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Cleansing Gel

Facial skin is exposed to environmental damage daily. The sun's rays, hard water, cold wind, frost, and also heating, over-dried air. Constant stress, lack of sleep also negatively affect the health and beauty of the epidermis. Therefore, careful delicate care is required. And you should start with cleansing.

Gel-foam for washing is the best suited for these purposes. It contains active substances that can effectively remove sebum and dirt.

About how to make foam for washing yourself - in the following video:

Choose by skin type

The right approach to skin cleansing is only half the battle. It is important to consider the individual characteristics of your skin. Depending on its type, a cleaning agent should be chosen. Oriflame Optimal Cleansing is a line including gel foams for different types. For normal and combined, a bottle with a blue label is suitable.

Manufacturers promise that the product will effectively cleanse the epidermis and prepare it for applying day or night cream. So with a few movements you can easily remove dirt, remove makeup, remove excess fat. Oriflame Cleansing Gel Foam is developed based on antioxidant protective technology that neutralizes the negative effects of the environment, helps cells recover and function properly. As a result, you will get clean skin for a long time, and the T-zone will shine less.

"Aqua balance" Suitable for sensitive and dehydrated skin. This gel, which must be washed off with water, is produced by ChocoLatte. The foam that forms when washing is easily distributed over the entire surface of the face and penetrates deep into the pores. Which helps tone the skin and rid it of traces of makeup. This tool is very delicate and gently affects the skin, without overdrying and damaging it.

This foam differs from others in that it eliminates peeling and irritation. It normalizes and helps maintain the water balance of the epidermis.

Composition with panthenol accelerates cell recovery and regeneration. Vitamins nourish the skin. The formula of this cleanser is pleasantly different in its natural components - oils and extracts of plants and grape seed.

In the struggle for youth and beauty

ChocoLatte "Lifting Effect" - Another cleanser with lots of natural ingredients in the composition. It is best suited for tired skin, devoid of density and tone. The tool helps to restore elasticity, relieves swelling, makes the skin taut. This cosmetic product copes with all the tasks thanks to a unique formula.

Manufacturers used active substances from cherimoya pulp. Almond and macadamia seed oil, as well as roses and geraniums, nourish and soothe. Extracts of immortelle, melilot, kelp, violet and carrot seeds restore, fill tired cells with vital energy. Vitamins A, E supplement all this. Gel-foam "NovAge" by Oriflame You can also try those who are in a constant struggle for age.

Kora created for customers a cosmetic product with panthenol, suitable for all skin types. This cleansing gel-foam creates comfortable care: it does not dry out the epidermis and does not cause irritation. A formula with calendula, linden, corn, lingonberry leaves, inulin and panthenol, day after day, effectively removes impurities, thoroughly and at the same time gently cleanses the skin, moisturizes it, nourishes, restores and softens.

This remedy does not dry out and does not irritate, therefore it is suitable not only for the face, but also for the eyes. Herbal components relieve peeling, tone, refresh and soothe.

Protection and purity from nature

"Freshness of white tea" received excellent reviews from users. Novosibirsk brand Greeny specializing in natural cosmetics, has developed a cleanser in the best traditions of SPA-care. This gel-foam is intended primarily for owners of normal, oily and combination skin. Creates additional antibacterial protection and matting effect. It acts reliably, and is spent efficiently.

Even the most persistent makeup will not resist this cosmetic product. After application, the skin will feel fresh, clean and comfortable. The main active ingredient in this product is white tea extract. It is one of the most effective ingredients in preventing premature aging and aging. And all because the extract of white tea does not allow collagen to break down.

"New Line" - this is another remedy for Laboratory Kora. Gel-foam is designed for all skin types. After application does not leave a feeling of tightness and dryness. It perfectly copes with its direct purpose. It does not injure or irritate the epidermis.

It can be used daily morning and evening for makeup remover. It contains D-panthenol, which actively helps restore the protective layer. Prevents excessive production of sebum. Suitable for any age and skin type.

Belarusian cosmetics

Bielita-Bitex with calendula, it easily takes a place on the shelves in the bathroom of any girl who cares about her combination or oily skin. This gel deeply cleanses, reduces pores, fights greasy shine and does not dry the skin. The composition is designed in such a way that the product simultaneously copes with several tasks, while not violating the natural balance of the skin. Calendula extract, which is an active component, regulates and normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands. It calms and fights inflammation.

Additionally, witch hazel and lemongrass are included. They also contribute to proper fat production. A narrowing of the pores occurs. It has a refreshing and tonic effect. The formula also contains salicylic acid, which effectively fights imperfections and acne.

Watch the video: how to use Special Cleansing Gel. Dermalogica UK (December 2019).


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