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Shampoo "La Cree"

Daily hair care is not complete without shampoo, but the aggressive formulas of modern products are not always suitable for sensitive scalp. Shampoo "La Cree" has a natural composition that allows you to use it for problems of dry scalp and hair, while the product can be used daily for a long period of time. The line of the pharmaceutical brand "La Cree" has a mild shampoo-foam for the care of babies from the first days of life.

It allows you to gently cleanse the skin and hair of the baby and help cope with the crusts on the surface of the head.


Shampoo "La Cree" is suitable for adults and children from 3 years old, you can purchase it at any pharmacy. Consumers appreciate it for its excellent natural composition, economical consumption and those soft sensations that the product gives even with daily use.

The tool for gentle cleansing of hair and scalp has several other significant features:

  • You can use La Cree Cleansing Shampoo daily for a long period: it is not addictive and does not dry the scalp, hair;
  • It is not a hormone., and among its components there are neither parabens, nor sulfates, nor silicones;
  • La Cree is indicated for cleansing sensitive and dry scalp.hair prone to loss and shedding;
  • It is used for bathing children from 3 yearsHowever, in the brand line there are products for babies 0+;
  • La Cree Shampoo is hypoallergenic and safe - This is confirmed by clinical studies and tests that are conducted on volunteers;
  • Its use is indicated for people with scalp problems. - itching, dryness and peeling, seborrhea. At the same time, the La Cree product is not curative and does not relieve panacea; rather, it acts as a prophylactic and can be used equally on healthy live hair;
  • La Cree Shampoo has an excellent cleansing formula, while among its components there are no sulfates.

More information about La Cree Shampoo - on video.


Soft cleansing ingredients treat the scalp with care and there are no aggressive sulfates and their analogues among them. Panthenol in the composition of La Cree shampoo moisturizes hair well, strengthens it and restores their protein structuresat. This component is important because it contains a complex of vitamins and minerals to nourish and enrich the hair structure with useful trace elements, moreover, it acts as a protective factor, creating an invisible barrier on the surface of each hair

The extract of violets and licorice in its composition of the product “La Cree” has an anti-inflammatory effect on the surface of the head, they soothe irritated epidermis and do not cause allergies.

Bisabolol is an antibacterial component that fights bacteria and protects the scalp from dryness, irritation and inflammation; it stimulates cell renewal.

For easy hair nutrition, the shampoo contains extracts of olive oil and wheat germ, the percentage of their presence is minimal, which allows not to weight thinning hair without that.

Keratin in the composition of natural La Cree shampoo restores the hair structure, which is created from keratin protein. It replenishes the structure of the hair, filling it from the inside, giving the curls uniformity and natural shine.

For children from birth

Foam shampoo is truly unique among other newborn care products. Among its advantages, the following should be noted:

  • There are no synthetic components in the baby foam (sulfates, parabens, silicones); it is based on natural herbal extracts, a complex of oils, surfactants;
  • Convenient packaging and shampoo formula allows you to adjust the amount of foam with just one click on the dispenser;
  • The formula "without tears" will make the baby swim pleasant for him and his parents: the foam does not pinch your eyes and is easily washed off;
  • It is suitable for daily bathing baby up to a yearhelps to remove seborrheic crusts on the head;

At the heart of baby foam shampoo "La Cree" are licorice and violet root extracts, which have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Among the ingredients are components of olive oil and jojoba oil, which are famous for their nutritional properties; they moisturize the baby’s scalp well, help in the fight against seborrheic crusts and do not allow over-drying of the scalp and hair.

As part of La Cree baby cleansing foam there is panthenol, which has calming properties, and a small proportion of salicylic acid fights microbes that cause irritation and itching.


Many young mothers who care for the health of babies from the first day fell in love with the baby shampoo-foam. Moms note that the foam is convenient for bathing and applying, it is odorless and does not injure the sensitive epidermis of the child - it does not dry out.

Women with dry and sensitive scalp prefer pharmacy shampoos, and their choice often falls on the La Cree brand. They note that the shampoo does not cause irritation and cleanses the scalp, hair well, but not to "creak". Consumers note that the shampoo has a dense consistency and before washing it should be pre-soaped in the hand and applied to the hair and scalp.

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