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Burdock oil with nettle for hair

Beautiful curls from nature are a gift that, unfortunately, is not given to everyone. Many women have to go to various tricks to make their hair fluffy, beautiful and shiny. Various methods are used - from frequent drying with a hairdryer to chemical perms. Undoubtedly, each of these methods has a clear effect - hairstyle and styling allow you to be proud of a beautiful appearance.

But each such procedure leads to the fact that the strands lose their lively shine, elasticity, become brittle, and look very painful. It often happens that they begin to fall out, and this becomes a disaster. And then various tools come to the rescue that help restore curls. One of them is burdock oil with nettles, about which only the most positive reviews.


This remedy has been popular since time immemorial. In Russia, there was no shortage of nettles or burdock oil. Each of these natural components was used for various healing actions, including for healing hair and scalp. Oil helped restore growth, give curls their splendor, density, relieved dandruff.

And although modern technologies and developments contribute to the creation of effective means to combat such problems, burdock oil in combination with nettle extract is still popular and in demand. Its uniqueness is in the antimicrobial, antiseborrheic, restoring effect, restoring the beauty of hair.

This tool is used both for the scalp and for strands along the entire length or in separate areas. In specialized stores and pharmacies you can buy this product. But first, you should consult with a specialist trichologist, he will identify the existing problem from a medical point of view and prescribe the right treatment. However, not a single doctor will object to burdock oil with nettle extract.

What are they made of?

Treatment of strands and scalp involves an integrated approach. Multivitamins are taken inside, and the hair is put in order with the help of masks based on plant components. Burdock oil with nettle extract is recommended to be used not only as an independent therapeutic agent. It can be added to herbal infusions, decoctions based on various ingredients; nutritious masks for strands are made of it.

The product itself is obtained from the roots of a plant burdock. Many consider this amazing bush to be a summer weed and mercilessly fight it in their plots. In fact, its root is rich in essential oils, healthy vitamins and fatty acids. The resulting oil is already a valuable preparation for strengthening and restoring hair. But nettle extract is also added to it.

This plant is rich in vitamins that improve hair structure. In combination, both components are able to do real miracles with curls - restoring the skin layer, they have a positive effect on blood circulation, prevent baldness, and improve hair growth and their appearance.

How to treat hair?

Using this effective drug is very simple - it is applied to the hair according to the instructions, and then washed off with shampoo and warm water. The procedure can be completed by rinsing with herbal decoctions of chamomile and nettle. Such treatment should be regular and the effect will be amazing.

The products of well-known brands are very popular, about which customers have already managed to make the best reviews. For example, Evalar oil, it is sold in stores. The course of healing procedures includes at least twelve sessions during which masks are applied. After one and a half weeks, the course can be repeated.

As a base that gives shine to curls, you can add fat-free kefir, egg yolk, a few drops of your favorite essential oil and mix this composition with burdock oil. Then the resulting mixture is applied to damaged strands. Each ingredient in its own way brings effect and benefit. The mask is applied to the scalp, massaged easily for several minutes, and then distributed along the entire length. And it doesn’t matter if the strands are wet or dry.

Video - recipe using burdock oil with nettle for hair "Evalar".

By the way, you can use burdock oil for nail plates, applying for a certain time. This tool perfectly strengthens nails, makes them smooth, smooth and shiny.

A truly magical product, despite the highest efficiency and popularity, is quite affordable. It can be purchased at pharmacies or in stores at a very affordable price.

Watch the video: 3 Herb Hair Rinse for Healthy Hair Growth. Nettle, Rosemary,Burdock (December 2019).


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