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Huda Beauty Lipstick

To stand out from everyone and feel more confident, ladies every now and then choose bright and juicy shades for lips. Sometimes the choice falls on the gentle, it all depends on the mood and desire. Today, a huge assortment of a wide variety of lip products from foreign and domestic brands will help to make a choice even for the most fastidious customers. Next, we will talk about the sensational lipsticks from the HudaBeauty brand all over the world, about the assortment and appearance of the brand.

About Brand

Surely this is not your first time reading the brand name HudaBeauty; it was founded by an Arab entrepreneur and part-time blogger Huda Kattan, which has long been engaged in financial work in Dubai. But she always felt that she was missing something. Soon she became seriously interested in the beauty industry, which led her to create her own cosmetic brand. Today, she is also the most sought-after makeup artist in Dubai and works with celebrities and wives of sheikhs.

The HudaBeauty brand is one of the few Arab companies to market its products at Sephora Dubai Mall. and Sephora all over the world. To date, her range offers high-quality decorative cosmetics, which includes shadows, artificial eyelashes and a huge selection of legendary lipsticks.

When creating her brand, Huda was based, first of all, on the release of high-quality products, paying maximum attention to her developments. Huda is very demanding and responsible, because she leads an active life on social networks, shares tips with girls and demonstrates relevant images. For her, honesty in advertising one or another makeup product is very important. Therefore, funds from her brand meet all the criteria of an ideal that can only exist.

Lipstick Review

The brand offers liquid matte lipsticks with an ultra-comfortable formula that does not dry out the lips. Also included is a special complex that supports natural hydration. All lipsticks smell wonderful, so they are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

Lipsticks from the brand have a lightweight formula, so that they are easily distributed on the lips, in addition, your chosen shade will be brighter and juicier as it dries. HudaBeauty lipsticks are absolutely not felt after application, so with them on the lips you can feel very comfortable for a long time.

Hue spectrum

At HudaBeauty you will find an infinite number of nude shades and beige options that help highlight natural beauty. Also among the assortment there are deep red, feminine pink and brown lipsticks in the style of the 90s. Any of the shades will definitely become the perfect accent in your makeup.

Liquid Matte lipsticks include the following shades:

  • "Trophy Wife". This dusty pink shade will be the perfect complement to your feminine look.
  • "Vixen". It is a deep wine tint that will look very noble on the lips. Definitely make them an object of attention.
  • "Flirt". A hue in the style of the 90s, which will help set the tone for all makeup.
  • "Heart Breaker" Juicy red tint is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent around.
  • "Venus". An enchanting cold shade from the pink spectrum will help to get a stable and comfortable coating for the time you need.
  • "Spice Girl". A brown shade with hints of gray is an amazing composition that will shine right on your lips.
  • Hue "Material Girl" as an infused wine will present a deep purple color to the most delicate lips.
  • Expressive wine "Muse" with a slightly grayish tint will not only allow you to get the desired tone, but also give unforgettable comfort.

In addition to single copies, the brand produces mini-sets with liquid lipsticks in actual colors. "Liquid Matte Minis". These typesetters can be found in 4 collections:

  • "Red edition"
  • "Pink Edition"
  • "Brown Edition"
  • "Nude Edition"

Such sets will be an excellent solution not only for a trip, where it is convenient to take with them, but also for lovers often change makeup.

For professional make-up artists and fans of the brand, a complete set is offered for purchase, including 16 topical lipsticks from HudaBeauty.

To get a clearer view of the shades, it is recommended to pay attention to the photos and swatch, which give a clearer picture.

How to use

Before applying lipstick, lips should be prepared. To do this, you can use a scrub with exfoliating effect. After removing it, you can use a pencil or immediately apply liquid lipstick in one layer. It must be allowed to dry for 30 seconds to make it perfectly matte.

16 must-have colors presented in the HudaBeauty liquid lipstick palette can be used as independent shades or mixed together to get the perfect tone.

In addition, to create a clearer and more even contour or a brighter shade, the brand offers lipstick-tone pencils to help you create luxurious lip make-up.


Imported brand products are on par with luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel and Guerlain. The price for liquid lipstick in various online stores varies from 1300 to 1500 thousand rubles. Mini-typesetters are in the region of 3,500 thousand, and a huge set of 16 lipsticks - almost 16 thousand rubles. Of course, these are prices for original cosmetic products that are offered for sale by licensed stores and sites.

If you intentionally purchase a fake, then do not forget that you will not get the original quality. Also, no one will tell you where and under whose control this product was created and what is actually present in its composition. In addition, there is a great risk of getting an allergy.

Be very careful: because of the booming popularity, fake copies can be bought at every step. To avoid acquiring a copy, it is best to opt for trusted services and stores.


In the vastness of the Web, you can often find reviews about HudaBeauty lipsticks, but of non-original production, so it’s quite difficult to summarize them. As for the ladies who purchased the original options, they note that these are the first matte specimens that absolutely do not dry the skin of the lips and are not felt after application. But their price is appropriate.

A small minus is women consider medium durability, although they say that this is not a reason not to buy goods from the brand, because by all other criteria, fudge is just at its best. They have a pleasant sweetish aroma that pleases for a long time and does not disappear after application.

About matte lipsticks HudaBeuaty will tell a professional makeup artist in the video below.

All who purchased the originals are very satisfied with the products from the brand. A perfectly selected palette of shades is also pleasing, among which you can immediately select the favorites. The most delicate textures and the ability to mix shades also cannot fail to impress.

Products are chosen by both professional makeup artists and makeup lovers at home. A small minus is the rather high cost, especially for mini-sets, as well as the complexity of the acquisition. Many are afraid to purchase HudaBeauty cosmetics online, but they are not for sale in their cities.

By purchasing HudaBeauty products you will definitely not be disappointed, but want to buy a lot more from this newly made brand, which is unlikely to slow down its popularity in the near future.

Watch the video: NEW HUDA BEAUTY POWER BULLET LIPSTICKS - ICONS COLLECTION - FULL REVIEW. Maryam Maquillage (December 2019).


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