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BB Cream Lumene

BB creams have long taken their special place in the makeup bag of many girls. Two-in-one tools perform several functions at once, thereby replacing a couple of tools. Lumene BB Cream has become one of the best sellers and has appealed to most buyers.

About Brand

The Lumene brand was founded in the middle of the twentieth century, and appeared in Russia in 1980 and almost immediately gained great popularity due to the high quality of cosmetics sold, as well as affordable prices that were available to many. Cosmetics are produced in the country where it was founded, namely in Finland. Product development takes place in specialized laboratories and only after numerous inspections and testing, it is sent to production factories from where it goes to stores.

It should be noted that the cosmetics of this company are not tested on animals, and in general, the brand in the entire history of its existence has not been implicated in any cosmetic scandal.

The composition of most products includes extracts of berries such as lingonberries, sea buckthorn, blueberries, raspberries or rose hips. The company tries to always keep up to date and follow both new fashion trends and technical progress, adding ever new innovative developments.

Among the products manufactured in the company's factories there are both decorative cosmetics and skin care products. Lumene offers a wide range of products from lip gloss and lipstick to tonal foundations and blush.

Especially popular is BB cream Lumene "Vitamin C". It is about him that will be discussed in this article.


This product appeared on the shelves of cosmetic stores about seven years ago and began to be actively advertised and distributed among girls and women.

BB cream is originally from Asia. As you know, women in Asian countries like to take care of themselves, and first of all, on their skin, trying to keep her youth and beauty as long as possible. Therefore, it was there that the tonal foundation was invented, which not only hides imperfections and mattifies the skin, but also moisturizes, nourishes and has the effect of healing and narrowing of pores.

The company Lumene did not put aside the production of a product that quickly gained popularity and created a wonderful BB cream, which is not only of high quality, but also sold at a fairly affordable price of 350 rubles. This can not but rejoice, because everyone wants to buy a good product, and this brand provides this opportunity. Full product name BB Cream Lumene Vitamin C + Illuminating Anti-age BB Cream SPF 20.

Before applying the product, thoroughly clean the skin so that it does not clog pores.

This product is used as a makeup base instead of a daily moisturizer or nourishing cream, and as an independent tinting agent. It is especially convenient in the summer, when it is hot outside and do not really want to apply dense tonal products to the face.

The manufacturer promises that this product helps to even out skin tone and mask some imperfections. It also reduces pores, tries to remove skin imperfections and has an anti-aging effect with prolonged use. The product is also suitable for oily skin, helping to matt the shine.

The cream has a white bottle with a golden plastic twist cap.

The consistency is a little liquid, so it is perfectly distributed over the face with a brush, as well as a sponge or fingers.


No wonder Lumene positions this product as natural, because it contains a large number of extracts of various oils and herbs. The composition of the BB cream also includes vitamin C, which follows from the name itself. Its main purpose is facial skin tinting and care effect..

The cream has an excellent texture, which is easy to apply. Due to this, it is very economical and the tube is enough for a long period. Some girls have enough for the whole summer with almost everyday use. The product does not contain parabens that negatively affect the skin and at the same time has a UV protection level of SPF 20. This is a very big plus, as the skin will not only be moisturized, but also protected even in summer in hot weather.

This tool perfectly mattifies oily skin, over time completely eliminating it from an unpleasant shine, it also maskes minor imperfections well. And the tinting effect lasts up to eight hours, that is, almost all day.

Some girls prefer to apply a few pounds on top of BB in the afternoon to give the skin an even fresher look.

Unfortunately, this product also has a couple of disadvantages. For example, if you have very strong skin problems, you can’t do a simple BB, he will not be able to help you fully. Another disadvantage of Lumene cream is that it leaves marks on clothes. One careless movement and your blouse will be stained with a dog that will not be easy to withdraw. Also, the feature of the product is its desirable use for owners with oily skin, for dry skin, it may not provide sufficient moisture and spoil the customer's opinion of herself.


BB cream lumene has only two shades: light and medium.

The first is intended for fair girls, and the second for owners of more dark skin. As it turned out, even the shade of light is too dark for Snow White, so if you are a girl with very light skin color, then unfortunately this cream will not work for you. The shade of medium is designed for very dark girls or women who have received a wonderful tan during a vacation.


Mostly reviews about Lumene BB Cream are positive. Girls like the moisturizing effect that BB has, and it also perfectly tones the skin. The democratic price is noted, due to which the goods are available to everyone. One of the minuses was the gradual yellowing of the product on the skin. Over time, the delicate shade of some girls turned into a slightly orange tone.

And now the video - an overview and testing of BB-cream from Lumene.

Watch the video: BEST BB CREAM FROM FINLAND!?Lumene BB Cream Review!! (December 2019).


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