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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Manicure with gray varnish.

It is believed that the gray color (in this case, the main tone), including varnish with such a shade, is very boring and sad that the nails should be bright and cheerful, otherwise the people around will never pay attention to you, taking for uninteresting gray mouse.

It is clear that the bright color looks attractive, as well as the right clothes or bright makeup. But how many possibilities exist to beautifully combine gray shades - many do not even realize this.

You should pay attention to one caveat - gray lacquer most favorably looks against the background of warm clothes. This suggests the conclusion that for design in gray tones you need to wait for late autumn, and then you can experiment with it until early spring.

The last few seasons, stylists and designers have noted that the gray color is no longer considered something second-rate and the attention of fashionistas has increased markedly. Even a leader was identified among all the gray tones, which was named one of the most popular in the current year - he is called "Shark Skin" and is considered intelligent.

This state of affairs made professional manicure specialists seriously engage in the development of the idea for designing a nail plate with a gray color, as a result of which its colossal opportunities for such an application opened up.

Color features

In fact, by mixing two colors of an achromatic nature (black and white), it was possible to obtain the main color. It turned out to be just as achromatic and absolutely did not arouse any sympathy from artists, designers and other designers.

It was always believed that if a woman chooses gray shades for herself, then she is an uninteresting person - uncommunicative and boring. But people in bright dresses were always judged as self-confident, self-proud and knowing how to communicate correctly. But it turned out a lot of charm in gray tones, which distinguishes them in the first place, are notes of wisdom and intelligence.

When you have to choose one or another gel polish of the main tone, you understand how many of them are and how differently each of them looks. Light-skinned girls are more likely to face a light gray tone, and dark-skinned girls are dark gray.

Possible combinations

Designers call the main tone "friendly" for its ability to organically blend with completely different shades. A gray manicure will be the perfect combination for pastel colors. However, no less harmoniously it will be combined with:

  • blue
  • white
  • dark blue;
  • pink;
  • mustard yellow;
  • emerald color.

Shape and length of nails

According to experts, a gray manicure will most advantageously look on a medium-long nail plate. If they are long enough, then it is better to give preference to a lighter tone, otherwise the manicure will look too daring. But for fashionistas with short nails, it is perfectly acceptable to paint them in the darkest of all gray shades, and this from the outside will look quite organic.


Simple options are designed for girls who do not yet have much experience in all the nuances of working with the nail plate, and therefore these work are easy and easy to do. These are the methods that helped the silver-gray coating reach great heights and be among the first manicure ratings.


Many girls liked the design with a smooth transition from one color to another, so this technique has not lost popularity for several seasons. Most of all it turned out to be lovers of horizontal ombre technique, when the edge of the nail turns darker. Visually, such a stain lengthens the nail plate.

There is a desire to experiment with different shades on your own nails, and there are so many that it is almost impossible, you can find the following way out: each of the nails is alternately covered with a lighter tone. To do this, you just need to prepare to get as many varnishes as you decide to cover with your fingers in different tones - five or ten.

To make an ombre with a basic gray varnish will help the video below.


French is also called the "smile of the designer", and here experiments with gray gel polish are quite appropriate. On a soft gray base, a “friendly” tone will put almost any color to design the tip of the nail plate, although it’s most suitable for it:

  • the black;
  • white;
  • pink;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • pearl silver shade.

The reverse jacket or, as it is also called, “moon” manicure is the same gray base and a brilliant addition (silver or golden).


Such design work can easily replace the usual gloss. But this does not mean that you now still need to purchase a gray matte gel polish. Everything turns out to be much simpler - and this is another nuance that many fashionistas are not aware of, and the effect is interesting and unexpected. You need to apply your favorite varnish tone from your collection, and on top of it is the finish coating, but not ordinary, but a special one - matte. The result is a completely different effect - unusual and interesting.

As evidenced by the reviews of some girls, intelligent velvetiness at home can be achieved much easier. Girls recommend applying their favorite gray polish to the nail plate, and then holding them over the steam. Hot, of course, but beauty requires sacrifice - everyone knows that!


The drawings look perfect on a gray neutral basis. It is important to observe the rules of contrast, that is, if the image is planned to be dark, it should be placed on the basis of a lighter tone, if the picture is supposed to be in light tones - it should be placed on a dark gray background.

And you can draw anything - there’s just enough imagination. Nail is not paper, but it will endure everything, as they say - all kinds of patterns with monograms, flowers, and even animals can be depicted, if, of course, talent allows.

With rhinestones

When some particularly solemn event is scheduled, the presence of sparkling pebbles will not be superfluous in the design of marigolds. Moreover, with a neutral base, you can not be afraid to oversaturated design with brilliance, even if the pebbles are present in large numbers. The generosity of the decor will be successfully smoothed out with a neutral gray, and there will be no talk of bad taste.

With the onset of each new season, designers offer more and more new options with gray gel polish. And if with such a monophonic coating the nails always look simple and at the same time stylish, the design options based on the main tone are something excellent! What does it cost, for example, pink craquelure on a gray basis, and it doesn’t take much time to work, but for everyday wear it is a very practical option.

Design options

Recently, several new products with a basic design have appeared, which are worth discussing separately.

Tint of silver gray

Specialists in the field of manicure consider this particular development the most popular in recent times. There is even a tendency to praise silver metallic not only in manicure, but also in outfits. The most appropriate definitions of such a taka are luxurious and precious, but by no means boring!

The coating in dark colors of the primary color

Wet asphalt, a shade that resembles black to the maximum, girls like very young or those who like such a musical direction as hard rock like to cover their nails. Ladies of an older age relate to the dark tones of gray, as to something that goes beyond, and even very gloomy. Although this design has its positive aspects - it visually makes the nail plate longer, and any surface flaw reliably mask.

Blue-gray design solution

Like gray eyes with blueness more beautiful than just gray ones, so manicures from a mixture of primary and blue colors are softer and more cheerful than pure gray. He simply does not want to look away from him; his smoky blue noble beauty is so pleasant. Looks good with outfits in cool shades.

Light gray

This color on the nail plate looks festive elegantly - it is a real competitor of a snow-white shade. Only now, before coating, the nail plate must be processed in accordance with all the rules, otherwise any flaw or unevenness will immediately catch your eye and ruin the overall impression. Apply the varnish in several layers - this way the strokes will not be visible.

Main tone with emerald

In this design, two of the most stylish, according to experts, shades for manicure met. Here various combinations, extensions, additions in the form of rhinestones are possible. Gray with emerald is magnificent on long sharp nails that look with such a coating quite soft and not at all daring.

With olive

This design will not catch the eye and it will be chosen by those ladies who would not want to attract too much attention. Although, if not for an amateur, then such stylish restraint is very "tasty"!

With lilac

This trendy mixture is best served as a matte option. Any woman in her collection should have this incredibly beautiful tone. This is the case when you should heed the advice and you should look for such a varnish in specialized stores, because simply mixing it is unlikely to achieve the desired result.

With lavender

This combination is incredibly gentle and soft. This is the most versatile of all combinations with the basic tone. This coating is suitable for both warm winter clothes and light summer clothes. Not without reason, after all, many fashion houses often use lavender and lilac shades in their shows. But in any case, the shade of manicure should at least slightly differ in tone from the outfit.

Some more successful combinations with the main tone:

  1. The gray cover in combination with yellow mustard was attributed to the original.
  2. For courageous women, a contrast of red and gray can be recommended.
  3. Stylish cheerful pink color of the coating, combined with a calm basic, unanimously recognized by experts as the most successful discovery of the year. The colors are perfect for each other.
  4. Gray manicure with blue was called calm and stylish, without contraindications.
  5. If the decor is supposed to be in the form of monograms or drawings, a gray-white coating is recommended for the base.
  6. A black and white-gray coating was also called a successful find.
  7. Only the main and black looks good in a graduated design.

Watch the video: DOs & DON'Ts: Painting your nails. how to paint your nails perfectly (December 2019).


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