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Avon Ball Powder

Today it is difficult to find a woman who would not use powder. This makeup attribute is unique and has its own characteristics. Such cosmetics can be matte or shimmer, with pearly shine. Among famous manufacturers Avon powder in balls is very popular. It is made in Italy in strict accordance with quality requirements and is harmless to health.

Features and Benefits

The powder veil is different from other analogues. It combines the properties of loose and compact powder. The main difference is a thinner coating layer. It is applied in a translucent layer.

Avon Ball Powder Veil is a hypoallergenic product, it does not cause irritation or allergies. Due to its properties, it is able to protect the skin from the negative effects of the environment.

This cosmetics has a color-correcting effect and helps visually hide skin imperfections, emphasizing its advantages. In this case, the complexion becomes even, it looks voluminous.

The texture of the powder is soft silky. It consists of the smallest particles compressed into spherical elements. They differ in different shades, each of which has its own purpose. Thanks to their mixing, it is possible to achieve the perfect skin tone, as close as possible to the natural shade.

The powder veil is universal. It can be used as blush or eye shadow. Brand cosmetics are designed for different ages.

Thanks to the shimmering microparticles, the skin glows with a delicate mother-of-pearl shine. The effect lasts a long time, the powder does not roll and has a pleasant aroma.

Such cosmetics are very economical. One jar is enough for several years. This is due to moderation and lower consumption than any analogue (loose or compact powder).

The balls are quite fragile and with a strong blow or fall can crumble, which can complicate the make-up procedure. The use of powder in loose form may adversely affect the uniformity of the application of the layer. It will be jagged and fat.

Brand products have a reasonable price.

What are the different shades for?

The powder with balls "Perfect shade" has a corrective effect. It consists of 5 different shades. Each of them performs certain functions, which allows you to create the most positive and beautiful correctional effect as a whole.

Each shade performs its task:

  • pink gives the skin freshness;
  • green masks redness and age spots;
  • white brightens the face and gives it a silk glow;
  • cream evens out skin structure;
  • purple removes yellowness and reflects radiance.

Combining, tones complement each other, forming the perfect shade. This powder has color-correcting properties and the effect of radiance. She is a great completion of day or evening makeup. And thanks to the beneficial components that make up her, she cares for her skin.

It not only evens complexion, but also creates a light matting effect, making pores less noticeable. Thanks to alignment, facial features become softer, and the skin glows with a faint silky shine in the sun.

In order to maximize the effect of applying powder, it needs a foundation. By itself, it cannot eliminate obvious skin problems (acne, scars), since the coating layer is translucent.

The different color of the elements eliminates the need to purchase several jars with different shades. Depending on the season, you can remove dark shades from the jar, choosing a shade close to the skin tone.


The composition of the powder includes balls of four tones, close to the color of the tan (golden, flesh, coral and bronze). Elements differ in varying degrees of flicker. When combined, a beautiful natural and even tone is obtained (shade "warm coral"), and the face looks fresh, rested.

The color intensity can be adjusted, and the application is so gentle and light that it will delight any representative of the fair sex. This powder is often used as a blush, it requires accuracy of application and a minimum of particles.

How to use

For perfect makeup, you need to moisturize your face, after wetting it with a dry cloth.

Then you need to apply the foundation under makeup or foundation. This will even out the skin of the face, hiding its imperfections. If necessary, you can use the corrector.

The powder is applied with a brush. She is drawn along the balls directly in the jar, and then applied to the face in a circular motion in the direction from the center of the face to the temples.

If desired, you can apply a little tool on the neck and décolleté. The appearance will be bright and spectacular, and the image - luxurious.


So that the tone does not turn out too saturated and unnatural, it is necessary to observe the moderation of the coating. In this case, you can vary the number of balls in the jar to achieve the most accurate hit of the shade of powder and skin tone.

When applying, you need to consider the time of day: for daytime makeup, a minimum of funds is quite enough. This will avoid the "mask effect" and give the face a natural even appearance and slight flicker.

In order for the powder to become a good completion of makeup, we must not forget about auxiliary means. Owners of problematic skin should use it with careful preparation of the base, so as not to increase the emphasis on skin imperfections. The right approach will give the skin a delicate glow in the sun without a feeling of oily sheen

If the makeup does not provide an abundance of radiance, you can use the powder-veil as a blush. To do this, it is enough to apply it on the cheekbones and shade with a brush.


Best of all about products of any brand say customer reviews. This allows you to take into account comments and improve the tool.

Powder Avon in balls receives different reviews from its fans. Most of the responses are positive. In them, women describe their feelings after applying powder. They note that the powder-veil itself is not an ideal corrector. She does not need a basis only if the skin is almost perfect.

If the skin is problematic, the use of tonal products is simply necessary. Testing the company's funds, women note that the balls are friable, easily applied in a uniform layer. It is said about the tasks of colored elements that there is an effect, but not as noticeable as we would like.

All customers are unanimous in one thing: the radiance is pleasant and delicate. Among the positive reviews there are many comments about the actual effect of freshness of the face tone and the weightless structure of the cosmetic product. Trademark powder is gentle, easy to apply and gives a positive mood for the whole day.

You can learn more about Avon powder from the video.

Watch the video: How to use. Avon Colour Correcting Pearls (December 2019).


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