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Matting Cleansing Gel

Many teenage girls experience oily skin problems. Greasy luster looks unaesthetic, fat clogs pores and causes acne. Matting gel for washing will help to solve this problem.


This product is designed to deeply cleanse the dermis, as well as narrow the pores. They contain a number of active substances that perform this function, while reducing inflammation, and reducing the production of sebum. As a result, oily sheen disappears, the skin takes on a healthy look.

The effect of matting is maintained throughout the day, while the dermis creates a feeling of freshness and lightness.


The composition of this tool often includes the following components.

  • Salicylic acid. It penetrates deep into the skin, cleanses it. Regulates the sebaceous glands, has antimicrobial properties, heals rashes, whitens acne marks.
  • Zinc. It is also designed to regulate the sebaceous glands, cleanse pores, and has antimicrobial and antifungal effects. It is able to restore the smoothness of the dermis, return it to a healthy appearance.
  • Extracts of healing herbs. They are also designed to relieve inflammation and regulate the sebaceous glands. Heal micro-wounds and acne.

How to choose

When purchasing a matting gel for washing, it is worth remembering that it is intended in most cases for oily skin. After its application, some contraction on the dermis may be felt. This is due to the effect of reducing pores.

Do not blindly trust advertising, in which manufacturers often promise a greater effect than you get from the product you are buying. It is worth going to the store to take advantage of the reviews of people who already had experience using this or that tool.

The video below provides feedback on some types of cleansing gels.

See the composition of the purchased product. It is good if it contains the maximum amount of natural ingredients.

Review of popular brands and reviews about them

In the store you can find many brands that produce matting gel for washing. Consider some of the most popular tools.


The product of this brand is specially designed for oily and oily skin. It perfectly eliminates excess fat and traces of cosmetics from the epidermis. Helps maintain an ideal level of hydration. This product does not have alkaline ingredients, so it does not create a feeling of dryness. Due to the algae present in the extract and the patented formula, HYDRA IQ perfectly regulates excessive gloss, thereby making the dermis dull. The cost of the product is around 220 rubles per 150 ml tube.

According to reviews, this is a pretty good tool. It copes with all the functions that the manufacturer specifies on the packaging. In addition, it has an unobtrusive fragrance with a pleasant delicate aroma.

Of the minuses - contains laureth sulfate.


Pore-tightening gel cream suitable for all skin types. It contains salicylic acid and peach extract, which help deeply cleanse the skin and regulate the sebaceous glands. This product also helps maintain the water balance of the dermis, which prevents premature skin aging. The cost of the product is about 200 rubles per pack of 150 ml.

Reviews about this product are very mixed. Buyers are inclined to believe that this product is more suitable for oily skin. Then it does not cause dry dermis and perfectly eliminates oily sheen.

After using this tool, it’s nice to use Givenchy "Mister mat" as a basis for make-up. Makeup is perfect, does not flow even in the summer heat.

Propeller "Sebum Stop"

Gel concentrate "Ultra Skin Matting" is designed specifically for oily dermis and is designed to minimize pores, and give a dull epidermis. Natural components, such as Ivan tea, quince leaf extract, have an antimicrobial effect, help reduce inflammation and redness on the epidermis. Also, these substances narrow the pores and create a matte effect on the dermis. Thanks to the use of this product, oily sheen disappears, the skin takes on a healthy appearance. The cost of the drug is about 200 rubles per 30 ml.

Those who used this gel note a rather good effect that it has. The pores are really narrowed, the lack of oily sheen persists for four hours.

Convenient packaging allows for excellent dosing. But the product dries out the dermis a little.

Watch the video: How To: Apply Products to Natural Curly Hair for Moisturized, Defined & Frizz Free Curls (December 2019).


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