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Luxvisage Lipstick

Luxvisage brand is a budget representative of Belarusian cosmetics. With all its accessibility, the brand has gained popularity among the fair sex due to its quality and the constant appearance of new products and relevant cosmetics.

Luxvisage lipsticks are in great demand not only in her homeland, but also in Russia. They attract women with a rich assortment of shades, high-quality composition and especially low price.

Features and Benefits

Belarusian cosmetics It has long been known to the fair sex with a very attractive combination of favorable prices and high enough quality.

The main advantage of the ladies is the cost of brand products Luxvisage. All company products very affordable and is aimed at a wide audience. This is a great option for those who want to try a previously unexplored color or trend in cosmetics.

Range brands to create lip makeup constantly replenished in accordance with the latest trends in fashion. At the moment, a matte line is on sale. In addition, there is a series of lipsticks called "Cream Velvet", combining a creamy texture and a matte velvet finish. This remedy fits perfectly, has a rich palette of flowers, gives the lips a beautiful color and protects them from the harmful effects of the environment.

In addition to the color pigments necessary to create a beautiful and even shade of LuxVisage enriched with nutrients. This makes it possible to care for the surface of the sponges without abandoning the usual makeup. The composition of the products contains various vegetable oils, vitamins C and E, triglycerides. They help intensively moisturize the dermis, nourish it, create a protective layer that protects from the harmful effects of the environment. Thanks to this composition, lipstick is excellent Suitable for daily use. After use, there is no feeling of dryness and tightness, there is no peeling and cracking.

This is not to say that LuxVisage products are especially resistant. However they hold well for hours pass the test of coffee or tea. Of course, they will not survive a full-fledged lunch, but at the same time they go quite delicately without leaving bald spots or smudges. The color just becomes less bright, the gloss is lost, but this is easily corrected by re-applying the composition to the middle of the lips.

The application is very pleasant due to its rather oily consistency. When wearing, there is also no inconvenience. The color lays down easily and evenly, there are no unpainted spots, smudges, the product does not follow the lip contour, does not flow into folds and holds well.

It is believed that the brand’s lipstick has a not very pleasant smell associated with Soviet-era cosmetics. But it should be noted that not all lines have a similar fragrance, in addition, the attitude to odors is very individual and depends on the particular person using the product.


Manufacturer promises the special effect of LuxVisage lipstick due to its composition and the content of healthy ingredients. After looking at the composition, you can really find useful material:

  1. Caprylic Triglyceride made from coconut oil. This substance has an oily texture and perfectly moisturizes the skin, softens, while not creating a feeling of greasy. Does not allow the dermis to lose moisture, saturates with lipids. It's nice that in the Cream Velvet series, this substance comes first.

  2. Stearylalkonium bentonite It is a kind of filter that delays pollution on the surface without passing them into the skin.

  3. Polydecene hydrogenated protects the skin, especially from thermal damage, is absolutely safe and can be used even in children's cosmetic products.

  4. Castor oil famous for its healing properties. It can moisturize, soften, rejuvenate and strengthen the dermis. It also has wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

  5. Microcrystalline paraffin - stabilizer and thickener. Absolutely safe and may even have a protective effect.

  6. Isocetyl stearol stearate gives a pleasant texture to the composition, fixes pigments.

  7. Isodecyl nepantenoate is an excellent and useful alternative to silicones, it nicely and easily cares for the skin.

  8. C10-C18 triglyceride - the substance is obtained from vegetable oils and glycerin, it has a softening effect on the epidermis, makes it silky.

  9. Trihydroxystearin - A safe thickener derived from glycerin can even be used in eye cosmetics. It has water repellent properties, which is a protection for the skin and color.

  10. Polyglyceryl - hydrophilic substance, humidifier.

  11. Tocopheryl acetate - when it enters the deeper layers of the skin, the well-known vitamin E turns into everything, has an antioxidant effect.

  12. Tocopherol and ascorbic acid saturate the skin with vitamins C and E, nourish and moisturize. Prevent oxidation processes in the body, thereby protecting against aging and withering of the skin, accelerate the regeneration process.

Further in the list of components are components contained in a lower concentration, this flavors preservatives necessary for the preservation of the product, as well as color pigments. May be contained micaresponsible for a pleasant flicker. Of course, color pigments alone will not bring the body any benefit, but if they are properly concentrated and used as intended, there will be no harm from them.

As you can see, the composition can not boast of naturalness. Most of the ingredients are synthetic, but they are either completely safe substances or useful components that have a softening, nourishing or protective effect. We can say that the composition of the tool is quite attractive, and most importantly, harmless.

Shelf life

Shelf life of the product is a rather important indicator. It is always necessary to carefully check whether the time allotted to cosmetics by the manufacturer has expired. The fact is that the ingredients contained in the composition after a certain period begin to oxidize, rancid and deteriorate, forming harmful substances. After the end of the period of use, it is categorically not recommended to use the product, because spoiled ingredients can cause an unpredictable skin reaction: allergies, redness, peeling or rash.

LuxVisage lipsticks have a shelf life of 2 years. This is an average parameter, the products contain a sufficient amount of preservatives, but not their excessive concentration.


Among the range of cosmetics from Luxvisage there are lipsticks, balms, eyeliners and shines.

The most popular among consumers is the current matte series "Pin Up Ultra Matt". You can buy it in two versions. Twelve shades are available in stick as the most familiar format. There is also a liquid form, attributed by the manufacturer to lip gloss. It has eight shades, a pleasant aroma, bright color and delicate texture, which ensures smoothness and uniformity of the coating.

The line was also very fond of customers. "Glam Look Cream Velvet". This is a caring lipstick with plant extracts and vitamin E. It also has a good confident color and a pleasant velvet finish. It is not completely matte, but creates a lively velvet coating.

There are also familiar glossy lipstick options in stock. There are 22 tones in the standard palette, and 36 shades are available in the new Dream series.

Brand lines

Mark Luxvisage releases several lines of lipstick.

  • "Pin Up Ultra Matt" - A new series of matte lipsticks. The absolute trend of the present time that has conquered all fashionistas is the matte finish on the lips. And the brand did not lose sight of it. The stick format produces twelve beautiful shades. The Pin Up series also features matte gloss in a wide range.

Lipstick has a pleasant texture and attractive, pronounced color. It has sufficient durability and creates a velvet coating.

The composition is enriched with burdock oil and vitamin E, which makes it an excellent nourishing, moisturizing and protective agent. Also struggles with the harmful factors of the world.

  • "Glam Look Cream Velvet" It represents funds without obsessive gloss and mild haze. They form a pleasant velveteen finish, giving the lips a fresh and vibrant look.

Lipstick contains beneficial ingredients and lasting color pigments. Carefully treats sponges, leaves no discomfort, comfortable to apply and wear.

The color scheme is divided into two parts by marketers: natural nuances and evening cocktail options. In total, there are twelve shades.

  • "Dream" - A series of new chic shades. Enriched with useful substances, the formula is perfect for everyday use, cares and protects the epidermis. The color is bright and saturated, allows you to create unique images.

The palette of these lipsticks is the widest. It consists of 36 shades, of which five are light mother-of-pearl, ten are matte, and the rest are matte with a slight addition of mother of pearl, which allows you to create a fashionable look and add volume and vibrancy to the lips.

  • "Lipstick" represents a traditional palette consisting of twenty-two glossy and twenty-one matte shades. It also has a caring formula, it is pleasant to use. Thanks to its rich palette, it is suitable for any color of skin, eyes and hair.


Lip makeup palette from Luxvisage quite extensive and can offer a wonderful shade for any color type, occasion and mood of a lady.

Matte Shades Series "Pin Up Ultra Matt" offer 12 tones that are named after the stars of cinema and pop: Adele, Eve, Mila, Cara, Kate, Nicole, Sofia, Lolita, Victoria, Scarlett, Dita, Naomi.

Liquid line products "Pin up" colors of coral, peony, strawberry, cherry, wine, raspberry, tea and dusty rose, coffee liquor, marshmallow, pomegranate, lingonberry, blackberry, sweet cherry and blueberry, fuchsia and orchid, cream praline. Perhaps the names prompted the creators to add sweet smells to lipsticks. In any case, this is an excellent marketing move.

As a result of the review of the series "Cream Velvet" shades can be divided into two groups. The first part of the palette is matte, elegant nude colors: Walnut Cream, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Souffle, Creamy Caramel, Berry Sorbet and Clover Nectar". The second part is for evening exits: Ginger Mulled Wine, Blueberry Punch, Velvet Plum, Raspberry Smoothie, Ruby Temptation, and Burgundy.

Dream Series contains a huge number of tones suitable for all occasions. In total, 36 color options are presented. Of these, five are glossy, ten are matte, and the rest are matte with the addition of a flickering pigment to create additional volume.

How to choose your own shade

As seen in the extensive range of lipsticks LuxVisage, each girl will be able to choose something for herself in the assortment, focusing on her taste and swatch of shades.

First you need to decide what type of lipstick you are interested in (matte or glossy), this will significantly narrow your search.

The tone is selected depending on the situation in which they are going to apply lipstick in makeup. For everyday make up, soft and natural shades are suitable. It is worth paying attention to the trend colors of nudes. For an evening outing, you can choose brighter and bolder tones. Make sure that they are combined with clothes, hair color, nail polish and bright accessories, so you can create a complete finished image.

Of course, when choosing lipstick, you must follow your natural color type. If you have a cold shade of eyes and hair, do not choose warm lipstick colors like peach or coral. Against the background of such shades, the skin will look pale.


Production cost Luxvisage attracts buyers to brand products. In particular, the lipstick series "Lipstick" It costs around 100 rubles. Velvet lipstick "Glam Look" and "Pin Up" have a cost of about 150-200 rubles. It is difficult to find a more economical version of lipsticks with such characteristics.

How to apply

You can apply lipstick with a brush or simply using a special beveled edge. First you need to prepare the surface of the lips, so as not to draw attention to the bumps and peeling, for this you can use a special scrub or balm. After that, the lipstick is carefully applied along the contour of the lips and fill the middle.

It is better to apply color from the center, moving to the corners.

Users note that some shades of lipsticks do not fit well on the previously applied balm. If necessary, you can re-apply the product to obtain a more saturated color.


Ladies leave a lot of positive feedback on products. Luxvisage. It is noted that at this cost, this is an excellent purchase for every day. Lipstick does not cause unpleasant sensations both during application and in the process of wearing. Due to the presence of nutrients, oils and vitamins, she cares for sponges.

The color is even and goodwithout flowing into folds and without leaving bald spots. However, about some of the shades of a woman, they express directly opposite opinions. Some of them emphasize peeling and cracking. The tool does not last especially long, you have to correct makeup during the day. At the same time, it comes off quite correctly, just losing brightness.

Commentators note that this is a product that is definitely worth a try.

Lipstick review from Luxvisage series "Glam look lip cream velvet " See in the next video.

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