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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Essie Nail Polish

Essie produces high-quality varnishes that are popular with girls around the world. If you are interested in the real opinions of customers about this product, as well as its advantages and disadvantages, then read on.

A bit of history

The Essie brand was created relatively recently - in 1981. Its founder created varnishes, simply obeying a fit of inspiration. Therefore, she had to distribute her first works on her own, offering varnishes to beauty salons. The first "collection" from this company consisted of three positions designed to strengthen the nail plate and twelve colored ones.

Due to the high quality of the products and the fact that the woman really tried to promote her product and did not give up this venture to the last, her brand was recognized.

In order to achieve noticeable success, she had to spend as much as twenty years. But in the early 2000s, Essie varnishes became popular not only among ordinary American women, but also among world-class stars. By the way, just in 2000, the products received its official name. Prior to this, varnishes were sold in bubbles without any names or identification marks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now that you know where it all began, it's time to move on to what we have now. Today Essie is one of the most popular brands producing nail polishes. Despite the popularity and love of many girls, the company continues to develop and introduce new technologies that make products even better.

Varnishes from this company are very high quality. They easily fall on your nails, so you will now be happy to do manicures at home. In addition, they also stay for a long time on the nails and do not chip, even if you are actively engaged in household chores.

Even ordinary varnishes from this brand last a whole week. And this is a very long time for a manicure made at home. At the same time, the nails do not fade and the color of the manicure does not change at all.

Another positive point - the Essie brand has a lot of shades of varnishes. So you can choose what suits you personally, although initially the color palette was not so large. Now in their assortment - more than two hundred tones. So you can choose the desired shade, tone and even texture.

Essie is a brand whose varnishes are found not only in home collections, but also in beauty salons. This is quite obvious, because they are really high-quality. In addition, they can find many interesting shades of gel polishes that last a long time and are suitable for creating a bright and stable manicure.

In the Essie collections, as well as at the beginning of the brand's existence, there are also care products that allow you to strengthen the nail plate. In general, Essie varnishes are safe for health. They do not contain any harmful impurities that could damage the nail plate.

Well, the last advantage - Essie coating is very easy to use. He has a convenient brush, which allows for a few strokes to cover the entire surface of the nail. And after application, the varnish dries quickly enough, which is also an advantage, especially for those who do not like to wait and apply an additional layer of top or spray on top.

As for the shortcomings, Essie products have few of them. The most important thing is, perhaps, a high price. A small bottle will cost you several hundred rubles. But this cost justifies itself. After all, you will not need to update your manicure as often as after using the usual cheap varnish.

Another significant minus - varnishes from this company can be found far from everywhere. If you live in a small town, then most likely you will have to make an order in the online store.

Popular shades

Since the main thing in nail polishes is how they look, it is important to talk about the popular colors that can be found in Essie collections. This company has gained popularity due to its original and rich colors. From the existing 250 shades, you can easily choose the one that suits you and gives the image of personality.

All varnishes from this company amaze with their names. Usually the name of the varnish is somehow related to the color. But this is not true for products from Essie. The creator of this brand specifically comes up with original names. They should cling to their unusual sound, and not make it clear what is hidden in the tube.

Essie collections include products with such spectacular names as Pomegranate Explosion or Island Travel. They immediately attract attention and intrigue much more than the banal “light pink” or “carmine red”. This, too, is part of the brand's charm.

Let's look at a few popular rulers that girls from all over the world love, so you know what to look for first.

"Essie Fiji"

If you like manicure in light pastel colors, then you will definitely like this line. This collection has charming coffee bottles with milk, yogurt or ivory. Such shades are perfect for creating a basic manicure. Do a manicure on the weekend, and it will last on your nails all week. At the same time, it will be combined with all your outfits that you wear during these days.

"Nail Polish"

Deeper and more fatal shades can be found in this line. They lie well on the nail plate and hold for a long time. And for dark colors, this is very important, because all the slightest defects will be noticeable on them.


This collection consists of only six shades. All of them look amazing because of the unusual relief coating. The varnish consists of voluminous "eggs". Such large shines make the manicure spectacular and beautiful.

"Essie Mirror Metallics"

For those who like shiny nails with a spectacular glossy finish, varnishes from this line are suitable. They are ideal for creating an unrivaled evening manicure. Choose metallic shades of any color that will suit your outfit.


For fans of classic manicure, varnishes from this series are suitable. With their help, you can make a spectacular jacket. The collection has many neutral shades, so there are plenty to choose from.


And for those who are not afraid to stand out and experiment with something new, varnishes from this extravagant series will do. They are stylized under the skin of reptiles, which looks quite unusual. In this line you can find several shades, including terracotta and green. In addition, despite the exclusivity, these shades are cheaper than classic.


Essie is synonymous with quality in the world of nail products. This company offers many interesting shades and vibrant color solutions for a wide variety of audiences. Products from the Professional series and high-quality gel polishes receive good reviews even from employees of professional nail salons.

A lot of praise gets their rich color palette. The shades of this company are really very saturated, and, importantly, persistent.

Girls who have a busy work schedule and little time for manicure are also pleased that the varnishes from this brand are very persistent and of high quality. Therefore, it is not necessary to constantly restore and adjust the coverage. The declared weekly remedy is not always kept. But still, the product remains on the nails longer than varnishes from competing firms.

Everyone who does a manicure at home, having tried varnishes from this company, immediately adds them to the list of their favorites. They are as simple as possible to use and easily fit onto the nail plate. With their help, even at home, you can create a manicure that will look more impressive than a salon.

Essie review of nail polishes - in the video.

Despite the high price, Essie varnishes are really worth a try. After the purchase, you will not be disappointed, because the quality of the product and the term of the manicure will cover your expenses for varnish. Choose your favorite shade, create your perfect manicure, and see for yourself.

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