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Swiss Image Cream

It is very difficult to meet at least one woman who does not use face cream. After all, going out and not protecting your face is like forgetting to put on a fur coat in winter. The same with the face. Our skin is very delicate and therefore always needs protection and care from harmful environmental factors, UV rays, pollution and other things. Therefore, it is very important that in our daily care, in addition to proper cleansing, there is such an indispensable tool as a face cream that always moisturizes, nourishes with useful elements and protects.

About Brand

"Swiss Image"is one of the leading experts in the cosmetology industry, and more specifically in the development and production of cosmetics from natural ingredients. All brand products are made in Switzerland from exclusively natural and healthy components for the body.

Basic care

Includes funds aimed at maintaining youth and health our face. Each product contains exclusively natural and organic components, such as meltwater from the Alps glaciers, herbs and a special complex of minerals and vitamins.

  • Day Cream Absolute Hydration". Suitable for normal and combination skin. The product is instantly absorbed, giving the face an unrivaled smoothness. The composition of the product is enriched with melt water from alpine glaciers, which is valued for its beneficial properties for the body. This cream intensively moisturizes your face, nourishes it with beneficial substances and minerals, It also restores all protective functions and the lipid layer. This product moisturizes your skin for a whole day. It also contains panthenol, edelweiss extract and a complex of vitamins that soothe july, have an antioxidant effect and give your face unrivaled smoothness.
  • Day Cream "Absolute Nutrition". Ideal for dry and sensitive skin. The complex of oils in the composition will provide full face care throughout the day. Almond oil will help improve the color and brightness of the face, poppy oil nourishes the skin with essential trace elements and restores elasticity, cocoa butter and shea butter will accelerate the process of natural recovery of epidermal cells.

It is recommended to be applied in the morning on a previously cleansed face.

  • Absolute Recovery Night Cream. During your sleep, it will eliminate traces of fatigue, in the morning you will get a healthy, radiant and rested face thanks to exclusively natural components in the composition.

Against the first wrinkles 26 +

Designed by brand against the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Includes the following tools:

  • Day cream against the first signs of aging. The composition contains a rare extract of snow algae, which with each subsequent application seems to push out wrinkles from the inside and prevents their further occurrence. This cream will return the former elasticity to your face, moisturize and rejuvenate the epidermis at the cellular level. Suitable for all types.
  • Night cream against the first signs of aging. As you know, it is at night that our skin perceives best of all the most useful and nutritious substances, which is why this cream will act twice when you are relaxed and resting. It is recommended to apply on cleansed skin in the evening, suitable for all skin types.

Line 36 +

Includes the following tools:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream. This product is recommended for deeper wrinkles. It reduces traces of age spots and eliminates dullness.
  • Anti-wrinkle night creamn This cream will help improve blood circulation. Algae extract helps to produce collagen. And the natural complex in the composition moisturizes and nourishes the skin with everything necessary.

We also recommend that you look at the cream around the eyes against wrinkles from this series.

Anti-aging 46+

Designed specifically to combat deep wrinkles and serious changes in the skin of the faceincludes the following tools:

  • Deep wrinkle day cream. This tool will help restore the natural cellular process of skin restoration. Thanks to the natural composition with each subsequent application, you will notice that even deep wrinkles will be smoothed out.
  • Deep wrinkle night cream. This tool stimulates cell regeneration and collagen production, eliminates sagging and relieves swelling. Suitable for all skin types.


Many women using products of this brand note that it helped to get rid of puffiness on their face, to restore the former radiance to the skin. In addition, as the girls note, all products are very pleasant to apply, have a light aroma and are affordable, but at the same time they are very good quality.

Women using anti-aging drugs say that they quickly absorbed and leave no greasy residue. When using the entire series of brand cosmetics, the effect becomes even more noticeable.

You can watch a review of Swiss cosmetics from the video below.

Watch the video: Skin Whitening Cream, Swiss Image Whitening Care Night Cream, Whitening Cream Review Urdu Hindi (December 2019).


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