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The benefits of burdock oil for hair

Burdock oil is one of the most affordable hair care products. Many women know about its benefits and actively use its advantages. If this remedy makes you suspicious and seems ineffective, then this article will help dispel all doubts, and understand whether burdock oil will benefit you.

What it is

Burdock oil is extracted from the root of burdock by pressing it. Since this plant is not at all rare, the cost of the product is also not very high. You can buy it at any pharmacy. But, despite the availability and low cost, it works fine on any type of hair.

Women and girls use it in many ways. The most common is the use of oil in its purest form. But it is also often used to create useful masks that help revitalize hair even at home.

In addition, burdock oil itself can be prepared at home. In this case, you will be sure that the composition is natural and that there are no additives.

As part of a pharmacy product, you can usually find additional items such as squeezing herbs or other useful oils. If we talk about herbs, then this is usually an extract of chamomile, nettle or wheat germ. A composition that accelerates hair growth is usually supplemented with an infusion of hot pepper.

Burdock oil is also often enriched with various vitamins, minerals or acids. As a result, the product works more efficiently and truly nourishes the hair. But sometimes an allergy occurs in girls enriched with additional elements. To prevent this from happening, carefully read the composition and do not buy substances whose usefulness is not entirely sure.


The fact that burdock oil is good for hair is known to many women and girls who are fond of finding natural cosmetics. But not everyone understands why. To understand why it really helps, you need to know the properties of this tool well.

First of all, this product accelerates blood circulation, which means it promotes hair growth. Also, curls become stronger and more radiant. Burdock oil restores impaired metabolism.

Therefore, if the problem of hair loss was relevant for you, then this tool will also solve it. It will strengthen the hair follicles if you regularly rub the oily mixture into the roots. To solve the problem of split ends, they need to be fed with oil. There is even a special oil mask for constantly split ends.

Burdock oil is used not only for hair, but also to additionally nourish and strengthen eyelashes. It is simply applied to short hairs and left overnight. During this time, the oil nourishes the roots and strengthens the very structure of the hairs, as is the case with the hair covering on the head. Many girls use this method on themselves, making cilia more magnificent and thick even without extension.


To use burdock oil in its pure form or as part of masks, it is not necessary to have any problems. It can be used for prevention, just strengthening your hair.

But most often it is used by girls whose hair needs a “cure”. After all, this tool is a proven way to solve the problem of hair loss and split ends. Also, strangely enough, this thick oil allows you to make your hair less oily and more well-groomed.

Burdock oil fights well with oily type seborrhea, as well as various diseases of the epidermis - dandruff, dryness or severe itching. It softens and moisturizes the skin.

After using this cheap care product, your hair becomes thicker and stronger.


But there are not only positive reviews. Some girls claim that this tool may well harm your hair. But this does not apply to burdock oil in its pure form, but to the various cosmetic compositions in which it is included.

An oil mixture can be harmful. Especially if you use it too often. The fact is that oil can clog pores. An oily film may form on the surface of the scalp over time. Getting rid of her will be difficult.

To avoid such a problem, oil should be used in small quantities, and after application, thoroughly rinse your curls. Another good way is to use burdock oil not in its pure form, but as an additive to shampoo or balm. A good way to improve your hair is to use masks with the addition of this nutrient.


Based on burdock oil rich in useful elements, you can create a good hair mask at home that will work no worse than expensive makeup products. Here are some mask recipes to help you deal with the most common problems.

For growth

To grow long curls is the dream of many girls. To speed up the growth process, you can use a very simple mustard mask. For it, you will need ingredients that can be found in any kitchen: sugar, dry mustard, burdock oil, one egg yolk and water.

In a small bowl, pour 40 grams of mustard, mix it with the yolk, separated from the protein and add there a tablespoon of the oily mixture and two tablespoons of water. All this must be warmed up in a water bath and only then supplemented with a pinch of sugar.

As a result, you get a rather thick mixture, which you need to rub into your hair. Pay special attention to the roots, because this mask should nourish the hair follicles. For greater effect, the resulting composition must be held on the head for forty minutes. Wrap your head in plastic wrap and a warm towel on top. After forty minutes, wash off the mask.

From falling out

Masks based on burdock oil also help against hair loss. Two tablespoons of such an oily base mixed with the same amount of honey and lemon juice will allow you to slow down the process of hair loss. The mixture must be used in a warm form. Heat it until the honey dissolves, and then let it cool so that it does not accidentally burn your scalp.

Distribute the warm mass along the roots, and the residues along the entire length. For effectiveness, the mask also needs to be left warm (under a terry towel) for at least half an hour. And better for an hour. Then it can be washed off using your shampoo.

To strengthen

A mask consisting of burdock and almond oil, supplemented with vitamin E in liquid form, will help you make your hair thicker and stronger. All these elements need to be simply mixed in one container and, without warming up, put on all length. Such a mask lasts an hour or two on the hair, depending on the type of your hair. It is washed with plain warm water with any shampoo.

To make your hair healthier and stronger, use the mask once a week for a month.

From split ends

Pure burdock oil will help to strengthen the tips and prevent their separation. It does not need to be supplemented with any other components - just warm up and apply on the ends of the hair. You can also distribute the warm mixture along the entire length so that the hair looks more thick and shiny.

Put a plastic hat on top of the mask or just wrap your head in some kind of bag, and on top with a towel. This design will allow the hair to be fully saturated with useful elements. To curls were not too fat after using this tool, it is advisable to wash it off with water with a few pinches of citric acid.

Burdock oil is very versatile and benefits hair from the roots to the ends. Therefore, you can safely buy this budget product and replenish it with your arsenal of makeup products.

And now a video about the benefits of burdock oil and the features of its use.

Watch the video: Burdock Oil For Hair Growth. Burdock Root Benefits For Soft Hair (December 2019).


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