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Design gel polish for long nails

Nowadays, professional manicure has ceased to be a luxury, and has become a mandatory attribute of a modern well-groomed woman. No matter what nails nature has gifted you with, you can trust the modern technology of modeling a nail plate and make yourself such a manicure as you want. Thanks to the extension procedure, you can get nails of such a length in 2 hours that will be comfortable and pretty for you. If you are the owner of long natural nails, try decorating them with gel polish.

What it is

Gel polish is a hybrid form of nail polish and gel. Unlike conventional varnish, gel polish does not rub off the nails due to external influences (for example, washing dishes or cleaning the apartment), has a dense coating and lasts on the nail plates for a very long time (up to 4 weeks). Its drying is carried out in a UV lamp.


It is impossible to challenge the obvious positive aspects of manicure using gel polish. They are as follows:

  • Long coating time.

With proper application, gel polish can stay on the nails for up to one and a half months.

  • Coating stability and drying speed.

Since this product undergoes polymerization under a special lamp, it is absolutely impossible to accidentally lubricate or peel off the coating after it is applied.

  • The ability to experiment with design.

The gel texture, bright saturated colors and the durability of the coating allow you to perform almost any design on the nails.

  • Strengthening the nail plate.

Before applying directly colored gel polish, the nail master must coat the nails with a protective reinforcing layer of a transparent base gel, building a beautiful plate architecture and creating additional reinforcement. Some products contain substances that help strengthen and grow marigolds.

  • Density of coating and a variety of shades.

To get an even beautiful color with ordinary nail polish, you have to apply it in several layers that dry for a very long time. The gel polish is also applied in 2-3 layers, but no bald spots are eliminated, the surface remains shiny for a long time, the color does not fade, the coating does not peel after a couple of days.

  • Hypoallergenicity. Gel polish does not cause an allergic reaction, it can be recommended for use even during pregnancy and lactation.


Of course, nothing in this world is perfect, therefore this method of coating the nail plates also has its weaknesses:

  • If you are not a nail master and do not have the necessary equipment and skills, you cannot apply gel polish yourself therefore you have to visit a nail salon every month;
  • To remove such a coating from the nails, you also have to go to the master - Attempts to remove it on their own can lead to serious damage to the nail plates;
  • When the nail grows, an unpainted area near the cuticle will become visible, Therefore, you need to somehow update the coverage.

Design options

Long well-groomed nails of a beautiful shape have always been loved and sought after by women. Besides the fact that they look very feminine, an elongated nail plate can be an excellent “field” for experiments.

Let's look at the most popular types of design solutions decorating long nails:

  • French manicure.

French is a classic that has not been losing ground for several years. There are many variations of this wonderful design. The Smile Line now does not have to be white, just like the nail bed is flesh-colored. Feel free to experiment with colors and shades, add sparkles, rhinestones, broths. With a French manicure, a separately decorated (usually anonymous) finger, painted with patterns or decorated with molding, looks very nice.

The classic white jacket remains at the top of the rating of wedding nail designs.

It also goes well with a strict business style of clothing.

  • "Lunar" manicure.

Another popular option for designing long nails with gel polish. The technology of its execution is that the nail moon (its white part in the shape of a crescent, located under the cuticle) is covered in one color, while the rest of the nail plate - in another. In this case, you can use a combination of gel polishes that differ in texture, decorate the lunula with decorative elements, experiment with a color mix.

  • Gradient (ombre).

Gradient manicure is a smooth transition of one color to another on one nail. There can be any number of flowers - it depends on your desire and professionalism of the nail master. The gradient looks great on long nails.

Painting, rhinestones, sparkles goes well with it.

  • Themed manicure.

Variant of nail painting, dedicated to any event or holiday. So, on Halloween they often ask to decorate nails with pumpkins or various evil spirits (witches, ghosts), for New Year and Christmas snowflakes, Christmas trees, deers and bright Christmas toys are relevant. The longer the nail, the more interesting such a painting is.

  • Solid manicure.

However, with all the possible variety of options for decorating an elongated nail plate, do not underestimate the classic monophonic coating. Firstly, such nails will fit any look and dress; secondly, they have not lost their relevance for many years and will never go out of fashion; well, and thirdly, even monophonic nails can be “diluted” with one or two fingers coated with another gel polish that differs in color or texture. The "golden" or "silver" nail on the ring finger looks very cool.

  • Negative Space or "negative space".

The meaning of this design is that the nail plate combines empty areas and places covered with gel polish. Most often, traced lines and chaotic spots are found.

  • Art manicure.

The nails are pre-coated with gel polish, after which patterns are applied using liners, acrylic paints, stamping. Geometric, animalistic, floral prints, as well as abstract figures and drawings on the beach theme are very popular.

Designing long nails with gel polish is a wonderful solution in conditions of constant employment and rush.

After all, it is enough to visit a manicurist once every 3-4 weeks - and you will be provided with beautiful neat nails for a long time. And modern developments and innovations of the nail industry will help you choose exactly what is close to you in spirit and suits your unique image.

You will learn how to paint your nails from the next video.

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