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Mascara is a thing that is in any woman’s makeup bag. This type of makeup is necessary in order to make the cilia more vibrant, thick and voluminous, and the look more expressive. Properly selected mascara can change your appearance, and especially your eyes.

Who invented?

Such a famous eye makeup product like mascara appeared in the middle of the 19th century. This type of cosmetics got its name because of the name of its inventor, whose name was Eugene Rimmel. His surname in many languages ​​sounds the same as the word mascara, this invention was named after him. Also, this tool has another name - "mascara", so it is customary to call this cosmetics in English-speaking countries, this term translates as a protective mask. Previously, mascara looked very different, it was a combination of petroleum jelly and charcoal.

Modern mascara was invented at the beginning of the 20th century by the famous scientist Terry Williams, who first released this product, which was widely recognized, and then he opened a wide production and began to sell this product. So this scientist formed his cosmetic brand, which he called Maybelline. His company received this name due to the combination in one word of the name of his sister, to whom he dedicated his invention, and the words Vaseline. His company is the very first and oldest producing mascara, now it is still popular and is one of the most famous.

At the beginning of the 19th century, this product was dry, it included wax and dark dyes, it was produced in a flat jar. In order to apply this tool, they used a special brush, which was previously wetted, and then it was distributed into the mascara with the mascara. These well-known manufacturers were helped to promote this new kind of make-up of a movie star for that time, as many actresses tried to focus on the eyes so that they were larger and brighter. Previously, they used only the contour for the eyes, but it looked messy, otherwise the mascara looked completely different on the eyelashes. That is why Maybelline mascara began to be used by all make-up artists of movie actresses.

After the whole world found out what makeup stars make themselves, women from every corner of the planet also wanted to purchase such a tool. Thus, Hollywood stars helped to promote this product and make it very popular. Later, they tried to modify the mascara, making the bottle and its application more convenient. Already in the middle of the 20th century, Elena Rubenstein came up with the idea to sell this cosmetic product in an elongated tube, which is used today. Such mascara had a more liquid consistency and it was much more convenient to apply to the cilia, so it immediately became very famous all over the world, and all means for eyelashes began to be produced in this format.


All types of mascaras can be divided into two large types: these are waterproof products and ordinarynot having this feature. Waterproof mascara is distinguished by the fact that it is suitable for sustainable makeup, it stays on your eyes for a very long time, this make-up remains unchanged up to a day, it does not need to be corrected during the day. But this tool needs to be washed off with a special substance to remove makeup, because it does not lend itself to the effects of water or ordinary tonic and milk. Such a tool is resistant not only to water, but also to all other liquids, as well as to high humidity. It will not flow, and your eyelashes will not change their appearance even when you visit the sauna, where you can sweat, when you visit the pool, and also if you fall in the rain or suddenly cry.

This is a very convenient tool, but cosmetologists recommend using it only in case of emergency. The rest of the time they offer to give preference to ordinary mascaras. They have a simpler base and composition, they are completely not resistant to moisture, you can wash off such mascara from the eyes with plain water or a cleansing tonic, but it can leak if exposed to moisture and other factors.

Also You can find special types of mascaras - medicinal. Healing mascara can restore eyelashes. If you often do makeup and, in connection with this, eyelashes have lost their former elasticity, density and strength, this tool can restore their healthy appearance and accelerate growth. As a rule, its base is gel, the product is completely transparent, but there are also medical mascaras with dyes, their composition is softer and more gentle than usual. With this tool you can replace regular mascara, because it is more useful, but at the same time more expensive.

Manufacturers also offers children's mascara, which also has a gentle composition, this product is hypoallergenic and is perfect for children's eyes. She can make up a little beauty for any celebration or celebration. Some manufacturers also offer mascaras that are specifically designed for extended cilia. These products do not contain oils and contain components that help fix extended eyelashes. Such mascaras are needed in order to give volume and color more brightly on the extension of the cilia, if their length or volume is not enough for you. Therefore, for extended eyelashes it is necessary to purchase only specialized mascaras, conventional means in this case will not work.

Mascaras also differ not only depending on the composition, but also on the effect that is achieved thanks to their brush. Brushes with villi are necessary to give volume to the eyelashes, they can make them visually thicker and lush. Brushes with fibers in carcasses for eyelashes are also used to create the effect of false eyelashes, they are able to several times increase the length and volume of any cilia, as a rule, this means, which includes a gel - a coating that has no color, and a color tool, which is applied over it. Thus, eyelashes become very voluminous and simply chic.

There is also an lengthening mascara, its action is aimed at increasing the length of your cilia. You can also find a twisting agent for eyelashes, usually such cosmetics have a brush made of rubber or plastic with small bristles. This tool allows you to create a very interesting and beautiful curvature of the eyelashes, which can radically change your look and makeup.


Mascaras can have the most diverse composition, depending on whether this product is waterproof or not. Both of these options are made on a wax basis, but the usual, not waterproof - more natural. The waterproof product consists of volatile solvents, beeswax or carnauba wax and paraffin. Also, its composition necessarily includes dyes and various polymers. Experts indicate that such a tool resembles oil paint in its composition.

The most classic mascara is water-based. That is, it includes water, various types of wax, including animal, vegetable and mineral, as well as resins, dyes and preservatives. Beauticians point out that this tool in its composition resembles ordinary water-based paint.

What should be the perfect mascara?

Women seriously approach the choice of mascara, because such cosmetics must necessarily be of high quality. The best mascara should not be too thin, but not too thick. Liquid mascara will stick together eyelashes and lie very poorly on them, it will be necessary to further separate them. A drier product may crumble, such makeup will not look high-quality and elegant. Many women seek to buy professional cosmetics for eyelashes, so that it is applied to hairs without lumps.

The product, which is qualitative in composition, does not crumble and is kept on the eyes for a long time, even if it is not waterproof.

Also, an ideal mascara should have not only a high-quality composition, but also the most convenient brush, as this is also of great importance. The bristles of the brush should be even and thick, in order to make the cilia more magnificent.

How to choose?

When choosing mascara, it is necessary to rely on the ratio of price and quality, that is, it should be good and budget cosmetics. It is very important to pay attention to the composition of this product, it should include vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E, which is so necessary for the hairs. For short and rare eyelashes, you can recommend a caring mascara, which includes very useful components, this remedy prevents the fragility of eyelashes and accelerates their growth.

Normal mascara can be used by anyone who has no problems with eyelashes. Black mascara is the most popular option, it can be selected for any type of cilia. For straight eyelashes, it is better to buy a make-up cosmetics, and for those who have short cilia, an extension tool is perfect. For women whose cilia are not thick, it is better to choose a modeling cosmetics with a volume effect.

Some prefer to stain laminated and extended cilia. For these purposes, it is necessary to select cosmetics that do not contain oils. After building or laminating, eyelashes can only be tinted with specialized products that can be bought at a professional cosmetic store.

How to learn to paint correctly?

In order to beautifully paint the cilia, it is necessary to apply mascara correctly. Makeup artists recommend gently powdering eyelashes before using this product, this will make their surface more even and facilitate the distribution of mascara. Also try to initially color the wiki or draw arrows, because in the future, if you already apply eyelashes and then apply shadows, they can crumble on the eyelashes. You can make cilia longer by applying two layers of mascara.

Initially, you should distribute the mascara from the base to the very tips. In this case, you need to move in zigzag movements from the outer corner of the eye to the inner. This action must be repeated until the hairs are dyed along the entire length. Then you should separate the cilia with a special brush, combs for eyelashes. After you carefully divide all the cilia, it is necessary to allow the carcass to dry.

An important advice of makeup artists is that you only need to separate the hairs that are still moist and not dried out from the carcass, since dried cilia are very inconvenient to separate, it can crumble and form lumps.

After the agent has dried, you can proceed to applying the second layer. This layer must be applied in the same way, but it must be distributed more finely so that no lumps form and the eyelashes look as natural as possible. After that, it is also necessary to separate the cilia. The second layer is best applied so much on the tips in order to make the cilia longer and the look more expressive. At the same time, do not use leaked mascara, because its consistency is very liquid, and such a tool will glue the hairs together, and the makeup will be very sloppy.

How to rinse?

Mascara can be washed off the eyes in many ways, and the most common products that do not have water repellent properties are very easy to remove. This can be done with any cleansing tonic, milk, or other cleansing agent that is allowed to be used on the area around the eyes. To do this, moisten a cotton swab with this product and gently wipe off cosmetics, moving to the inner corner of the eye. Also, this tool can be washed off with plain water.

Sometimes, to wash off the carcasses, resort to the use of cosmetic soap, it allows you to quickly remove it from the eyes without unnecessary traces and stains. Also, many women wash off the classic mascara with distilled or thermal water. These products are completely cleansed and hypoallergenic, they do not cause tears, irritation and allergies. They can easily wash makeup off the eyes.

It’s a little more difficult to remove waterproof species - cosmetologists recommend using makeup to remove makeup. As a rule, such substances are made on an oil basis in order to make cosmetics more gently removed from the eyelashes, without leaving unnecessary streaks. Two-phase makeup removers are very popular, which are half composed of an oily substance and half of the usual cleansing components. Before use, they must be shaken, and then applied to a cotton pad and eyes. Such a tool very gently and painlessly removes makeup from the eyes.

If you do not have such a remedy on hand, you can try to remove the mascara from the cilia with vegetable oil, it can be olive or other oil. It also needs to be applied to a cotton pad and try to erase cosmetics, without making extra efforts so as not to damage the eyelashes, otherwise they may begin to fall out. You may need to repeat this procedure twice to completely dispose of the waterproof carcass. That is why, cosmetologists recommend using special products to remove any mascara, as they are designed specifically for these purposes and are more harmless and gentle.

How to clean the tube?

If for any purpose you needed a tube from under the old mascara, it may turn out that cleaning it is not so simple. In order to wash it, you must first remove the stopper from its upper edge to facilitate access to the inside of the bottle. Then the neck needs to be carefully treated with a cotton swab dipped in water or makeup remover. Then you can pour water into the bottle and leave it like that for half an hour, the product will move away, and you can easily clean the bottle.

If the old mascara was stable, you need to pour makeup remover into a tube and leave it there for 15 minutes. After this time, you need to insert a brush there and clean the side walls of the bottle with it. After this procedure, you need to remove the brush and pour the entire contents of the bottle, and then rinse it under a strong stream of running water. Thus, the tube from the old carcass will be completely clean, and you can use it for other purposes, for example, to make a useful composition for eyelashes or other means.

Shelf life

All cosmetics have an expiration date after which they cannot be used. This period is indicated on the bottle, but in some cases, manufacturers indicate only the manufacturing time for this product, so you need to know how much you can store it after opening. If you could not find an indication of a specific expiration date, you need to focus on 3 months from the moment of opening the bottle of liquid mascara, after this time you should not use this cosmetic product.

Dry mascara has a longer shelf life of one year.

Some manufacturers do not indicate the time of production of this product, but the date by which you need to use it.This option is very simple to determine the shelf life and shelf life of this product. In order to make it easier for you to find the expiration date of such cosmetics, you need to focus on the letter M, as well as the image of an open jar on the bottle. Near these images or letters there is a figure that indicates the number of months during which this product can be used from the day its packaging is opened.


Makeup using mascara is very easy to do. Women use black mascaras when applying makeup most often. With black mascara, many people do makeup called "smocky eyes", which is the application of dark gray and black shades of shades and charcoal black mascara. This type of makeup is perfect for a party or a disco, as well as for going out.

For daytime makeup, it’s best to use brown mascara and a neutral eye shadow. This mascara has a natural appearance, and with its help you can do neat makeup. For special occasions, for example, to create an image in a retro style or for a theme party, you can use colored mascara. It can be pink, purple, blue, green mascara. It can be matched to either the color of the dress or the color of the bag. This makeup is very bright and flirty, it will certainly attract attention to you.


The rating of mascaras is headed by luxury novelties, for example, a tool Helena Rubinstein "Lash Queen Sexy", This is a very popular product that is of high quality. Customer reviews say that it can make eyelashes voluminous and thick, creating the effect of false eyelashes. This tool costs more than 2000 rubles. Mascara is a very popular remedy. Maybelline "Lash Sensational". This brand often releases new items. This mascara has a silicone brush for separating and twisting cilia, is stable and does not flow, has a budget cost and is economically spent.

The top mid-range product is mascara L'Oreal "Telescopic". It well lengthens the hairs and does not dry out for a long time and therefore does not crumble at all. Reviews about this tool are only the most positive. The most popular remedy from the low price segment is Vivienne Sabo "Cabaret". This is a quality product for a small price, which does not exceed 300 rubles, has caring properties.

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