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Massage oil

The languid sliding of hands on the body during massage is impossible without the use of special oil, which nourishes the skin with vitamins, nutrients and moisture. Its various types are able to fill the procedure with special magic, tenderness and, of course, a healing effect.

Beneficial features

You can use talcum powder, oil, oil mixtures during massage or not use anything. However, the vast majority of massage therapists consider the use of funds a prerequisite, because their advantages are undeniable. So, various oils with a relaxing or therapeutic procedure can fight:

  • with stretch marks and cellulite;
  • overweight;
  • lack of moisture and nutrition;
  • flabbiness;
  • stresses and negative emotions.

In addition, even the most intense contact with the skin with the use of oil products takes place without damaging the epidermis, which is especially important for adherents of force anti-cellulite massage and other types of treatment.

And the presence of aromas leads a person to a relaxed state, makes you plunge into the atmosphere of languor and tranquility and even get a positive charge for a long time. Is this what we expect from a quality massage? Therefore, it’s time to choose the right massage oil.

Types and Features

Massage oil is traditionally divided into basic and essential subspecies. The former are used as a basis, the latter as therapeutic and prophylactic components in the amount of a few drops per total volume. When mixed, massage oil is obtained, which provides sliding of the hands, soft touches and a healing effect.

And those and other varieties are huge. Some of them can even be used to massage babies, some are permissible only for massage adults. For example, petroleum jelly is a common ally for massage of babies. Experts consider it an environmentally friendly product, however, many mothers are sure that the synthetic substance obtained after oil refining cannot benefit the baby. Hypoallergenic coconut oil also fell in love with parents, but unfortunately it is not possible to use it without an additional base.

However, for massage it is absolutely not necessary to go to the pharmacy for special means. Refined vegetable oil stored in the refrigerator can be an excellent budget base for home massage. Aromatic drops of any essential product can transform it and make it part of a magical procedure.

Natural oils for procedures are widely used around the world. So, mustard oil is especially popular in India. It is rubbed to warm the muscles of athletes, it is recommended for children and people of respectable age.


  • Among the basic components of anti-aging skin products, flaxseed oil stands out. In addition to antiviral and antibacterial effects, this species promotes cell regeneration. The effect of the procedures lasts for a long time, because the product has the ability to retain useful and nutrients. Flaxseed oil is used with various esters. For example, for a massage of the skin of the hands, which is characterized by dryness and premature aging, a linen base with chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus ether is suitable. A camomile with a similar base is suitable for massage of the nail plates and cuticles, saturating the nails with vitamins. Speaking of body massage, the flax base perfectly fights cellulite, actively breaking down fats.
  • Sesame oil is a heavier type, unlike linseed. However, this is its healing effect. It is used in larger quantities, as if "bathing" the body in this miraculous remedy that actively eliminates harmful toxins. Experts say that massage with this oil saves you with problems with the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes sleep and even strengthens your eyesight. The combination of sesame seeds is harmonious with the esters of lemon, bergamot, frankincense, geranium and myrrh.
  • Due to its availability and prevalence, a sunflower base is widely used as a base. It is worth saying that not only the price bribes lovers of home procedures and professional cosmetologists. It has a large number of B vitamins, and it is also great for use with oily skin.
  • A combination of coconut, lavender and sunflower oils for massage of the hands and feet, elbows and shoulder joints. In acute rheumatism, they create another alliance with Ledum oil. However, there are a lot of combinations with sunflower oil, which means that you can safely use it in your experiments.
  • Another edible used in massage is corn oil. It has an excellent regenerative effect on the general condition of the epidermis, improving color, beauty and appearance. Enhanced nutrition and softening can be achieved in combination with esters such as lemon, orange, lavender, ylang-ylang, jasmine, bergamot, rosemary and juniper.
  • Apricot kernels are especially common among professional massage therapists. Cold pressed apricot kernels gently nourishes the skin without clogging the cells. The tool from the first procedures provides elasticity and rejuvenation of the skin. It is actively used in combination with chamomile, bergamot and lavender for skin inflammation and with avocado, orange, rosemary and mandarin for anti-cellulite procedures.
  • The almond base has also established itself. Its effect is especially significant during anti-cellulite massage, since getting into the deeper layers of the skin, blood circulation is activated, and, consequently, the removal of toxins from the whole body. Almonds are odorless and rarely cause allergic reactions, go well with many esters, and even when exposed independently are very effective and useful.
  • In addition to the above, jojoba, coconut, olive, wheat germ oil are the active allies of useful massage.


It is no secret that essential oils are a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients for the skin. However, these funds are much more concentrated than conventional herbal extracts, which means that it is important to dilute them correctly. The amount of ether in the total amount of oil should not exceed 4 percent. If this condition is met, it is time to begin to saturate the skin with useful trace elements.

  • The most affordable today is orange essential oil. However, its availability does not affect beneficial properties, for example, in relation to increasing tone and mood. And also orange and peach oils in combination represent a pleasant and easy remedy for cellulite. Yes, this is not a panacea for getting rid of unpleasant irregularities on the body, but elasticity and attractive appearance will be noticeable after several applications. It has an anti-cellulite effect and ester of grapefruit, juniper and lavender in tandem with grape seed oil.
  • An unusually pleasant and fresh ether of peppermint and cloves can relieve stretch marks. Of course, dilution with transport oils is mandatory here.
  • Joint pain can remove massage with tea tree oil. Sea buckthorn oil acts as a diluent, which positively affects skin regeneration, its velvety and softness.
  • In the season of colds and respiratory diseases, massage with cedar oil will be the best prevention. Its unique composition will be useful in the fight against cellulite, in pursuit of smooth and supple skin, preservation of youth.

Specialists in the field of ethers with confidence say that regular use of oils can transform the whole body, add energy and increase tone. This is a worthy alternative to expensive creams and products for preserving youth.

How to choose

The miraculous elixir for massage procedures can be done independently, or you can trust the store options. When choosing a finished product, you need to pay attention to the consistency. So, coconut and jojoba oil will be liquid, and consumption will be high, olive and sesame based will be dense, but it can leave marks on clothes and bedding. The choice in this or that favor depends only on one’s own preferences and desires.

An important point is the area of ​​the body, where it is planned to conduct a relaxing procedure.

For face

Facial skin massage can be carried out using only base oil, maybe with the addition of some ether. In any case, this procedure allows you to fill the cells with vitamins, tighten the skin, make it soft and supple. When massaging the face, it is very important to follow the correct technique, as, for example, in the video below.

As a base for the face, nut and apricot oils are often preferred. Avocado oil and wheat germ are suitable for dry skin. The fat-prone type will be happy to take on the liquid and light jojoba oil. Normal skin will become even better and more perfect when using a sunflower and olive base.

Having decided on the basic filler, it's time to choose the active component. It is worth saying that a huge number of esters can bring beauty and elasticity to the skin.

Popular types of active face oils:

  • puff cinnamon;
  • cleansing bergamot;
  • eucalyptus, soothing irritated skin;
  • a rose with a rejuvenating effect;
  • citruses, cleansing cells.

Even in finished products, the use of these types will bring a lot of pleasure and a visible result.

For body

Professional massage therapists are able to touch the various strings of our soul with their movements. The relaxing or tonic effect, prophylactic or therapeutic, will depend on the choice of oil.

  • For a relaxing body massage, a mixture of peppermint, lavender and sage is best suited. The effect of this procedure will be soothing and uplifting. To maintain tone, a massage with citrus fruits will be a good choice. However, you should not do the procedure after taking alcohol, as the positive energy quickly goes to negative, reducing the efforts of the massage therapist to zero.
  • If massage is a romantic part of the evening, here you can not do without ylang-ylang oils, jasmine, patchouli, sage and cloves. With their use, gentle massage of the chest, abdomen and back is possible. For intimate areas, non-greasy bases, such as coconut and jojoba, will be the best option.
  • For the head, there are special massage techniques aimed at nourishing the hair follicles and improving the general condition of the epidermis. Using as a base any not too heavy remedy, for example, flaxseed or jojoba, you can add lemon, cypress, thyme and tea tree to it. These components are an effective tool in the fight against excessive salting of the head. The addition of thyme and rosemary to the base makes the massage not only pleasant for the hair, but also contributing to their growth and strength.
  • When massaging the legs, aimed at anesthetizing and relieving fatigue, it is recommended to pay attention to the esters of mint, needles, thyme and jasmine. If you plan to deep massage the legs and other problem areas prone to "orange peels", the best option would be any citrus ether that actively breaks down fats.

Against cellulite

You can talk about cellulite for a long time, however, even owners of a slender body can have it to a lesser or greater extent. So, procedures with anti-cellulite effect should be carried out by almost every woman.

An inexpensive and effective warming agent is the addition of orange ether to the base. The mixture is also used for vacuum can massage. The basis here can be coconut, which has a slight cooling effect and relieves pain during the procedure.

Do not use too aggressive oils in a can massage, because the procedure itself gives the skin a tremendous warm-up.

How to do it yourself

It would not have been recommended and advertised massage product from a well-known brand, the best is always created with your own hands, because here you can track the use of only high-quality components. In addition, preparing a healing product at home is not difficult and affordable even for a beginner.

The most popular recipes:

  • jojoba, geranium and grapefruit against the "orange peel". Jojoba can be replaced with available and common castor oil;
  • sesame, bergamot, rosemary and grapefruit for warming;
  • jojoba, tea tree, lemon and cypress for the face.

The options are different, however, all mixtures are prepared in a strict dosage, otherwise irritation and even burns on the skin will not keep you waiting. One tablespoon of base oil takes about 6 drops of essential, that is, if there are several esters in the mixture, they should be added very little, not exceeding the norm. The process of making massage oil and a recipe from a leading masseur can be seen in the video.

For men and women, massage with salt and oils is suitable. The miraculous massage from osteochondrosis will be closer to the male sex, and women will notice the anti-cellulite effect of the use of salt in combination with rosemary and any plant base. Salt has granules, it acts on the skin brightly and unusually, so after each use a gentle cream with a light texture should come to the aid to soothe the skin.

Application Tips

Massage procedure using oils has its own subtleties and secrets. So, applying the product warm, namely equal to body temperature, at times increases its beneficial effect. In addition, the healing consistency is not recommended to be washed off after the procedure, because even after active actions the oils continue to saturate the skin with nutrients. In the case of obvious excess oil, for example, during the procedure with sesame oil, it is enough to pat the body with a paper towel.

Professional brands

Of course, not every woman has time to buy and mix all the ingredients. This is not a reason to abandon the magic of massage, especially since well-known brands are ready to offer ready-made products.

  • For example, Johnson's baby brand offers a selection of affordable oils for babies and parents in the low price range. Here you can find a classic product based on liquid paraffin obtained by oil refining. As additives, an extract from aloe, chamomile, lavender and herbs is used. Light aroma and excellent moisturizing properties are the hallmarks of Johnson's baby products. Another series for babies is the company Bubchen. All components in the oils are natural, free from impurities and dyes.
  • A convenient tool for children and adults is represented by the Mustela brand. Many products from the series are sold in packages with dispensers for easy application. Mineral and sunflower oil are used as a base. Means from "Our Mother" is rich in sea buckthorn and cedar oils.
  • Moving away from children's hypoallergenic topics, Natura Siberica has released a tonic oil, suitable for any relaxing and therapeutic massage. Its composition combines evening primrose oil, raspberries, grape seed, nutmeg, and olive and jojoba are present as a base.
  • If the goal is relaxation, then it's time to pay attention to the means of the Siberian Health company. Here, sesame, sunflower and castor oils are artfully combined with lavender and mint, sandalwood and rosemary.


Reviews about massage oils for the most part are positive, because in itself this procedure is pleasant. Speaking of homemade presets, users highlight the healing effect of an ether such as orange. The general tone, good mood and loss of cellulite - that's what this product is loved for. Among the reviews there are other ethers that are not amenable to criticism, because they are completely natural and useful.

The favorite base for many is sunflower and olive. Peach and apricot oils are also treated with love, because as a result, the skin is filled with a barely audible aroma.

Ready-made massage products have more opposite opinions. So, mothers are wary of Johnson's baby brand. The reason for this is an environmentally friendly base, but still made from refined products. "Our Mom" ​​and Mustela have more positive reviews, however, the last product has a too liquid structure, which is not very convenient during the procedures.

Users of the Siberian Health product sing dithyrambs wholeheartedly and recommend it for romantic dates and a pleasant rest from busy affairs.

Summarizing the above, it can be noted that there are many good and high-quality products for relaxing and therapeutic procedures. However, finding the ideal is only possible through trial and error. A home remedy also requires experimentation. However, each new attempt will bring pleasure, fill it with vitamins and give new knowledge regarding your own skin.

Watch the video: Hot Massage Oil Bikini (December 2019).


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