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Professional face masks

The condition of the skin of the face can tell a lot of unpleasant details about its owner, because it is it that imprints regular lack of sleep, the consequence of bad habits and poor nutrition, prolonged sitting in front of the monitor and insufficient walks in the fresh air. In addition, the skin of the face is most affected by climatic fluctuations and weather phenomena: in the summer, the hot sun incessantly scorches it, and in the winter, it blows through the cold wind and penetrates the frost. That is why facial skin requires a special, more thorough, salon care. But if there is no time for going to the salon, professional masks for facial skin care will come to the rescue.

How to choose

In order to choose the perfect makeup for the face, you need to understand the complex and multifaceted system of classification of masks. The first thing you should pay attention to is the distribution of cosmetics by type and some skin features. By this criterion, several main types of masks can be distinguished:

  1. For dry skin;
  2. For oily skin;
  3. For normal skin;
  4. For combination skin;
  5. For problem skin;
  6. To combat pigmentation or rosacea;
  7. For allergy sufferers.

Next, pay attention to the main component of cosmetics. According to this indicator, masks are divided as follows:

  1. Paraffin based;
  2. Based on white clay;
  3. Algae based;
  4. Based on extracts or essential oils of plants;
  5. Based on collagen or placenta of animals.

Some masks can be sold ready-made, but there are also those that need to be made from branded blanks.

There are masks that dry on the face and are removed as a thin film, while others are applied and washed off like a cream.

By action, these types of masks are distinguished:

  1. To support healthy skin: moisturizing, nourishing, cleansing, tonic and refreshing.
  2. Healing: for cleaning and closing pores, to combat acne or rosacea, anti-inflammatory and soothing.
  3. Anti age: for tightening the skin, to combat pigmentation.
  4. Relaxing, to restore the healthy functioning of the central nervous system: warming or Ayurvedic.

The last and most difficult type of classification is the distribution according to the form of output. There is no consensus among cosmetologists about which species is better, however, some masks are in great demand than others. Consider them in order from the most popular to the least attractive professional cosmetologists:

  1. Mask-cream is in greatest demand among cosmetologists. Such funds are most often needed to maintain healthy skin or its nutrition after cleansing procedures. Thanks to the delicate, light texture, they quite easily penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis and nourish them from the inside.
  2. Mask pastes are also used by cosmetologists quite often. As a rule, their composition includes minerals and white clay. Such cosmetics are ideal for cleansing the skin.
  3. Collagen sheets. This is a very interesting type of mask. It looks like a rather strong sheet of paper that has been moistened and spread on the face. This type of cosmetic, as a rule, is designed to combat wrinkles and sagging skin.
  4. Gel masks are used a little less often, since they have a pronounced therapeutic effect. They relieve inflammation, close pores, degrease and whiten the skin of the face.
  5. Not all cosmetologists like powder masks, because they need pre-treatment. Such masks need to be mixed with water or other liquid components and only after that they are ready for use.
  6. Film masks are becoming less and less popular. This type of mask is applied to the skin with a thin layer and remains on it until completely dry. They are ideal for cleaning pores and combating oily skin. However, such cosmetics has a number of contraindications and is a strong allergen.
  7. Rubber or alginic masks - today it is a very popular type of cosmetics. They occupy the last place in the ranking solely because of their high cost.

How to apply

Any high-quality cosmetic product should be sold with detailed instructions for its use, however, not all recommendations can be fit in the short instructions. In order to achieve maximum effect at home, you need to remember several important secrets:

  1. To achieve the greatest effect, apply masks only to well-prepared skin, therefore, before applying this type of cosmetics, it is necessary to cleanse the skin well with peeling cream or scrub.
  2. So that the mask is absorbed in the best way, it should be applied to well-steamed skin, for example, after a bath.
  3. Do not use masks before applying makeup - this will reduce all efforts to a zero result.
  4. Do not use masks before going outdoors. The wind and the smallest particles of dust that fly in the air will clog the newly opened pores and can cause infection.
  5. The best time to apply such cosmetics is in the evening, before bedtime. During this period of the day, the skin will have the most time to not only absorb, but also to absorb the benefits.

The rest is just to strictly adhere to the instructions on the packaging with a cosmetic product, and your skin will thank you with its radiant healthy look.

Brand Overview

Each professional cosmetologist strives to select only the best, high-quality materials for his work, therefore we have chosen for you those products that have the greatest number of positive reviews from cosmetologists.

New line professional

Cream mask for deep hydration with amino acids and hyaluronic acid from the Russian brand New line professional enjoys great respect among cosmetologists due to its rich composition and very good restorative effect.

This product is ideal for feeding the outer and deep layers of the epidermis after mechanical cleansing, laser peeling and other procedures with a traumatic effect.

Hilauronic acid and a rich collection of amino acids will richly saturate the skin, tone it and improve metabolism. D-panthenol will calm the injuries and cure them. Natural ingredients like oats, dandelion and soybean oil can help fight aging. This universal remedy has no age restrictions and is ideal for both a young girl and a woman aged 50+.


The Swiss brand of professional cosmetics Eldan offers an algae mask for combination skin. The composition of this cosmetic product includes several unique components: fuller’s earth, kaolin, Fucus extract, as well as haloid sulfur. These rare components perfectly stimulate epidermal metabolism and lymph outflow. Thanks to these properties, you will look rested and rejuvenated, forget about puffiness and cleanse your pores well. This product is also universal and suitable for girls of any age.

Salicylic acid perfectly relieves inflammation, regulates the excretion of sebum, and stops the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

You can watch a review of other face masks in the video below.

Watch the video: CASMARA Algae Peel Off Facial Mask part 2 English (December 2019).


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