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Foundation for the summer

As well as cosmetics for care, face decorative products also need to be changed seasonally. Lightweight, well masking imperfections and always protecting against UV radiation - this should be the perfect foundation for the summer.

Summer tone rules

No matter how you want to relax in the summer from cosmetics, there are a lot of reasons to put on makeup in the warm season: evening walks with your loved ones, parties on the beach, photo shoots on vacation. To look good in all these situations, you need to choose a high-quality “summer” foundation. Of course, manufacturers of decorative cosmetics do not usually write on packages for summer cream or for winter. You can only attribute the tool to the "summer" in a number of ways. For example:

  • Light weightless texture.
  • Thin and light shine if the product with the effect of radiance.
  • Complete lack of smell, as on hot days this is especially important.
  • The ability to not clog pores, lack of spreading.
  • SPF not lower than 20.
  • Good hiding power (so that it hides, for example, freckles and other “summer” skin problems).
  • As a nice bonus - additional skin care: moisturizing it throughout the day.

Pay attention to the shade - most often, “summer” tonal creams have darker colors, given the summer tan, even for those who have been out of town all summer without any problems.

Experts do not recommend the use of matting effect in summer, as they tend to clog pores. It is best to purchase matting wipes.

Brands and reviews

Beauty bloggers and fashion magazines regularly update summer tonal ratings. Consider the most popular products that are recommended for use in the hot season.

  • La Roche-Posay "Toleriane Teint" - very light tonal fluid. Recommended for combination skin that needs additional hydration in some areas throughout the day. Composed of thermal water La roche-posay, which is responsible for saturating the skin with moisture. The product has protection SPF 25, while it is very well matted. According to reviews, it fits easily, despite the texture is too thin. It does not create a mask effect.
  • "Ideal Teint" by Vichy - Another “pharmacy” fluid. Very light texture and the presence of caring components in the composition. According to reviews, the product is more suitable for normal skin without obvious flaws, because its hiding power is small. Many girls noted that the fluid “peeled off” from the face during the day. At the same time, it does not clog pores and is pleasant to apply.
  • Another interesting “summer” remedy for Vichy "Capital Soleil" - BB cream with very serious SPF 50. With such a protection factor, you can safely take this tool, flying away on vacation to hot countries. It is quite possible for them to replace the usual tonal shades, but only if the skin is quite smooth in itself. According to reviews, the product has the usual texture, very oily, it seemed bold to some customers. A number of girls noted that the skin underneath does not breathe. But those who came up with the remedy write that it is easily absorbed, perfectly evens skin tone and does not allow it to dry under the scorching sun. Generally, Capital soleil - more sunscreen than tonal.
  • Clarins "True Radiance". Light and liquid tone, which is packed in a glass bottle with a dispenser. UV protection factor - 15. Has a light pleasant aroma. Despite the liquid texture, it is a full-fledged tonalnik, not a fluid. According to reviews, it gives the skin a radiance, hides imperfections well and lasts all day. However, the cream has the ability to be imprinted on clothing, the screen of a mobile phone, and especially sensitive skin sweats. Not recommended for oily skin.
  • L'Oreal Paris "Nude Magique Eau De Teint" - a liquid means for smoothing the tone of the face with a matting effect. You can apply it only with your fingers - the brush cannot handle the texture, and the sponge simply absorbs it. According to reviews, the fluid perfectly mattifies the skin (many girls do not need powder with it), is easily distributed and evens out the complexion. It does not cope with redness - additional funds will be needed to correct them. The product also emphasizes peeling, but this can be avoided by applying a more oily cream as a base.
  • Lancome "Teint Miracle" - a liquid, hypoallergenic cream for sensitive skin, quite liquid. Shoppers appreciated its beautiful shades and excellent effect. "glow"- flickering particles that are clearly visible in the package, but on the face create a natural and beautiful glow. The product masks well imperfections, has SPF 15. The main drawback, judging by the reviews, is the difficulty in applying. Applied solo, this cream after a while begins to flow, straying into skin spots. To "hold" it on the skin, you will need either a makeup base or good matte powder. Layering is not the best option for summer.

If the condition of the skin allows, then in summer you can save on cosmetics. BB and SS creams from budget brands can be great helpers in creating light makeup for every day. From this series:

  • Bourjois 123 CC Cream.
  • Rimmel Match Perfection.
  • Maybelline Dream Pure BB.
  • Classics lovers will appreciate the rather old tonic, which has always been considered "summer" - Max Factor "Facefinity 3 in 1" (primer, concealer, coating). Compared to fluids, the cream is denser and has a very strong matting effect. It can be recommended for oily and problematic skin. However, to look "trendy", you will additionally need a highlighter or powder with a radiant effect.

For those whose skin is almost perfect, there is an excellent replacement for foundation for the summer - powder. Applied solo, it will not give any mask effect, accentuate the tan, give shine and relieve oily sheen. Powders are traditionally popular. Pupa - Many beauty bloggers consider them an ideal value for money. Suitable for summer "Extreme matt"- a compact tool with a matting effect. A lot of good reviews about powder Clinique "Almost Powder". The product hides skin imperfections well, lies very evenly, without emphasizing facial hairs or flaky areas. It has SPF 15.

Subtleties of choice and use

Summer is a small life, and for the skin this statement is also very true. With the onset of heat, not only care changes, but also the makeup technique.

To make the skin look good under any product, of course, it is important that it is healthy and well-groomed. Three "whales" of care - cleansing, moisturizing - nutrition - in the summer remain 100% relevant. It is necessary to pay special attention to hydration, choosing creams that are light and saturated with natural ingredients.

If you chose cream for make-up, it is better to apply it with a damp sponge - this will allow you to spend the product sparingly and not overdo it with makeup. In addition, such a coating will visually look easier. Fluid, as well as BB and CC creams are usually applied by hand.

Many beauty experts vote for “multifunctional” explosives and SS tools for the summer, because in the warm season, the skin is prone to stains. Somewhere redness appears, somewhere the tan has not gone too smoothly, freckles have appeared. It is impossible to choose a shade for each plot. That is why the agents “BB” and CC are “fine-tuning” under the skin.

Often, girls, choosing the right tone for the summer, pay too much attention to SPF. However, this is far from the main factor. Its presence in the vehicle is a tangible plus. But for urban conditions, even in very hot weather, it is not necessary: ​​after all, in the city we do not spend time in the sun like on vacation. Therefore, if you choose a cream for going to work, focus on the shade and hiding power of the drug. At the same time, a good SPF, not lower than 20, must be present in your day cream.

The tone that you plan to use on vacation must have an SPF. Dark-skinned women can afford protection factors 30 or 20and porcelain dolls - not lower 50. The longer you are on the coast, the sun becomes harmless for you: in a week you can reduce SPF and switch to lighter means.

The less makeup on the face in the summer, the better. Some experts advise paying attention to powder in solo form, while others - to tone without powder. Of course, both remedies separately do not hold on the face as well as together: be prepared to correct makeup. If you decide to use a solo tone, pay attention to matting napkins. They will help hide the oily sheen in the absence of powder, although they partially remove the cream with them.

For a beach party or a romantic evening by the sea, you can try to make a complete make-up taking into account summer features and a hot climate. At the heart is SS cream or fluid. Accents on the face need to be placed with creamy blush and the same highlighter. Much more resistant than usual, in conditions of high humidity, creamy shadows will last. All of the above funds are applied with your fingers, generally without the use of brushes or applicators. Mascara is best preferred moisture resistant. On the lips - apply pigment (tint).

Whatever means for make-up are discussed by beauty experts, they all agree on one thing - for heat, the perfect make-up is one that does not exist. Only well-groomed tanned skin without any tonal means.

In the next video - an overview of five tonal creams for the summer.

Watch the video: Summer Foundation Tips & Tricks ft. Smashbox, COVER FX, & Urban Decay. Sephora (December 2019).


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