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Runail Professional Gel Polish

Modern fashionistas know all the rules of a beautiful image. It is important not only to choose the details of the outfit: skin and nails should be well-groomed. Effective and unique manicure will help to emphasize the beauty of hands. Gel polish Runail professional - A modern type of coating, which is preferred by professional craftsmen and many fans of the brand.

Features and Benefits

Trademark Runail professionalowned by LLC "Spectrum", appeared on the domestic market more than 12 years ago. In a short time, it has become popular and successful in its segment. Today, the brand produces more than 3,000 items of various professional products for the nail industry, communicating closely with its customers and potential customers. Brand coatings and related accessories are sold in 40 regions of Russia and neighboring countries.


One of the main features of domestic manufacturer of nail coatings is the need for polymerization in a special device. Since there is a gel in the composition of the product, you can not do without drying in a special lamp. Gel Polish brand has a dense texture. It lays well on the surface of the nail, contributing to accurate work. Due to the optimal density, it is not smeared beyond the borders of the nail plate, which facilitates the manicure procedure.

The bottles have convenient brushes, making it convenient to apply gel-based varnish. You can do this without haste: gel polish dries slower than conventional analogues, there is time to distribute the coating evenly. The bottles themselves are also convenient: the volume of 5, 7, 9 and 12 ml is enough to enjoy the color and get used to it. Brand coatings are characterized by high resistance. They stay on the nails for more than three weeks, do not need to be adjusted and look natural. When following the rules of technology, they will protect the nails from brittleness, will not lose the brightness of the shade and healthy gloss.

The collection of coatings is constantly updated. There are always shades for the different moods of women. The company offers so many colors that choosing the right color to match the clothes, accessories, shoes or jewelry is not difficult. Brand coatings are successful not only among professional masters: due to the ease of operation, it is not at all necessary to visit a beauty salon. Having bought the necessary accessories and the coatings themselves, make every man a professional manicure on their own. The company's products will not hit the budget: It has an affordable price and is of good quality. This allows you to replenish your beauty arsenal with a whole collection of fashionable shades and often change the image without getting used to one color.


Unfortunately, all gel-based coatings, even in the absence of harmful components, adversely affect the health of nails. Unlike ordinary varnishes, they need polishing of the nail plate. This robs the nails of the natural protective layer. To restore it, you need to periodically give the nails a break, otherwise they will become thin, which will affect their structure and lead to brittleness and peeling. Gel polish is very durable. While it is on the nails, air does not enter them. Because of this, the growth of nails slows down, they become weak. Although the coating grows together with the nail, the plates receive strengthening from the components of the drug, you can not do without rest.


The gel polish composition does not have harmful impurities and toxins that destroy the structure of the nail. Due to this, it does not cause allergies and irritation. It includes:

  • photo initiator (component for hardening the texture);
  • film former (a substance that forms a strong film that is resistant to external influences);
  • dye (often combining natural and artificial pigment);
  • solvent (to maintain consistency);
  • additives and fillers (components that give the texture elasticity and a different effect: thermo, chameleon, cat's eye).

Shelf life

Conventionally, each nail product has two expiration dates. The first is provided by the manufacturer. It is indicated on the bottle and is two years from the date of manufacture. The developer provides the optimal time during which the component means do not change their properties. That is why the consistency of gel polish is convenient for work.

Sometimes after opening the bottle it seems that the product changes its properties too quickly. This can be called the second expiration date: its duration depends on the master (or ordinary customer) who works with him. The expiration date after opening the bottle depends on how to use and store the drug.

Opening the bottle, the volatile liquid rushes up and begins to weather. It is pushed out by heavy components settling to the bottom. The longer the bottle is open, the faster the solvent will melt away. However, if you close the gel polish in time when it is not needed, remove the adhering agent from the neck, store the bottle in a cool place, then you can significantly extend the life of the cosmetics.

Company Products

The range of the brand includes a lot of nail products. The collection includes pigmented coatings, camouflage bases, a rubber base and fixative, a velvety, regular and glossy finish, a permanent group of coatings, related products, decorative and building agents, professional accessories (lint-free wipes, grinders, nail files, magnets, wipes for gel polish remover). A series of pigments includes several rulers that differ in different effects. By the method of removal, gel polish can be called soluble: to remove it, you need to wrap the nail with foil and a napkin dipped in a special liquid and let it stand for no more than 10-15 minutes.

Permanent products create a very resistant coating on natural nails. Due to the enhanced molecular formula, they do not need the use of a bonder and primer. They do not need layers of base and fixative, they do not have a sticky layer, they are not afraid of temperature changes. The perfumed series has a light citrus aroma.

The camouflage line is available in stylish 12 ml bottles. The company offers mix bases and camouflage, suitable not only for a French jacket, but also for leveling the overall background. Due to the thick consistency, it is not difficult to hide the imperfections of nails, moreover, this product can be used as an independent pigment or under a loose dye. Basic coatings prepare the surface, leveling its imperfections, they protect the nails from delamination and brittleness. Thanks to a special formula, they do not cause a burning sensation when drying in a lamp and are able to reliably connect the pigment to the surface of the nail for more than three weeks.

The fixer collection includes matte and glossy coatings with different effects. They are transparent or with the addition of gold, silver and special pigments. Related products of the collection include an acid-free primer, foil with napkins for removing gel polish, clinser, bond, coating remover.

Color palette

The palette of shades is quite extensive. Each series of coatings is individual in its own way. The collection includes gel polishes Indi, Laque, Thermo, Shaper, Multilac, Chameleon, One. For the convenience of finding the right shade, the brand suggests using a palette with numbers. It’s easier to choose if it’s difficult to remember the name of the desired shade. Each new season brings fresh colors to the piggy bank of tones. Today, in addition to the main gamut, it contains 6 thematic collections with unusual names:

  • "Light touch of satin" - gentle light shades with mother of pearl.
  • "Fashionable to be bright" - glamorous light pink, beige and ripe red colors.
  • "On the shore of a forest lake" - glossy coatings of gray, blue, mint, turquoise and lilac shades.
  • "I love parties" - light pink, lilac, turquoise and blue colors with shimmer and sparkles.
  • "Give in to the blueberry temptation" - lilac, burgundy, brown.
  • "I want a vanilla cocktail" - gentle pastel gamma.

In addition, the palette includes series with the effect of a chameleon, cat's eye and temperature coatings, striking a game of color. Each line is unique in its own way and allows you to choose a shade for a bright image. Whatever the background, be it the cat’s eye glare or a change in shades, depending on the temperature difference, all shades are clean with a deep tone, they do not contain extraneous impurities and look natural.

Manicure technology

Technique of manicure alone with gel polish Runail professional does not differ from the standard, which are carried out in the cabin. In order for the result to please with cleanliness and professionalism, each step must be performed carefully, without haste. If cosmetics get on the skin, remove it immediately, before polymerization in the lamp. Getting rid of the dried coating can cause delamination, because anyway, you will not be able to remove excess gel polish without touching the nail plate.

For manicure, you will definitely need:

  • grinder;
  • degreaser;
  • base;
  • pigmented gel polish;
  • fixer;
  • UV or LED lamp;
  • lint-free napkins;
  • a primer;
  • liquid to remove the stickiness of the top.

At the very beginning, it is better to refine the nails, giving them the same shape, carefully treating the free edge and removing the cuticle. Do not soak them, a light manicure is quite enough. You can use a cream that after treatment needs to be removed with napkins. The coating will be held on a sanded surface. Do not do this intensively: just remove the gloss. Otherwise, you can seriously disrupt the structure of the nail plates. After that, it is necessary to remove keratin by means of a dehydrator, treating the entire surface of the plate: it is impossible to leave the remains of sawdust and cream. After the degreaser, it is necessary to go over the entire surface with a primer. This is especially necessary when the nails are thin and weakened.

A translucent base coat is applied to the prepared surface. Thick will cause chipping and cracking of the finished result. This is not the case when the more the better. Having dried the base, substituting nails under the lamp, they pass to the coating with pigment. For an ideal result, usually two thin layers are enough, each of which is dried separately. Then it remains to fix the pigment with a finish layer.

Topcoat, unlike other fluids, is applied in a denser layer. Do not forget about the end of the nail, paying attention to him. If a slider design is conceived, you can stick pictures before polymerization: so the sliders will hold on better. It is worth paying attention to the top: in the absence of decor, they use the finish without an adhesive layer. The technology of applying permanent gel varnishes involves the preparation of nail plates and the application of the pigment itself. It does not take more than 15-20 minutes.

How to choose a lamp?

Buying a special lamp is a mandatory attribute of a manicure with gel polish. It is this device that contributes to the hardening of the varnish. The manufacturer offers nail cosmetics that are suitable for ultraviolet and LED lamps. The first is more versatile and dries all types of coatings. The second is popular with professionals, although it does not cope with every type of coating.

Typically, manufacturers indicate on the bottle or packaging how to dry the gel polish. The UV lamp dries each thin layer in 2 minutes. The finish hardens in it in 4 minutes. LED device reduces overall runtime. To dry one layer, it will take only 10-30 seconds, and the fixative will take no more than one minute.

When choosing power, you need to focus on the optimal indicator: 36 watts is enough so that the coating does not come in waves, spots, and the skin of the hands does not lose natural moisture.


The company has established itself on the best side. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of official masters working in the salon. Professional experts note the ease of coating in the work, the resistance of the brand's gel polish, pleasant shades that create a ton of design possibilities.

However, there are other opinions. Not all girls like that the coating needs a base and a finish. In addition, some shades are characterized by low durability and after a few days form chips, which disappoints fans of the brand.

The technique of performing marble manicure with MultiLac from ruNail Professional is in the next video.

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