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Nettle oil for hair

Cosmetics made from natural substances always attract more attention. The idea of ​​abandoning chemistry, which allows you to achieve the beauty of curls, but irreversibly damages them, is familiar to every woman. Very often it happens that after repeated curling, blow-drying, dyeing, the hair eventually becomes too brittle and dry, split off and falls out.

Far from always branded shampoos and conditioners, as well as cosmetic masks can help restore the old structure of your hair. Many cosmetologists recommend using natural oil extracts for this purpose. For example, nettle oil has many useful qualities, so it is used in a variety of recipes for home cosmetics.

About the benefits of nettle

As it turns out, the familiar “burning” plant has a lot of useful qualities and contains many elements that our body needs, especially hair and scalp.

First of all, nettle and its extract contain a large concentration of tannins. They have a strong anti-inflammatory and firming effect. This is primarily important for the scalp and hair follicles.

As part of this amazing plant, there are vitamins of the K, C and B groups, thanks to which additional nutrition of the skin and hair is provided. The effect of strengthening the follicles is achieved thanks to carotene and acids of organic origin. Do not forget about trace elements, for example, copper, boron, iron, which our curls receive in very small quantities.

In addition, it is worth noting the possibility of nettle as a full-fledged drug:

  • Improves the state of the immune system, strengthens the protective balance of the skin. The nettle composition is generally beneficial for the immune system, so it can be used for prophylactic purposes;
  • It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. In this case, tannins play an important role. Nettle is so good that it is used not only externally, but also for the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis. The tool activates most of the regenerative processes in the body, thanks to which the tissues of the skin and hair are restored;
  • Normalization of metabolic processes. In addition to the fact that nettle directly nourishes the skin and hair follicles, it also has a positive effect on the regulation of metabolic processes, preventing the possibility of any diseases in the future;
  • Reduces irritation
  • Normalizes blood circulation in small vessels and capillaries. This is especially important if the hair suffers from a lack of nutrition, which can be manifested by their loss and brittleness;
  • Nettle also has a host of beneficial medicinal properties. It is indicated for use in allergic reactions, copes well with bleeding or cracks in the skin, and can also be used as a choleretic and hypoglycemic agent.

Nettle oil is also considered a fairly strong natural activator of hair growth. It can be used if you have some problems with building your curls. Needless to say, in addition to all of the above advantages, nettle oil extract is also one of the most affordable and safe cosmetics.

In which cases it is better to apply

Reviews of the remedy from the nettle extract are usually positive. However, you should not forget that the effectiveness of any cosmetic product depends on the exact situation in which you use it. In particular, the use of nettle oil is advisable in such cases:

  • Excessive hair loss. Any person may lose a small amount of hair during the day, however, if this happens too often and noticeably, then this condition is a clear sign of a violation of the density of hair follicles. Due to the high content of essential trace elements, nettle can be used not only for prevention, but also for the treatment of possible baldness;
  • Removing dandruff. Dandruff, known to many, is usually a consequence of inflammation of the scalp, its defeat by various fungi and bacteria. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, nettle oil solves this problem quickly enough;
  • Low hair growth. Most women dream of long and strong curls, but not always hair grows as fast and dense as we would like. Nettle oil extract activates cell division processes in the hair follicles due to the content of necessary vitamins, acids and carotene. With regular use of nettle masks, hair begins to grow noticeably thicker and faster;
  • Prevention. Our hair is regularly exposed to external factors. Everyone knows that the most dangerous for hair are temperature extremes, ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight, too frequent perms and dyes. Nettle oil creates a kind of protective layer, which allows you to reduce all the negative effects on the hair and scalp;

Where to find and how to cook

You can get nettle oil in almost any pharmacy. Also, it can often be seen in specialized departments and stores of Fito-cosmetics. The cost can directly depend on the volume of the bottle, usually 100 rubles per 100 ml. oils, as well as from the manufacturer and product features.

In stores, it’s quite often that they come across not pure oil options, but already prepared products based on it with the addition of other components. It can be a mixture of nettle and chamomile, burdock, sea buckthorn. As a rule, such cosmetics is highly specialized and is used to strengthen or grow hair.

If you could not find a pure oil, or if you want to use a completely natural product and trust only yourself, then you can always make nettle oil with your own hands at home.

For preparation, fresh shoots of a plant with leaves are used. You can pick them yourself, and sometimes purchase already collected bundles in the market. Always pay attention to the quality of the leaves, which should be slightly moist and fresh. Fading, dry or faded plants are not suitable!

The stems together with the leaves should be chopped as thoroughly as possible using, for example, a meat grinder. Pour about 2/3 cans or any tightly closed containers with them, and treat them to the state of gruel with a blender. After that, fill the container to the brim with olive oil, close and store for two weeks in a cool, dry place without sunlight. Periodically, you can get out and shake. The product will be ready for use when it darkens significantly.

Some components can be replaced. For example, ordinary refined sunflower oil is suitable instead of olive oil. True, in this case, the effectiveness of the drug will be significantly worse. Also, if you did not find fresh stalks of nettle, then you can take nettle powder, which is sold in a pharmacy, as a base.

Application methods

It is easiest to use nettle oil as an additive. This is especially suitable for those who need routine preventative hair care. To do this, you should mix equally the amount of regular shampoo that you use daily, and nettle oil. The mixture is foamed and gently applied to the hair like a mask.

Try to avoid getting such a product on the scalp. Carefully treat the hair roots with it and spread along the entire length. Otherwise, it can provoke an increase in the work of the sebaceous glands.

With regular use of such a tool, the hair will acquire a natural shine, become more silky. The method is also well suited for those who are concerned about the split ends, since nettle oil removes dead layers of hair, so they will cease to be confused and will return to their original neat appearance.

In order to prevent hair loss, try the following method. Mix a tablespoon of nettle oil with finely ground sea salt. As a result, you should get a slightly dense oily mixture, which must be gently rubbed into the hair roots for about 5 minutes, then stand for another 10 minutes, wrapping your head in a towel. Remove the product with clean, warm water.

In addition, the oil can be mixed in equal proportions with any purchased cosmetics for hair care, or added to simple homemade hair masks. With regular use, nettle oil extract will provide your hair with beauty and health for a long time.

You can learn about the benefits of nettle hair oil, prepared at home, from the following video.

Watch the video: How To Make Infused Stinging Nettle Oil (December 2019).


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