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Dynamic cream Dr. Nona

A careful search for cosmetics that gives the result, sooner or later lead you to the dynamic cream Dr. Nona. Any product of this manufacturer is qualitatively different from the cosmetics on the market. This statement is not just a PR move, but a long and thorough development of many scientists. And not only in the field of cosmetology, but also medicine.

For all its existence, Dr. Nona has earned fame as a unique high-end cosmetics. The formulas of creams are unique. Their application gives visible results. The most important thing is that everyone can afford this makeup. And its multifunctionality can be envied by any pharmacy product.


A dynamic tool is considered a wonderful elixir of youth and beauty. His secret lies in the biomass of the Dead Sea. The versatility of the drug is amazing - it can cope with almost any problem. A unique, balanced composition just works wonders.

Among the features can be identified such:

  • Composition. A completely natural complex, based on the gifts of the Dead Sea.
  • Multifunctionality. Use the funds of this brand can be both cosmetic and therapeutic. Excellent results are guaranteed for you in both cases.
  • Deep penetration. The ability to penetrate up to 8 skin layers is also considered one of the unique features. Other means for this are simply incapable. The maximum that they can do is go through 4 skin layers.
  • Destination. Dr. Nona can be prescribed for children. This is a great protection against UF radiation on hot summer days.
  • Aromatherapy Aromatic oils, which are part of the composition, have a beneficial effect not only on the skin, but also on the general condition. The composition of the cream includes more than 80 types of oils, which can easily cope with any problem, both mental and physical.

The creators of cosmetics are firmly convinced that all problems are caused not only by external influences, but also by deep stress, which we often ignore and do not attach importance to it. To get rid of the problem, you need to solve two problems at once - to balance the external and internal factors. It is this philosophy that lies in the creation of the cream.

Reviews indicate that the effectiveness of the funds directly depends on the complex effect on the body.

What heals

The composition of the cream Dr. Nona helps you get rid of many problems. In addition, this tool also gently cares for the skin, preventing its early aging. This excellent cosmetic product will become a comprehensive face and body care.

You can use the tool:

  • For acupressure.
  • With vegetovascular dystonia. It is enough to anoint the area behind the ears with a cream and you will return to your former state of health.
  • With a headache. Lubricate the temples and wait a bit. The pain will pass in the blink of an eye.
  • At high pressure. Massage with whiskey and wrist cream.
  • Cough, sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis media also amenable to the action of this tool.
  • Wounds and scratches, abrasions heal faster.
  • Menstrual pain and female problems - everything is within the power of this miracle cure.

Finding something like this in a pharmacy is not common for you. Cream is unique in its composition and in its capabilities.


Dynamic cream Dr. Nona can hardly be called just a cream, it is so versatile. It acts as a tonic, anti-aging, energetic remedy. It can be used to prevent skin aging, loss of turgor. With the help of this cosmetic product, it is easy to restore the elasticity and firmness of not only the skin, but also the vessels.

Also, the drug easily fights with peeling and dryness. Eliminates dehydration of the skin, protects against further water loss. Effectively copes with damage and inflammatory processes of the skin.

For medicinal purposes, the drug is best used as directed by a doctor. When used correctly, it can be used to treat bronchitis and pneumonia, endocrine disorders and cardiac problems.

In addition, the tool has a beneficial effect on the general condition: improves mood, promotes the work of the mind, is an energetic.

All these abilities are possible due to the composition of the cream.

  • Vegetable wax.
  • Biological complex of the Dead Sea.
  • Hoods of chamomile, scarlet, lemon balm and lilies.
  • Salicylic and lactic acid.
  • 80 aromatic oils, including orange, lavender and jojoba.

Mode of application

To use a dynamic cream, remember simple but important rules:

  • To begin with, the drug should be applied with clean hands. If the place for application is a wound, then additionally treat your hands with alcohol or another antiseptic.
  • On damaged areas, the product should be applied in a thin layer, patting slightly. For cosmetic purposes, the cream is applied to the face with massage movements.
  • For vascular diseases, the drug should be applied to the arms and legs, movements from bottom to top. The number of applications per day depends on the disease. Basically, the drug is used two to eight times a day.
  • For cosmetic purposes, a dynamic cream can be used in several ways, as a regular nutrient, or as part of cosmetic procedures.

In what other cases is the use of this cream possible? More details in the video below.


For skin care in the winter, you can apply comprehensive care with Dr. Nona. Gentle peeling with a mud mask, eye balm and dynamic cream, applied for a couple of minutes, gives an excellent result. After peeling, it is advisable to apply a night nourishing face cream.

Perform procedures at least once a week, and you will immediately notice a positive result.


To tighten the skin at home, apply a dynamic cream, and after 5 minutes, cover it with a thin layer of a mud mask. Rinse off with water after drying. To complete the procedure, use a nourishing cream of the same brand.


Make nourishing masks at least once a week. To do this, apply the cream in a thick layer, cover it with foil. Make cuts in it for the eyes and mouth. Hold the mask for half an hour, then rinse off. Tone your skin with an ice cube. It is better if the ice is made from a decoction of herbs.


Applying a dynamic cream at least twice a day, you will achieve the following results:

  • Clear skin. Keratinized particles, acne, sebum, all this will carefully remove the cosmetic product. He will wash away dead parts and normalize the sebaceous glands.
  • Clear oval. Due to its unique composition, collagen production is stimulated. A tightened face and its clear oval are guaranteed to you.
  • Inner light. Plant extracts saturate the skin with oxygen, making it shine from the inside out. Hydroquinone-based products guarantee an even tone, they will save the face from minor cosmetic defects.
  • Healthy skin. This is the result of the integrated work of the components of the tool. Some of them cleanse the skin, others nourish. Thanks to this, all inflammations, enlarged pores and acne disappear.
  • Smooth skin. The complex of components Dr. Nona significantly slows down the aging process, smoothing out all wrinkles and wrinkles.
  • Protection. With this cream, the skin is reliably protected from UF radiation.
  • Peace of mind. The collection of aromatic oils positively affects the general condition and mood.
  • Prevention and treatment of many diseases. This type of procedure should be carried out under the supervision and guidance of a doctor.

Watch the video: Dr Nona Dynamic cream. Phone : 972544288088 https: (December 2019).


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