any vasoconstrictor agents, whether it be drops for the eyes or for a runny nose. In the shortest possible time, drops can reduce the redness around the inflammation to a minimum by reducing blood flow in this place. But significant results are still given by traditional medicine.

The use of tea tree oil has always been resorted to. A powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory natural ether is applied locally to the site of inflammation every 30 minutes. The procedure is performed until the desired effect is achieved. To do this, it is enough to make ether applications for 5 hours. Natural tea tree essential oil not only relieves swelling and redness, but also deeply cleanses the pores, preventing the appearance of new acne in this place.

  • For emergency cases, normal ice is suitable. Due to the low temperature, such a lotion instantly constricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation. True, for the treatment of acne it is better to use special cosmetic ice or frozen decoctions of herbs. Perfect infusion of chamomile or calendula.
  • A very powerful antiseptic is a tramp. For the procedure, half a teaspoon is enough to mix with water or hydrogen peroxide and apply on the redness for 5-10 minutes. The advantage of the badiaga is that it is not only an antiseptic and relieves redness, but also accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin cells.
  • Streptocide powder is no less effective (you can use a crushed tablet). The drug is applied to the affected area of ​​the skin for about 30 minutes, after which it must be washed off with water. For greater effect, remove the powder with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Instead of streptocide, aspirin can also be used. The medication has a slight exfoliating property. The crushed tablet of aspirin must be applied to the pimple for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Also, calendula tincture is very effective against inflammation. When using the product, it is enough to moisten a cotton pad with it and apply it to the pimple for a while. Calendula disinfects and dries.
  • For deep acne or purulent inflammation will save aloe. You can use a fresh leaf of a plant, or you can purchase a pharmacy version of alcohol tincture. A compress is made on the damaged area lasting about 3 hours. The plant has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

The best cosmetic products

Before masking inflammation, it is necessary to cleanse the skin and apply a therapeutic cream locally with an antibacterial effect. Next, you need to choose the right foundation for makeup. It can be of several types:

  1. Liquid option. Outwardly similar to foundation, it is also suitable for dry epidermis.
  2. Creamy base. Means in the form of mousse or souffle, which conceals pores, smoothes the skin texture and has a matting effect. Great for oily or problematic skin.
  3. As a spray the product effectively evens out skin tone, but is applied locally. It does not guarantee complete masking of the focus of inflammation.
  4. Solid base is a product that mask acne and severe inflammation well. It has a dense tone, providing maximum disguise.
  5. Dry the consistency variant is similar to powder. The product is able to absorb excess sebum, which is important for the fatty type of epidermis.

So, the skin is cleaned and moisturizer applied. But what kind of masking agent to choose, a detailed overview of each of them will help.

  • Pencil (or stick). Perhaps this is the most convenient type of corrector due to its compactness and the possibility of using it locally. Brands have long been producing two- and three-color pencils. If two-tone ones have a palette of green (removes redness and have an anti-inflammatory effect) and flesh-colored (directly tonal means) colors, then in the latter case pink is added to eliminate strong skin pigmentation.
  • Foundation (or BB and CC creams). The product is selected in accordance with the type and shade of the epidermis. Only here the tonal means should always be a tone lighter than necessary and not have a pink undertone. The most effective for masking inflammation are the skin tone and ivory color. And for a more natural makeup, it is better to give preference to moisturizing tinting products. Too thick a layer can create a mask effect.
  • Using concealer favorably affects not only the appearance of the face, but also the inflammation itself. Therefore, it is worth choosing a natural shade corrective with extracts of aloe or tea tree oil.
  • Powder will be the easiest way to give a matte effect to the epidermis and hide imperfections. The product is easily applied using a sponge or brush and is evenly distributed on the skin of the face.

The only thing that should not be used when creating makeup is a bronzer and blush with any hint of a red or pink hue, as this will only draw attention to the problem areas. And with extensive foci of inflammation, it is better to completely abandon the use of such drugs.

How to use foundation with acne?

The first step, of course, will be high-quality skin cleansing. The subsequent action is to degrease the epidermis using special tonics or micellar lotion. Moisturize the skin and proceed to disguise. Before glossing over acne, you need to apply a thin layer of makeup base with a sponge or brush (depending on the chosen product). Next, a green corrector is applied locally. The main thing is to observe a sense of proportion, otherwise the problem areas will have a characteristic shade.

Apply flesh-colored concealer to the spots. Only here the shading should be neat and without pressure in order to avoid the opposite effect.

The foundation is applied to the entire face and gently shaded with your fingers or brush. True, in the presence of one rash, you can limit yourself to masking only this area. If large areas of the face are affected, the cream should be distributed on the neck and décolleté. Otherwise, the face will look unnatural. Loose powder is suitable as a matting agent and for fixing makeup. Application should be carried out by driving with a special brush.

Little Disguise Tricks

In addition to the usual recommendations for masking inflammation, experts give some more useful tips when creating makeup:

  • You can not squeeze acne, so as not to increase inflammation;
  • It is preferable to use branded cosmetics on a natural basis that does not cause allergies;
  • Choose funds with a minimum fat content, otherwise the risk of clogging pores is high;
  • To apply tinting agents, use clean hands or a brush. Or flush cosmetic sponge as often as possible.
  • When working with the face, actions must be performed with light movements so as not to provoke redness and irritation of the epidermis and existing inflammations;
  • Use tinting products only for their intended purpose and immediately before going out;
  • With minor rashes, you can distract attention from him, focusing on the opposite side of the face. So, for example, if a problem arose on the forehead, then it is worth highlighting lipstick with a bright lipstick. And if acne appeared on the lower part of the face, then we focus on the eyes. Inflammation in the middle area of ​​the face can be hidden only with natural light makeup.

How to properly mask acne - in the video below.


Most of the reviews on popular forums belong to girls with significant skin lesions, since for them this problem has a special place in life. Most members of the forum note that a trip to a dermatologist is important, which gives all the necessary recommendations for skin care. And the use of tinting agents is advised to be completely excluded during the treatment of acne. The most popular brand to combat acne has become Propeller, Floresan, and Compliment. These brands performed better despite their budget cost. And the leader among tonal products was BB cream from "Garnier".

Watch the video: Tumeric & coconut oil face mask - stop eczema, redness & inflammation on your skin. Amazing results! (December 2019).


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