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White mascara

Nowadays, the color of mascara has not been reduced to one black familiar to all girls. Today in cosmetic stores you can find such bold and bold colors as green, purple, blue, silver, purple, red, pink, gold and even white. Professional make-up artists use colored mascara to create vivid stage images. But besides this, colored mascara is also an opportunity to create an unusual stylish make-up for a holiday or a party.

It should be noted that today the use of colored mascara is increasingly found in everyday makeup - this is becoming a fashionable trend. For example, green-eyed fair-haired girls are very suitable for emerald, brown or burgundy mascara. For blue-eyed girls, the ideal option is gray, blue and brown shades.

But white dye for eyelashes and did become a separate cosmetic product, called by primer.

Features and Benefits of Primer

Most often, a primer is a double ink: white and black paint are sold as a set. White paint is the basis that is first applied to the cilia and left to dry. A primer wraps around each cilium, makes it more voluminous and longer. And black mascara (or colored) is applied on top, and the eyelashes are amazingly beautiful.

In addition, the primer contains various nutritional components that provide additional care for the cilia and even repair damaged hairs.

The primer does not contain harmful and dangerous components, so girls with sensitive eyes, as well as those who wear contact lenses, can safely use it.

However, it should be remembered that if you are the owner of extended eyelashes or use false, it is strictly forbidden to use a primer.

Terms of use

If we consider directly white mascara as an option for colored paint, cosmetics manufacturers produce it in two shades - white and silver.

Silver tint allows you to create an alluring flicker effect. You can also try to apply it on top of another colored mascara, then the flicker effect will intensify. Silver paint is a great option for a festive make-up.

White mascara is most often used as a base for colored paint, even if it is an independent product. And this is not surprising, since it significantly enhances the shade of color paint, makes it more saturated and brighter. White paint is also a great base for sparkles.

A very original and unusual make-up can be created if you apply white paint only to the ends of the cilia, thus we get the visual effect of hoarfrost.

Such makeup can be done in the winter: it will seem that your beautiful fluffy cilia are covered with hoarfrost.

White mascara will be very appropriate when creating makeup for the New Year holidays.

Also, using light mascara, you can create a very interesting and non-trivial makeup. In addition to white paint for eyelashes, you can also use light eyeliner, eye shadow and pencil. All this will create an unusual make-up that will highlight and emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

It is important not to forget that your image should always look holistic. So, if you use white mascara, then your lips and eyebrows should not be too eye-catching, it’s best to powder your face, you can apply a drop of light peach on your cheeks, the color of the shadows can be blue or sand. And despite the fact that bright colors will not be used in makeup, your image as a whole will turn out to be very effective and will attract admiring glances.

Who needs white mascara?

It is worth noting that white dye for eyelashes is not suitable for all girls. For example, it is better for owners of blue and gray eyes to refuse it, since light cilia will make the eyes more pale, and they can even have a slightly unhealthy look.

If your eyes are dark, especially brown or black, a light eyelash color will suit you perfectly, make your eyes even brighter and more attractive.

Even with the help of white mascara you can interestingly beat the image of the bride. The blonde brides will look especially beautiful with her.

A few secrets to successfully using white eyelash dye:

  • Apply light paint on the cilia of the lower eyelid, and on the eyelashes of the upper eyelid - dark, so the eyes will appear even larger;
  • To make the eyes seem bottomless - make the eyelashes bright, but on the eyelids you need to apply bright shadows and make eyeliner with a pencil;
  • Visually, additional volume can be added if the roots and the middle of the eyelashes are dyed with dark mascara, and the edges are light.

Of course, the choice of mascara color is a matter of personal tastes and preferences of each girl. Most often, young girls choose light dye for eyelashes for their looks. Many also like to combine white with other vibrant colors. Our unequivocal advice to all girls: do not be afraid to experiment, create new interesting unusual bright images that can radically transform your appearance.

To make the look more expressive with the help of white mascara, see the next video.

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