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Cream for stretch marks Mama Comfort

Pregnancy is the most long-awaited and anxious period in the life of every woman. However, it carries a lot of trouble for a woman: most expectant mothers have stretch marks, or striae - whitish stripes on the body. Their appearance on the female body is due to genetics and how well a woman takes care of her skin during pregnancy.

Striae are formed due to stretching of skin tissues: rapid growth of the fetus and stretching of the skin cause a violation of the integrity of the skin tissue, because of which it "tears". Of course, we cannot observe the process of destruction of skin cells, however, you can deal with this problem with the help of cream from Mama Comfort stretch marks.


Cream for stretch marks Mama Comfort is sold in a pharmacy and is produced by the Russian company Nasha Mama, a leader in the field of cosmetics for expectant mothers and babies. The name of the product is probably known to future parents who care in advance about the comfort of their mother and the preservation of her beauty. The tool has a lot of advantages and characteristics, which we will talk about in this section of the article:

  • Mama Comfort has a safe composition. among the components of which are green coffee extract, hyaluronic acid, a unique complex to stimulate cell renewal;
  • The cream has a light texture and is easily distributed on the surface of the skin, that allows the expectant mother to independently use the product;
  • It almost doesn't smell - the aroma of the composition is barely perceptible;
  • Regular use of Mama Comfort Cream will reduce the risk of stretch marks. due to high-quality moisturizing the skin and enhancing the process of cell renewal;
  • It is suitable for use not only by pregnant women, but also by ordinary women, because it provides high-quality moisturizing care;
  • Among its components there are strengthening: horse chestnut extract has a beneficial effect on the walls of capillaries and blood vessels, strengthens them and normalizes blood flow;
  • Cream against stretch marks Mama Comfort has a low price compared with Western counterparts, so women choose it.

Like any other cosmetic products, Mama Comfort Cream has several disadvantages:

  • High consumption makes women now and then buy a product to achieve and maintain effect;
  • The cream does not protect against the appearance of stretch marks by 100% - not a single product is capable of doing this, only a complex of external, internal factors and genetics;
  • The cosmetic product does not eliminate the already formed striae: only a complex of laser procedures can remove stretch marks;
  • It has a liquid texture and is absorbed for a long time;
  • Some women may experience an allergy to the cream against stretch marks Mama Comfort: this is due to the individual characteristics of the body.

The cream allows you to moisturize and strengthen the skin of a woman due to its composition. For a low price, the quality of the cream is excellent, especially since the skin of each woman is individual, and only an integrated approach to her care will achieve significant results.


After pregnancy, every woman wants to return to the previous state of the body - the shape and quality of the skin. Cream for stretch marks Mama Comfort is recommended for use in the following cases:

  • From the very beginning of pregnancy to moisturize and nourish the skin, prevent the formation of striae;
  • It can be applied to the most sensitive parts of the body: the abdomen and chest;
  • With increased dryness and peeling of the epidermis, Mama Comfort cream will help smooth out visible imperfections;
  • It is used for the leg area: the composition strengthens the walls of blood vessels and protects against the formation and development of varicose veins (this factor also depends on heredity and acts as a preventive measure).
  • The use of Mama Comfort cream eliminates edema during pregnancy or during normal life.
  • Its use is possible after childbirth to restore the water balance of the skin and increase its elasticity.


The cream of Mama Comfort stretch marks is based on the unique Reguo-stretch complex with collagen and elastin to stimulate the natural production of these skin-important components.

It contains hyaluronic acid, which is indispensable for high-quality moisturizing, olive oil - for nutrition and saturation of skin cells with a complex of essential fatty acids, tea tree extract for toning and renewal.

Hyaluronic acid fills the intercellular space and retains moisture in the skin cells, due to which it becomes moisturized, filled and healthy. Olive oil nourishes the skin well, strengthens the walls of the cell membrane and prevents their fragility, stretching.

In addition, the cream of Mama Comfort stretch marks contains chamomile extract to soothe the epidermis, and horse chestnut extract to strengthen the vascular walls, stimulate blood microcirculation and its renewal, or regeneration.

An interesting fact is that all the components of the cream from Mama Comfort stretch marks are mixed in a "cold" way - without heating the components, which allows you to maintain their high-quality composition and useful elements.

Application rules

Cream for stretch marks Mama Comfort was created for pregnant women who want to protect their skin from the formation of striae - reddish or whitish stripes on the body, getting rid of which will cost much more than prevention. The manufacturer recommends starting its use in the early stages of pregnancy - from about two months, when the visible processes of pregnancy development begin. It is recommended to apply the composition to pre-cleansed skin of the body with smooth massaging movements, and it is important to pay special attention to the most susceptible to stretching parts of the body: chest, abdomen and thighs. It is recommended to apply it twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Non-pregnant women also love Mama Comfort Stretch Mark Cream: it allows you to keep your skin toned and safe to use. The composition of the cream has moisturizing components that provide care for dry, dehydrated, damaged skin, prone to inflammation and peeling with sensitive dermis.

It is worth noting that the cream from Mama Comfort stretch marks is absorbed for a long time: let the composition stay on the skin until completely absorbed. Excess product can always be wet with a napkin if there is no time left to wait.

The Mama Comfort line of body care cosmetics contains hyaluronic acid balm gel, which prevents the formation of stretch marks in pregnant women. Its composition is almost identical with the described product; the products are distinguished by their texture. Among the gel components from stretch marks are extracts of green tea, ivy and meadowsweet, in other words, natural antioxidants with antioxidant properties.


Cream for stretch marks Mama Comfort has a pretty good rating according to modern mothers, however, even they found some advantages and disadvantages in this product. Women note too creamy texture of the cream - some do not like this factor, while others found an advantage in its consistency - profitability. The liquid formula of the composition is easily distributed throughout the body, so the cream is consumed less.

Another important point is the presence of odor.

Young mothers note the light aroma of the cream, but not everyone likes it. After applying the cream, a film remains on the body, which makes some women feel uncomfortable, while others do not pay attention to this trifle.

The unanimous opinion of most expectant mothers - the Mama Comfort stretch marks remedy really helps prevent striae formation, and each one recommends using the anti-hateful stretch marks complex, which includes drinking and a balanced diet.

Below is a video review of the cream for stretch marks Mama comfort

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