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Lipstick Oriflame "Giordani Gold"

Lipstick is an important component in the makeup bag of each representative of the fair sex, both quite young and in adulthood. The difference is only in the palette of shades that must correspond to a certain age. Lipstick Oriflame "Giordani Gold" is presented in many colors and textures.

About Brand

Cosmetic company Oriflame is a major international brand that holds leading positions in many ratings. The main office is located in Sweden, where the company originates from. Now cosmetic products are produced in five countries of the world, including in Russia in the city of Noginsk.

All products meet international quality standards and meet all the necessary safety requirements. In the company's catalogs you can find a wide range of cosmetic products, which include decorative cosmetics, body and hair care products, jewelry and accessories. In addition, the brand is famous for unsurpassed health products: vitamins, smoothies and other dietary supplements.

The product range of the brand is constantly updated, the manufacturer pleases its customers with regular promotions and sales.

Features and Benefits

According to cosmetologists, lipstick must be of high quality. Only in this case will she look perfect on her lips all day. "Giordani Gold" represents several lines of lip products, which are not only high-quality, but also quite affordable for most women. Lipsticks of this brand have in their composition unique caring substances that protect lips from cracks and chapping.

A wide variety of shades allows you to choose lipstick for any occasion and for every day. The assortment also includes swatches, which are slightly different from traditional decorative cosmetics.


" Style icon"

Line of lipsticks "Style icon" represented by many shades that have a different texture. A variety of this type of funds are lipsticks "Heritage". The manufacturer calls them a classic that never goes out of style and is in great demand among women. Delicate shades perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the lips and allow you to create a delicate look for women at any age.

The assortment of this line also has deep rich shades that are ideal for evening makeup and special occasions.

The Golden Temptation

This type of decorative cosmetics has received many positive reviews from women due to its unique texture and unusual packaging design. Lipstick of this line is a real masterpiece, enclosed in a luxurious gold case. Such a cosmetic product is pleasant to hold in your hands, and its use every time gives an extraordinary aesthetic pleasure. Most shades of this lipstick are light and delicate, slightly noticeable on the lips. Such ease makes weightless makeup, and your lips look well-groomed and healthy.

Throughout the day, your lips are provided with the necessary amount of moisture, which gives comfort and a feeling of smoothness.

Semi-matte shades

"Charming Peony"

This shade at first glance seems bright and saturated, so many do not dare to buy it. But in fact, when applied to the lips, the color looks very delicate and slightly resembles the flowering of early peonies. "Charming Peony" the color speaks for itself - it captivates, gives the image a zest without unnecessary vulgarity and saturation. The hue is neutral and universal, suitable for women of all ages for everyday use. Despite its tenderness, lipstick provides a dense coating and is able to hide small cracks.

"Tea rose"

This matte shade is ideal for women after thirty years. The dense rich creamy texture allows the lipstick to fight imperfections, small cracks and age-related changes. Tea rose color can be used to create an evening look and business day makeup. This lipstick is well suited if you want to focus on the lips, emphasizing their beautiful natural shape.

"Purple Orchid"

This shade refers to those that are called "amateur". It is worth noting that it is intended not only for lovers of unusual colors, but for those to whom this shade is suitable. Young girls should be careful when applying this shade, since it is able to give the image a few extra years. Even if you are sure that the color is yours, do not rush to use it without making sure that it will not age you.

But speaking in general about the shade, it is quite delicate and rich, perfectly matte and dense.

"Deep Raspberry"

Summer is in full swing, so I want to please myself and cheer up with bright colors. Lipstick with a touch of "Deep Raspberry" is a great way to plunge into bright colors and enjoy the summer in full. This shade looks perfect on young lips, helps create an unrivaled summer look. In addition, by focusing on the lips with the help of this color, you definitely will not go unnoticed. The use of lipstick in a juicy shade will cheer you up not only for you, but for everyone around you.

"Refreshing Pink"

Despite the fact that the color has a name that suggests a refreshing effect, it is more suitable for young and very young girls. This shade has a light matte texture, well emphasizes the contour of the lips, but on the lips it is barely noticeable. "Refreshing pink" is a great option for a school or other educational institution where the use of bright lipsticks is unacceptable.

Despite the lightness and weightlessness, this shade well corrects the shape of the lips, giving them a natural relaxed color.

Mother of pearl shades


Beautiful lavender color is the embodiment of tenderness, freshness and youth. Unfortunately, such a beautiful shade is not suitable for everyone. If you have pale or very fair skin, then do not apply lipstick of this color on your lips. Your lips will look blue, and the whole impression of the image will be ruined.

Girls with tanned skin were more fortunate. When applying a lavender shade, your face will acquire an extraordinary radiance.


Mother of pearl beige is the real trend of the season. This shade of lipstick is considered neutral and universal. Thanks to the light shine of the pearly particles, the lips will not appear pale, and the makeup will look natural. "Beige" suitable for women of different ages, but do not apply it on lips that are too thin, as they will look even thinner.

"Pink beige"

Pink beige, in contrast to the usual beige shade, gives the lips a delicate shine and transfusion thanks to pearly particles. Hue is considered neutral, suitable for most age categories. But still, color is very popular among young people who need light makeup without unnecessary accents.

How to choose

Choosing a lipstick is often quite a challenge.. Looking through the catalog, it is not always possible to adequately assess the shade, since lipstick looks different on each lip. Company Oriflame provided this fact by releasing a sampler for each type of lipstick. Before buying lipstick in the original packaging, do not be too lazy to buy a probe. Only then will you be sure that this or that color suits you.

When choosing shades and textures, consider the features of your skin color and age. The use of dark tones is not recommended for young girls, as they make the image heavy, and tenderness is completely lost. Pay attention to pink shades, both matte and mother-of-pearl.

For women of more mature age saturated deep colors like "coral" and "red" are suitable. Give your lips the "Luxury of Radiance" with mother-of-pearl shades. Do not be afraid to experiment - a large number of probes allows you to do this.

The choice of lipstick also depends on the case for which the image is selected. An evening bow can be complemented with more saturated colors. For daytime makeup, lighter weightless colors are better.

In this video - an overview of lipstick "Icon of style":



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