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Editor'S Choice - 2019

Taft Hair Powder

A beautiful and voluminous hairstyle is the dream of all girls, without exception. It is difficult to obtain the desired volume, especially on thin hair. The beauty industry offers a huge variety of tools for styling and fixing hairstyles. Thin hair does not hold volume well, even when using advertised miracle products. Schwarzkopf has released a new tool for creating a dizzying volume - this is Taft hair powder.

What it is

Taft powder is an ideal tool for creating root volume. The latch does not contain harmful substances. The composition includes water and silicon oxide. In its structure, styling is so light that getting on the skin, it is instantly absorbed and leaves no residue.

The latch is odorless. People with allergies should use powder-styling with care. Small particles can enter the respiratory tract and cause allergies.

Mode of application

Powder can be applied to any type of hair. A special effect is visible on thin and fair hair. Since thin hair does not hold volume and styling well, styling makes them more rigid and obedient. The latch looks like white powder and is invisible on the hairstyles. But the fixative applied to dark curls can leave marks.

How to use:

  1. Before use, wash your hair and use balm.
  2. After that, the hair is thoroughly dried with a hairdryer and styled either with a brush or with an iron.
  3. On the palm should pour a little funds. It is more convenient to apply a clamp with fingertips. Rub lightly into the scalp and fix the volume.
  4. To consolidate the result, lightly spray the hair with varnish to fix it.

Some nuances when using

Use styling with extreme caution.

Specialists and consumers have already left their feedback, and shared their experience with this product:

  1. Do not apply styling to dirty roots. The tool will create your hairstyle an untidy look.
  2. Styling is ideal for fixing thin hair and short and medium length hairstyles. Long curls are difficult to handle with powder.
  3. Use caution if you have dry hair. The latch absorbs excess fat on the skin. Dry scalp suffers from a lack of moisturizers and powder can aggravate the situation. Fatty, on the contrary, will look even better after fixing with powder.
  4. Powder-styling, unlike other fixing means, can be used no more than 1-2 times a month. Daily use can adversely affect the condition of the scalp. The powder clogs the sebaceous glands and follicles. Dandruff may appear and hair growth may slow down.
  5. Styling fixes the curls already laid in the hairstyle. Therefore, the product should be applied after installation.
  6. Styling can not be used with other fixing agents - mousse, foam, wax and styling spray. Only a small amount of spray is allowed. Other styling products when interacting with powder create the effect of dirty, unkempt hair.
  7. Carefully monitor the amount of funds. A large amount of powder will only aggravate the situation. Hairstyle is getting heavier.
  8. Owners of thick and thick curls should not resort to the use of this tool. This tool is suitable only for girls with thin hairs.

Convenience is the main thing

Taft hair powder is not only a novelty of the season, but also convenient and effective styling for styling. One package contains 10 grams of powder. The kit comes with a cover and a special dispenser. The small volume is convenient for traveling. Packing can be taken with you on vacation or business trip. The instant action of the latch quickly and permanently raises the roots.

To refresh the hairstyle, just lightly beat the roots with light movements.

Styling and color

Schwarzkopf offers not only regular powder for fixation, but also for creating colored strands. A color fixative is applied to wet hair, after which they are laid in the usual way. So, you can get a fashionable and spectacular hairstyle with bright strands and resistant styling.

Color with a strand is washed off with plain water with shampoo.

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